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Susan rennison

The New Cosmic Age is now Official!

The News of The Imbalance blog is an attempt to provide pertinent information concerning the new phenomena of space weather driving massive evolutionary change. In 2006, I self-published the book Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 ), because I believed that Modern Mayan Elders were trying to point out that the citizens of planet Earth were entering a New World Age dominated by aether or space. The basic premise of my book was that the dramatic increase and impact of Space Weather was predicted.

Since 2006, the major significance of Space Weather has become more apparent. What's more, it has now been proven that major religious institutions, metaphysical and esoteric groups have been tracking the date 2012 as the end/start of a major astronomical cycle. Geoscientists worldwide are adamant that our planet is experiencing a “global energy leap” and the inevitable consequence will be more mega-disasters. World governments have been warned that there is a new need for disaster preparedness and there is now a new sense of urgency. This blog provides my unique perspective as a Truth Seeker, based on the integration of science, metaphysics and ancient knowledge.

The Joyfire Space Weather “Facts”
Introductory Slideshow

Slideshow: The Joyfire Space Weather “Facts” Introductory Slideshow

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For new website visitors, please watch this introductory slideshow that summarises the main issues associated with the new phenomenon of Space Weather and the inevitable implications of energy driven evolutionary change.

Special Interest

Environmental change triggers rapid evolution
Phys.Org News, 9th April 2013
A University of Leeds-led study, published in the journal Ecology Letters, overturns the common assumption that evolution only occurs gradually over hundreds or thousands of years.

Instead, researchers found significant genetically transmitted changes in laboratory populations of soil mites in just 15 generations, leading to a doubling of the age at which the mites reached adulthood and large changes in population size. The results have important implications in areas such as disease and pest control, conservation and fisheries management because they demonstrate that evolution can be a game-changer even in the short-term.

Professor Tim Benton, of the University of Leeds' Faculty of Biological Sciences, said: "This demonstrates that short-term ecological change and evolution are completely intertwined and cannot reasonably be considered separate. We found that populations evolve rapidly in response to environmental change and population management. This can have major consequences such as reducing harvesting yields or saving a population heading for extinction."

Although previous research has implied a link between short-term changes in animal species' physical characteristics and evolution, the Leeds-led study is the first to prove a causal relationship between rapid genetic evolution and animal population dynamics in a controlled experimental setting. [...]

Professor Benton said: "The traditional idea would be that if you put animals in a new environment they stay basically the same but the way they grow changes because of variables like the amount of food. However, our study proves that the evolutionary effect— the change in the underlying biology in response to the environment—can happen at the same time as the ecological response. Ecology and evolution are intertwined," he said.

Over the decades, some scientists have been pointing out the geological and paleontological evidence for rapid evolutionary change being associated with periods of rapid climatic change, but now, due to many examples of evolutionary changes in real-time, more scientists and scientific philosophers are accepting that Darwin's theory has been falsified. This latest piece of research is just another nail in the coffin for Darwinist 'believers'...

Standing Watch against Space Weather
White House, 26th April 2013
Just as there is weather on Earth, there is weather in space. And though we cannot directly see or feel it when we step outside, it has the potential impact our daily lives.

“Space weather” originates on the Sun, can release the energy-equivalent of 100 hurricanes in just minutes, and can produce wind gusts that exceed one million mph. Every 11 years, the Sun undergoes a period of heightened activity called the "solar maximum”—a period that is occurring right now—that can bring especially powerful solar eruptions and hurl energetic particles into space, sometimes toward the Earth. Though the likelihood that these solar storms will thrust particles in our planet’s general direction is very low—when they do, they can damage satellites, harm astronauts in space, make GPS information erratic or undependable, and in some cases even cause electricity blackouts on the Earth.

Updated 3rd May 2013: This is notification of a White House issued report on the capability of the United States space weather observing systems and if they can meet the requirements of the Nation’s critical space weather forecasting capabilities for the next 10 years. The accompanying report is quite technical and I wonder who exactly it was written for... The comment about GPS being accurate is at odds with the opinion of the US Military who are looking for alternative solutions because GPS is effectively unusable at times when there is bad space weather and as I explained in my What is Space Weather? E-book, the ubiquitous use of GPS by our modern technological world is a serious issue.

Former CIA Director: The Grid Is Vulnerable To Attack
Forbes News, 26th April 2013
The electric power grid in the United States is vulnerable to attacks that have already begun, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey said in Chicago Thursday night, and America needs distributed generation as backup—primarily in the form of natural-gas cogeneration and solar power.

On another energy-security front, Woolsey called on automakers to produce fuel-flex cars and for gas stations to offer motorists the choice of gasoline or methanol—a liquid fuel made from natural gas—to free American transportation from dependence on OPEC. [...]

The grid is under attack already, according to Woolsey, and regularly fending off hacking attempts. To illustrate the possible consequences of a successful attack, Woolsey plugged the NBC series “Revolution,” which explores “what happened to America when the power went out.”

“We have 18 critical infrastructures in the United States: water, food, electricity and so forth. All 17 of the others depend on electricity,” Woolsey said. “Everything depends on the electric grid.”

The penny is well and truly dropping concerning a solar megablast. I don't believe the excuse of a man-made EMP strike is the real problem. Are controllers now starting to panic that they have created a nightmare scenario? The issue is centralised power distribution, see archives for lots of previous articles, reports and comments, Best of the Blog Space Weather News & Reports.

Severe space weather event could have huge effect on insurance industry: Lloyd's
Canadian Underwriter News, 4th June 2013
A severe space weather event that causes major disruption to the electricity network in North America could have major implications for the insurance industry, according to Lloyd’s.

In Solar Storm Risk to the North American Electric Grid, Lloyd’s reports that between 20-40 million Americans are at risk of an extended outage, with durations up to one to years, from a Carrington-level, extreme geomagnetic, storm.

“The knock-on effects of loss of electricity are very difficult to quantify, but given the fact that our society is increasingly dependent on electricity they are likely to be severe and wide-ranging,” according to the report.

Insurers could be exposed to significant business interruption claims in the event that businesses, public services and households are without power for a sustained period of time. This would be more so as backups are likely to last for a limited period, the report cautions.

Here Lloyd's point out that our world is already overdue for an extreme solar storm 'Carrington Event'. There is nothing really new here, but I think world controllers realise that they have to keep putting out the press releases in the hope that a few more folk will be aware that we could face a sudden apocalyptic disaster and societies are generally not prepared. Personally, I think new solutions are needed. Currently, our modern technological world is in a vulnerable state and society is being forced to play Russian roulette with the Sun. The obvious target is decentralised power grids and new forms of power supply, but of course there is huge resistant to change.
    Solar Storm Risk to the North American Electric Grid (.pdf)
    Lloyd's, May 2013
    The report, which was produced in collaboration with the Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), examines the impact of solar storms on North America’s electric grid. By developing a model with the latest information on surface disturbances from geomagnetic storms and using storm simulations, the report quantifies the risk of space weather to North America.
    This report is 21 pages long but the Executive Summary is less than 1 page.

    Executive Summary

    A Carrington-level, extreme geomagnetic storm is almost inevitable in the future. While the probability of an extreme storm occurring is relatively low at any given time, it is almost inevitable that one will occur eventually. Historical auroral records suggest a return period of 50 years for Quebec-level storms and 150 years for very extreme storms, such as the Carrington Event that occurred 154 years ago.

    The risk of intense geomagnetic storms is elevated as we approach the peak of the current solar cycle. Solar activity follows an 11-year cycle, with the most intense events occurring near the cycle peak. For the current Cycle 24, the geomagnetic storm risk is projected to peak in early 2015.

    As the North American electric infrastructure ages and we become more and more dependent on electricity, the risk of a catastrophic outage increases with each peak of the solar cycle. Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on electricity. Because of the potential for long-term, widespread power outage, the hazard posed by geomagnetic storms is one of the most significant.

    Weighted by population, the highest risk of storm-induced power outages in the US is along the Atlantic corridor between Washington D.C. and New York City. This takes into account risk factors such as magnetic latitude, distance to the coast, ground conductivity and transmission grid properties. Other high-risk regions are the Midwest states, such as Michigan and Wisconsin, and regions along the Gulf Coast.

    The total U.S. population at risk of extended power outage from a Carrington-level storm is between 20-40 million, with durations of 16 days to 1-2 years. The duration of outages will depend largely on the availability of spare replacement transformers. If new transformers need to be ordered, the lead-time is likely to be a minimum of five months. The total economic cost for such a scenario is estimated at $0.6-2.6 trillion USD (see Appendix).

    Storms weaker than Carrington-level could result in a small number of damaged transformers (around 10-20), but the potential damage to densely populated regions along the Atlantic coast is significant. The total number of damaged transformers is less relevant for prolonged power outage than their concentration. The failure of a small number of transformers serving a highly populated area is enough to create a situation of prolonged outage.

    A severe space weather event that causes major disruption to the electricity network in the US could have major implications for the insurance industry. If businesses, public services and households are without power for sustained periods of time, insurers may be exposed to business interruption and other claims.and other claims.

    I had to think about this but I suppose the super rich and elite will just get on their private jets, (even if air traffic control is still very dangerous due to poor geomagnetic conditions and satellite communications are a bit hit and miss), but they should be able to reach a place of relative safety and then initiate their plans... Hence, these types would probably already their own and very different survival plan to most ordinary people.

Mapping the Earth's Magnetosphere to Predict and Prepare for Space-weather Events
University of Tennessee, 23rd August 2013
Although the sun seems harmless at a distance, it harnesses the potential to inflict serious damage on our planet. The sun is constantly blasting plasma — a sea of charged particles — in all directions into space at speeds of up to a million miles per hour or more. This plasma, known as the solar wind, bombards Earth with massive amounts of protons, electrons and ionized atoms that can pose a serious threat to life, as we know it. If these particles were free to hit the planet, the radiation would cause life-threatening injuries to our DNA, and the massive influx of charged particles would debilitate power grids, disrupt communications networks and damage all electronic devices.

Solar activity has a direct impact on environmental conditions in near-Earth space — a concept known as space weather. Solar wind is not the only sort of activity that can affect us here on Earth. Solar flares are explosive storms that occur on the surface of the sun. These flares can emit bursts of charged particles with energy comparable to 10 million volcanic eruptions. The sun also occasionally emits coronal mass ejections, or CMEs — powerful, enormous eruptions of plasma from inside the sun’s corona that are much more dangerous than solar wind or flares. CMEs can send up to 10 billion tons of the sun’s plasma surging into our solar system. When hot plasma from CMEs strikes our planet, it can produce extreme space-weather events called geomagnetic storms, and these storms can cause catastrophic damage to Earth and its technological systems. [...]

CMEs pose a significantly greater risk to Earth than other potentially dangerous astronomical events. The likelihood of the sun emitting a CME depends on an 11-year solar cycle. During the peak of the solar cycle, the sun can emit several of them every day. At the minimum of the solar cycle, the sun may radiate only a couple per week. In the last 200 years, our planet has already experienced two geomagnetic storms intense enough to cost us billions, even trillions of dollars. “There is an estimated 12-percent chance in the next 10 years of a solar storm of the magnitude of the 1859 Solar Superstorm hitting Earth,” says Karimabadi. “That would cause over $2 trillion in damage.” This amount is equivalent to a whopping 30 times the amount of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which cost the United States roughly $65 billion. [...]

“There is an urgent need to develop accurate forecasting models. A severe space-weather effect can have dire financial and national-security consequences, and can disrupt our everyday lives on a scale that has never been experienced by humanity before,” Karimabadi explains. A geometric storm on the magnitude of the 1859 superstorm narrowly missed our planet in July of 2012. If this particular CME had occurred a few days sooner, our planet would have suffered devastating consequences. Entire nations could be left without power for weeks if such a storm were to happen again.

Hmmmm.... check out the archives there was a lot of action in July 2012... Over the last nearly 9 years, I have been following the developing new scientific field of space weather prediction. Thus, it is fascinating to see that scientists have quickly abandoned lots of old theory in favour of plasma physics that models reality. After the struggle that early pioneers had pointing out the basic facts that our visible universe is 99.999% plasma that is dominated by the electromagnetic force, and should be treated as such, Space Weather is forcing a new understanding of our reality. What surprised me here is that scientists are using such language as PROTECTING OUR EARTH.... I am wondering if parts of this article are a tad alarmist coming from an academic institution, but I think people should be alarmed, as most are oblivious to the seriousness of the situation. Whatever, it is apparent, the citizens of planet Earth have entered a new cosmological era.
  • When Worlds Collide
    Researchers harness Jaguar and Kraken to better understand solar storm/magnetosphere interaction
    University of Tennessee, August 2013

30th August 2013: Update

I have decided to pin this because it looks like an amateur got this badly wrong and tried to claim we had a near miss in July 2013 when in fact it happened in July 2012, see Space weather could now cause trillions in damage I have now found yet another relevant major space weather research paper for references and further details about what happened. Dr Tony Phillips at had the opportunity to at least correct the error and failed see SPACE WEATHER FACT CHECK:.... In a nutshell, that is the reason why I don't trust him or NASA... IT IS NOT WHAT NASA TELLS YOU THAT IS THE ISSUE, IT IS WHAT THEY WON'T REVEAL... THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE. THE ANSWER IS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH... see background info and links About that almost ‘Carrington Event’ two weeks ago

Killer robots and crippling cyber attacks: How the world is going to end - according to super brains such as Stephen Hawking
Daily Mail, 13th September 2013
* Members of a society, which includes Stephen Hawking and Robert May, will identify threats to humanity and devise ways of ensuring its survival
* The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) is led by the Astronomer Royal and Cambridge don Martin Rees
* Lord Rees believes the main threats to sustained human existence now come from people, not from nature

They are an improbable group of superheroes. But some of Britain's greatest minds have got together to focus their powers on saving humanity from itself.

Led by the Astronomer Royal and Cambridge don Martin Rees, famous thinkers such as physicist Stephen Hawking and former Government chief scientist Robert May have formed a society to draw up a doomsday list of risks that could wipe out mankind.

From crippling cyber-attacks by terrorists using the internet to cause havoc, to the release of engineered diseases and killer computers, they warn the future is far from rosy. [...]

'The ones that we are not so well aware of are the technological threats.

Our reliance on technology leaves us vulnerable to it. We use interconnected systems for everything from power, to food supply and banking, which means there can be real trouble if things go wrong or they are sabotaged.

'In a modern, efficient world, we no longer stockpile food. If the supply is disrupted for any reason, it would take about 48-hours before it runs out and riots begin. So on a practical level, individuals should keep some non-perishable items at home.

'Energy security is also an issue, as we import much of our fuel from abroad, so a conflict over resources in the future is possible.'

I missed this... It seems that academics at Oxford and Cambridge have woken up to the reality that the mentality of humans is now a major threat to the survival of humanity.... The penny has well and truly dropped... These guys sound like would be disaster preppers... I wonder if any of them watched the UK CH4 documentary Blackout... you would have to be truly stupid to miss the point there.... So, anybody with any intelligence knows that nationwide blackouts can only induced by a major space weather event (the U.S. have their national grid power down drill in mid November), so it seems even the super-intelligent have realised that they willl not be immune from the repercussions of a big blast of reality... Told ya so...

  • The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk
    Cambridge University, September 2013

  • Future of Humanity Institute
    Oxford University, September 2013

  • Existential Risk Prevention as Global Priority
    Nick Bostrum Oxford University, 30th September 2013
    ABSTRACT: Existential risks are those that threaten the entire future of humanity. Many theories of value imply that even relatively small reductions in net existential risk have enormous expected value. Despite their importance, issues surrounding human-extinction risks and related hazards remain poorly understood. In this paper, I clarify the concept of existential risk and develop an improved classification scheme. I discuss the relation between existential risks and basic issues in axiology, and show how existential risk reduction (via the maxipok rule) can serve as a strongly action-guiding principle for utilitarian concerns. I also show how the notion of existential risk suggests a new way of thinking about the ideal of sustainability.

Star wars: Cambridge scientists in epic battle to beat space weather
Cambridge News, 10th February 2014
Cambridge scientists are spearheading the mission to stop space ‘weather’ wrecking the many hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth.

Fierce magnetic storms pose serious risks to communications machines, putting them out of commission and running up enormous bills.

In 2003, a massive radiation storm caused nearly 50 satellites to malfunction - and one of them, worth £400 million, was a total write-off. The damage is not like that in the hit movie Gravity, where a spacecraft is hit by debris - but the radiation can mess up electronic circuitry.

Scientists, satellite operators, Government officials and representatives of the insurance industry have been meeting in Cambridge to discuss the latest advances in space weather forecasting. Prof Richard Horne of the British Antarctic Survey is leading a European Union-funded project called SPACECAST, which for the last three years has been investigating and modelling the physics of high and low-energy electrons and protons in space. The system provides “risk indices” for satellite operators of the radiation in different satellite orbits.
Prof Horne said: “Despite all the advances in design, satellites are still damaged by space weather. In March 2012 three suffered loss of services for hours during a space weather event. Now, for the first time, we can forecast radiation levels for a whole range of different orbits. “The new system, which is updated every hour, will help protect satellites used for navigation, telecommunications, remote sensing and other services. Nobody has done that before.”

Please note the tone of the language being used by scientists.... Very similar to the press release from scientists, "Protecing Our Earth"... Besides that, due to examples of space weather scientists echoing my sentiments, I am seriously wondering how many space weather scientists visit this blog.... Well, I have been saying "it's like star wars in lower Earth orbit" for a while now, and the evidence is clear to me that this is due to intense electric fields generating natural atmospheric lasers. The harsh reality of the arrival of a new cosmic dispensation has been established.

  • 'Chorus waves' build the need for speed in Earth's radiation belts
    NBC Science News, 18th December 2013 Flashback!
    Waves in the plasma trailing behind Earth are responsible for making the northern lights dance in the sky, but according to new research, they also create another cosmic wonder.

    Known as chorus waves, these oscillations also cause the rapid acceleration of electrons already trapped in the planet's radiation belts. The fluctuations occur in the very low frequency range, but can send charged particles spiraling into the atmosphere at velocities approaching the speed of light.

    Hmmm... Space scientists are admitting that strong electric fields in the upper atmosphere are causing particles to accelerate to nearly the speed of light.... Space science has well and truly moved on.... Besides that, I am picturing this as waves being generated in Earth's magnetotail that hit the Van allen belts surrounding Earth which makes the particles in the magnetic field lines spin faster... Maybe a suitable analogy is like how a mill waterwheel will spin faster when there is a flood... When those water wheels spin at high speed, there is some inevitable loses and a not of spray... In Earth's upper atmosphere particles accelerated to nearly the speed of light appear as beams of electrons (lasers?) that hit satellites and enter Earth's lower atmosphere... This is why I imagine that chorus waves are the cause of the "killer electrons," just like space scientists have been muttering about for quite some time, see NASA Spacecraft Records 'Earthsong' I imagine that we are really talking about natural lasers, but nobody wants to come out and directly tell us that during geomagnetic storms, it's like stars wars out there in lower Earth orbit... But the huge amount of resources being allocated in trying to deal with the increasing risk of billions of dollars worth of satellites being knocked out is telling us that this is now quite serious.

News of the Imbalance – The Latest News

Delft Technical University Lecture, The Netherlands — 5th February 2014

Space Weather – The next frontier for the human race, Susan Joy Rennison
Delft Technical University Lecture, The Netherlands — 5th February 2014

Susan Joy Rennison was in Delft in 2011. With over 50.000 hits, her lecture is the best one viewed online of Studium Generale ever. Now she returns with the latest views on this very challenging but still little understood topic.

According to Richard Fisher, head of NASA’s Heliophysics Division: “Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that’s new to human history. I believe we’re on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather. We take this very seriously indeed.”

For a long time, we believed that we inhabited a gravity-driven universe. But according to Rennison, among others, it is more accurate to say that we live in an electromagnetic universe.

I would like to say that I received an email from J. Metz informing me that this video had been posted. He also had the following to say:
“Coen Vermeer was talking about 50.000 hits on your behalf, and that number is on their website as well. The number you show on your website is 27.000. Quite a difference... The new recording is on the website. So, I hope a lot of people will enjoy your presentation as I did and wake up.”
Actually, I was informed by Dr Coen Vermeeren on 5th Feb. 2014, that my Feb. 2011 videos remain at no.1 of 500 videos at Delft T.U. something I am very proud of. However, I am sure there are now far more people interested in space weather than three years ago. So, I would encourage Joyfire supporters to send the link to others who they think may be interested in the subject of space weather with respect to the technological and metaphysical implications.

Susan Joy Rennison, 19th February 2014

Delft T.U. Space Weather Presentation Video Set-Up

I have received some complaints about the Delft T.U. video set-up, but this can be easily changed. At the top right [main video frame] there are arrows that can be clicked to swap the frames and an 'out-of-frame' button that stops the small frame being in front of the larger frame so that all the graphics/text can be seen properly.

Susan Joy Rennison, 2nd March 2014


News I can be bothered to report

Blog News

Due to my new circumstances, I will not have much time left to devote to this blog. I will continue to monitor the news and maybe make a few updates, but for the foreseeable future, the normal indepth analysis associated with the News of the Imbalance Blog is no longer possible. Thanks for the interest and support in my work.

With sincerity

Susan Joy Rennison, 2nd April 2014

Cherry tree from space' mystery baffles Japan
New Straits Times, 11th April 2014
TOKYO: A cosmic mystery is uniting monks and scientists in Japan after a tree grown from a cherry stone that orbited the Earth for eight months bloomed years earlier than expected -- and with very surprising flowers.

The four-year-old sapling -- grown from a cherry pit that spent time onboard the International Space Station (ISS) -- burst into blossom on April 1, possibly a full six years ahead of Mother Nature's normal schedule.

Its early blooming turned on its head the received wisdom of the Buddhist brothers at the ancient temple in central Japan where the tree is growing. [...]

"We still cannot rule out the possibility that it has been somewhat influenced by its exposure to the space environment," she said.

Tomita-Yokotani, a plant physiologist, said it was difficult to explain why the temple tree has grown so fast because there was no control group to compare its growth with that of other trees. She said cross-pollination with another species could not be ruled out, but a lack of data was hampering an explanation.

"Of course, there is the possibility that exposure to stronger cosmic rays accelerated the process of sprouting and overall growth," she said.

This is interesting. It helps to confirm with all the other information I have collected over the last 9 years that rapid evolutionary change is being driven by energy from space. With the breakdown of Earth's magnetosphere, humans will be on the same rapid evolutionary growth curve too. Check out my TTD book and this blog with information, links and thousands of comments.

Zebra Stripes' in Earth's Magnetic Field Have Surprising Source, 2nd April 2014
Strange stripelike features in Earth's magnetic field are caused by the planet's spin, and not by the constant bombardment of solar particles as previously thought, scientists say. The so-called "zebra stripes" form when the electric field around Earth generated by the planet's rotation — previously thought to be too weak to impact the fast-moving particles — creates a striped pattern in the inner electron belt.

Nervous about space weather and your grid?
Intelligent Utility, 27th March 2014

So, to answer the question in this article’s headline, Lordan notes “utility executives are right to be concerned.”

“These solar storms create things that happen almost immediately, happen at the speed of light,” he added.

But, no worries, EPRI—along with FERC and NERC—are on the case. First on the agenda: understanding how vulnerable power systems really are.

“We’ve developed a better understanding of the science of these solar storms and how all things interact together,” Lordan added. “We know better how the transformer response impacts system reliability.”

Lordan does have some advice for utilities if a solar storm comes along tomorrow based on that better understanding:

1.) assess the vulnerability of your transformer fleet beforehand (you can look on the NERC website for geomagnetic disturbance mitigation [GMD] vulnerability assessments that EPRI helped put together)

2.) keep an eye on transformer temps during the storm and move the power around to keep the transformers cool

3.) make sure all generators and connected lines are up but not running at full load, giving you more headroom in the lines to absorb that “goofy direct current kind of thing” that solar flares bring

4.) watch your systems and coordinate

5.) horde a few spares in case there are some failures

While blocking technology is also available, Lordan warns that the value of those devices is still being evaluated, as is the reach of solar flares overall.

I suppose this article was written by someone who likes to think they know something about an important subject and then trivialises... The only thing I can think of is that The Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI’s) topical expert Richard Lordan being quoted here is protecting his back by talking to the media (or maybe he is intelligent with a conscience and has taken the opportunity to speak out.) So, if we get a space weather knock out blow to the U.S. national power grid (SHTF) then he has made an effort to warn publicly and quite frankly I understand Lordan's logic. This is exactly like the geologists who warned for years and years that a lanslide was very possible and now 200 are dead or missing, but with a devastating space weather event, it will be hundreds of millions that will be detrimentally affected...

One drug to rule them all: Researchers find treatment that kills every kind of cancer tumor
NY Post, 27th March 2014

Reports: “Experts agree many species of wildlife and fisheries are endangered globally due to large release of radioactivity into ocean” at Fukushima — “Has Fukushima radiation entered New Zealand ecosystem?”
Energy News, 27th March 2014
New Zealand Herald, Mar. 27, 2014: Has Fukushima radiation entered NZ’s ecosystem? — Scientists are to check whether New Zealand muttonbirds that spend the winter off the coast of Japan have been exposed to radiation from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. In a new pilot study, University of Auckland scientists will investigate whether radioactive cesium has entered the New Zealand ecosystem or food chain via the birds. [...] researchers will test the birds’ feathers for gamma rays that indicate the presence of the radioactive isotope cesium-13

Yes, but will they properly report the results?

School Science Project Reveals High Levels Of Fukushima Nuclear Radiation in Grocery Store Seafood
Investment Watch Blog, 27th March 2014

Giles Fraser says scientists are replacing theologians. Some thoughts on that
I enjoyed Giles Fraser's article 'Good luck, physicists, with those tricky "meaning of life" questions, and I appreciate the good wishes as he acknowledges the perceived transfer of intellectual leadership from theologians to physicists
Guardian, 27th March 2014
This transition can of course only be for the best. And this good-humoured article is definitely a step up from the "science is the new religion" trope I feared from the headline. Fraser talks about two desires that many (though perhaps not all) of us have. One is to understand the world we live in; the other is to find a meaning to it. I see these as quite distinct, though it's possible Fraser does not.

On the first, the understanding front, physics – or science in general, I would say – does seem to have theology beaten, for the same reason that actually looking at the clues gives you a better chance of doing a crossword.

Well..... From my point of view, teachings developed over thousands of years by astronomer-priests for the consumption of very very simple and ignorant folk still require some effort to sort out. Simply, you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater, there might be info of value that can be appreciated at a higher level of understanding. Science helps to elevate our consciousness and appreciate more about our reality, whilst helping to keep us away from the dangerously stupid and ignorant. In my opinion, New Age spirituality has to be viewed with a lot of skepticism, due to the refusal by 'leaders' to point out that the cultic milieu is a magnet for psychopaths. The cultic milieu, the society of seekers, has become an environment where many think they are spiritual, but instead clearly demonstrate 2nd hand psychopathic traits and/or mental illness. These days it is quite easy to learn about the methods used by manipulators to create cults and followers for life. Regardless, it is hard to find people willing to discuss the implications of society moving on from the materialistic narcissism (that many complain about) or the truly moronic who think spirituality is knowing about conspiracy theories, UFOs and aliens. Therefore, this article is quite refreshing to see as some kind of starting point for discussion.

Mars-Bound Comet Siding Spring Sprouts Multiple Jets
Universe Today, 27th March 2014
Comet Siding Spring, on its way to a close brush with Mars on October 19, has been kicking up a storm lately. New images from Hubble Space Telescope taken on March 11, when the comet was just this side of Jupiter, reveal multiple jets of gas and dust.

Discovered in January 2013 by Robert H. McNaught at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia, the comet is falling toward the sun along a roughly 1 million year orbit. It will gradually brighten through spring and summer until reaching binocular brightness this fall when it passes 130 million miles (209 million km) from Earth.

I believe this is the Red Comet based on the images supplied by the Vatican observatory. See archives for past comment.

First sightings of solar flare phenomena confirm 3-D models of space weather
Phys.Org News, 27th March 2014
Scientists have for the first time witnessed the mechanism behind explosive energy releases in the Sun's atmosphere, confirming new theories about how solar flares are created.

New footage put together by an international team led by University of Cambridge researchers shows how entangled magnetic field lines looping from the Sun's surface slip around each other and lead to an eruption 35 times the size of the Earth and an explosive release of magnetic energy into space.

The discoveries of a gigantic energy build-up bring us a step closer to predicting when and where large flares will occur, which is crucial in protecting the Earth from potentially devastating space weather. The study is published in The Astrophysical Journal.

Well, there is no mention of HOW this will help with space weather prediction which is needed to save the grid from a fast CME that hits us dead on. At the moment, there is only ~15-45 minutes warning when a CME passes the ACE satellite at L1, one million miles away from Earth, and as space weather watchers all know, this advance warning is not really long enough.

Does Our System Select for Incompetent Sociopaths?
Investment Watch, 26th March 2014
What is the shelf life of a system that rewards confidence-gaming sociopaths rather than competence? Let’s connect the dots of natural selection and the pathology of power.

In his 2012 book The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success, author Kevin Dutton described how the attributes of sociopathology are in a sense value-neutral: the sociopathological attributes that characterize a dangerous criminal may also characterize a cool, high-performing neurosurgeon. [...]

It's a potent mixture, incompetent sociopaths in high places and masses of apathetic and oblivious sheeple... Hence the well documented and otherwise failures of previous civilisations on this planet.

Vatican Astronomers Ramp Up Their Search For “Brother Extraterrestrial”
The Truth, 26th March 2014

Asteroid Chariklo's rings surprise astronomers
Centaur Chariklo is located between Saturn and Uranus CBC News, 27th March 2014
Rings have been discovered around an asteroid for the first time to the surprise of astronomers who didn't think asteroids could have rings.

The asteroid Chariklo, which is also considered a minor planet, appears to be encircled by two narrow rings, reported an international team of scientists in a paper published online Wednesday in the journal Nature.

"We weren't looking for a ring and didn't think small bodies like Chariklo had them at all," said Felipe Braga-Ribas of the Observatório Nacional/MCTI in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, lead author of the report, in a statement.

"So the discovery — and the amazing amount of detail we saw in the system — came as a complete surprise!"

This is another nail in the coffin for those advocating a gravity only cosmology.... It must be excruciatingly embarassing for those astronomers still clinging onto their old redundant theories that frequently can't predict what is being seen in the cosmos...

Geologists warned about Washington landslide 15 years ago: Before and after shots clearly show the lethal geography that has worried experts since 1999 as DOZENS 190 are feared dead
Daily Mail, 26th March 2014
  • Landslide tore through Snohomish County 55 miles north of Seattle, Washington state, on Saturday at 11am
  • At least 14 dead, several others injured and 176 people are missing - including entire families
  • Fears that many students of Post Middle School in Arlington could be among the victims
  • Around 100 crews searching for survivors; teams using search dogs, sonar devices, hover craft, and air support
  • Several people critically injured, around 30 homes destroyed, debris blocked one-mile stretch of State Route 530
  • Geologists Daniel Miller and Lynne Rodgers Miller reveal they warned of 'potential for catastrophe' in 1999 report
  • But Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management told press conference: 'it was considered very safe'
  • Further rain over next few days expected to hamper rescue efforts
In a report filed with the US Army Corps of Engineers, geologists warned of 'the potential for a large catastrophic failure' 15 years ago. 'We've known it would happen at some point, we just didn't know when,' co-author Daniel Miller told The Seattle Times.

Geological reports warning the hill is in imminent danger of collapse date back to the 1950s. But the alerts, issued by experts every ten years, went unnoticed.

And in a press conference following Saturday's slide, the head of Snohomish County's Department of Emergency Management, John Pennington, said 'it was considered very safe'. Mr Miller said he was shocked to see houses being built around the danger zone weeks after a slide in 2006.

Building new houses in the danger zone even after a slide in 2006? A mixture of greed and stupidity? I wonder whether these geologists will get sued for not trying hard enough to warn people who refused to pay attention.

Asda customer charged £450 for bread
Supermarket apologises and reimburses John Brown, who noticed the error when he checked his bank statement three days later
Guardian, 25th March 2014
Asda has apologised to a customer who was charged £450 for a loaf of bread while using a debit card at a self-service checkout. Warehouse worker John Brown only noticed the supermarket's error when he checked his bank statement three days after buying two loaves of bread, a pot of jam and a carton of eggs.

Brown, who kept his receipt for the transaction at the Asda superstore in Jack Hayward Way, Wolverhampton, has now been fully reimbursed. Describing the mistake as an isolated incident, a spokeswoman for Asda said: "A system glitch meant that the bread scanned at the wrong price

A system glitch? I am struggling to buy this story (sorry about the pun). Surely he noticed the exorbitant price of bread before he typed in the pin number to pay for shopping with a debit card?

The Turning Of The [Climate] Tide
The Resilient Earth, 25th March 2014
Supporters of the CO2 driven theory of anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) are in full panic mode. The continued hiatus in global temperature increase has led to a flurry of statements denying “the pause,” as climate scientists have named it. This new denialism even extends to international organizations like the WHO, that just recently claimed that global warming had not ceased, even though numerous organizations—including Britain’s Meteorological Office, NASA, and the IPCC—have admitted that it has.

Among climate change true believers there is a scramble on to “find the missing heat” that would explain the pause. Strangely, among these practitioners of group think there is no consensus about the cause of the pause. At the same time, the IPCC is about to release its latest screed regarding climate change and the leaks have been flowing fast and furious, saying there is dissent in the land of consensus. This may well be the turning of the tide on the greatest scientific hoax in history.

This is a reasonable summary of why climate alarmists now believe the science does not matter and climate 'deniers' need to be locked up... Well, the climate science mess has to be linked to huge problems in the scientific world. The article, The Science Bubble [Edge Science Magazine - issue 17] points out the high levels of research fraud is now a huge problem. I would say despite the well documented instances of climate science faud, it must still be second to medical research fraud. Things are so bad, in the United States, Universities whose faculty receive grants from the National Institutes of Health are now being forced to provide formal courses of instruction in ethical behavior in science. I think the once proud scientific establishments have gone from a religious into a New Age type stupidification status.

The End of Science
Sultan Knish, 23rd March 2014
"Science" has been reduced to an absolute form of authority that is always correct. The Saganists envision science as a battle between superstition and truth, but what distinguished science from superstition was the ability to throw out wrong conclusions based on testing. Without the scientific method, science is just another philosophy where anything can be proven if you manipulate the terminology so that the target is drawn around the arrow. Add statistical games and nothing means anything. This form of science measures itself not against the universe, but against the intellectual bubble inhabited by those who share the same worldview or those who live under their control. It's not a bold exploration of the cosmos, but a timid repetition of cliches. The debates are as microscopic as this miniature pocket universe. Discoveries are accidental and often misinterpreted to fit within dogma. Progress is not defined not by the transcendence of what is known, but by its blinkered reaffirmation.

Some folk are very pessimistic, but I suppose the evidence clearly points to the corruption of science causing societal decay.

Massive Nor’easter [4x] bigger than Hurricane Sandy expected to bring winds, snow, cold blast to Northeast for late March
WUWT, 25th March 2014

As a massive winter storm at sea known as a Nor’easter prepares to skirts the Northeast coast of the USA,  bringing with it high seas and bitterly cold weather in its wake, Dr. Ryan Maue writes:

Massive Nor’easter will develop a warm-core thru a seclusion process.

Compare previous image w/Hurricane Sandy– same 850-mb Wind speed & MSLP. Nor’easter wind field much stronger/larger.

[It is] maybe 4 times more powerful than Sandy based on integrated KE of wind field.

The image of the storm is quite stunning for it’s sheer size. Images and animation follow.

The National Weather Service in Boston is preparing for blizzard like conditions in some areas, plus hurricane force winds at sea.

I added the red line to show up the NE coast better.

It’s so wet, fish fall from sky in Northern Territory
Cairns News, 22nd March 2014
In fact, it’s been raining so much at Muckaty Station that fish have been falling from the sky. He says he found some aquatic specimens in pools of mud. “I caught 16 fish out of that little hole there and another hole around the corner I got four more. “I got some in a bathtub and took photos of them so everybody reckons I’m not bloody telling lies,” he said. “They must have come out of the sky because that’s the only place I can see them coming from.”

  • Plane hit by fish during takeoff, Air Force says
    My Fox Tampa, 5th March 2014
    TAMPA (FOX 13) - The men and women of the Air Force deal with a variety of dangers in the sky every day. But now they apparently have a new one to add to the list: fish.

    A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration jet was struck by a falling fish during a MacDill Air Force Base takeoff last September, a new report from the Air Force says. The plane aborted the takeoff, assuming they had hit a bird -- a common occurrence at the waterfront base.

    "We were nearing the point in the takeoff where we needed to rotate, or raise the nose of the airplane off the ground, when an Osprey with something in its claws flew in front of our aircraft," recalled Lt. Cmdr. Nick Toth, the pilot of the NOAA Gulfstream G-IV.

    Another version of this story, "Fish strike" stops jet's takeoff at Florida Air Force base. This is seriously fortean.... OK, after reading about these particular type of fortean anomalies for years and the opinion of various researchers who have not shied away from trying to understand the physics, I think that on a high energy planet, we should be expecting a lot more of this type of strangeness. What if Earth is being hit with huge beams of rotating sub-atomic particles that are causing distortions in our normal spacetime? The fabled 'glitches' in the matrix... Normally, abnormalities are found after the occurrence of tornadoes and hurricanes e.g a straw penetrating glass see for more examples, but huge vortexes of energy are being seen in the oceans too, see archives... If researchers are right that high energy distortions of spacetime cause strange physical displacements of objects, just imagine what would happen if a suitable big vortex of high energy hits a plane... I don't think we can rule anything out.

Japanese architect gets top award for paper tube housing for homeless
Voice of Russia, 25th March 2014
You would argue perhaps that architecture is generally about long-living monuments from such substantial materials like steel and concrete. Yet this year, the discipline’s top award, Pritzker Architecture Prize, is going to Shigeru Ban, widely known for making shelter out of transient materials like paper tubes and plastic cans. He makes temporary housing primarily for those who found themselves in the street following large-scale disasters, be it in Rwanda or Turkey, Haiti or Japan. "His buildings provide shelter, community centers and spiritual places for those who have suffered tremendous loss and destruction," the jury’s comment reads. "When tragedy strikes, he is often there from the beginning."

Aljazeera has some images of his amazing creations. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban awarded Pritzker prize, The cardboard cathedral is my favourite.

Electronics failure or turn off: two factors to cause MH370 disappearance
Voice of Russia, 25th March 2014
A paradox of living in the modern technological era - we are being watched 24/7 but can easily lose a 250-ton plane. Surely many of us had this thought when flight MH370 went missing and were astonished to learn that there is actually no global system tracking all aircraft at all times. The thing is that over the seas and oceans, coverage is very patchy, and if someone or something disables communications equipment on board, even a giant Boeing 777 can be elusive. [...]

So no ACARS, no secondary radar, no radio calls and no ADS-B to help search teams find Flight MH370. Only two causes could result in an aircraft losing communications entirely – either an electronics failure or somebody turned it off. With each passing day, investigators seem to be more convinced that the latter is the key to this mystery.

Since we live on a planet where extreme high energy events are taking place in our atmosphere, I am finding it easier to believe that this plane was hit a Terrestrial Gamma Flash or TGF that destroyed some of the most vital electronics.

  • Missing flight MH370 'fell to 12,000ft after cabin emergency': New clues as officials suggest plane veered left because of unexpected crisis
    Daily Mail, 25th March 2014
    ‘Now, if we have a scenario where something happened, the plane made a dramatic turn and dropped from 35,000 feet to 12,000 feet, this scenario would fit what a pilot would do in the event of a catastrophic on-board event, such as a rapid decompression, a fire, an explosion.

    ‘That's what you would have to do, descend, get down and turn around and try to get back to an airport that could accommodate an ailing plane.’ It raises questions over what might have happened in the plane’s cockpit to cause such a drop in altitude.

    What gets me why some have taken so long to think about this possibility, when a pilot came up with this scenario within 30 seconds of finding out the plane had made a sharp turn...

TGFs: Nasa releases stunning image of lightning strike from space as part of new 'lightning lab'
Independent, 25th March 2014
Nasa has released a stunning photo of a lightning strike as seen by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the launch of Firestation, a new instrument on the station dedicated to tracking lightning.

All this activity adds up to 4.3 million strikes every day or 1.5 billion a year, says Nasa. However, the space agency is only really interested in one type of lightning: the comparatively rare strikes that emit gamma rays, a type of radiation usually only created by exploding stars and during nuclear fusion.

Lightning strikes of this sort are known as TGFs or terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, and they’re so powerful that they actually create antimatter in the Earth’s atmosphere for fractions of a second.

We are seeing high energy events normally associated with black holes and star formation in Earth's atmosphere. It would be foolish to think that there are no safety considerations especially for aviation.

Theresa May warns Yahoo over Dublin move
Daily Mail, 25th March 2014
Comment: And the well will run dry....

Radar from satellites or planes could help predict sinkholes, NASA says, 22nd March 2014
RADAR images taken from planes or satellites could some day be used to predict where sinkholes might form. The possibility of an early-warning system stems from new NASA research into a monstrous sinkhole that opened in Louisiana in 2012, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents.

I think this shows that the higher ups are worried about the amount of sinkholes and our apparent helplessness.... I am quite skeptical that NASA can do anything, but they can waste some public money being seen to be making some attempt to mitigate the problem...

Lightning kills 114 sheep, 12 cows in Andes of Bolivia
All Voices, 22nd March 2014
LA PAZ, Bolivia - A lightning killed 114 sheep and 12 cows in an Aymara village in the Bolivian Andes, an official in the area said.

Dead sheep were scattered on the hill with the charred wool, said Friday by telephone to The Associated Press Panfilo Chura, secretary of the mayor of Achacachi, 80 kilometers north of La Paz where the community Yacachi Grande is located in which the phenomenon occurred on Thursday afternoon.

The lightning was so loud that it seemed that the sky was broken, a witness told the PAT television. The roar threw down the shepherd and flock Angelino Ventura, 80, who was unhurt owner. Ventura broke down in tears on Friday and said he lost all his cattle.

Nick Cohen “deniers have won” — gets startlingly close to the truth
Jo Nova News, 22nd March 2014

hat insight. ‘Tis prosaic — Nick Cohen in The Guardian packs more truth — runs tantalizingly close to a major insight, yet skates off, one single word short.

It’s projection on a rampage, and Cohen almost seems to realize it.  Perhaps we can help him?

“The climate change deniers have won”

Where else, but The Guardian?

Yes, Mr Cohen, those whom you deliberately and with malice call “deniers” are winning. Incredibly, even though they have only 0.03% of the funds, none of the machinery or the institutions, the enmity of western governments, existential opposition from the $350 billion renewables industry, no support from the large global carbon trading market, and only scorn and derision from the entire UN, and yet they are winning with nothing but wits and facts.

I suppose the problem is that too many people are not interested in believing half-truths and lies and are prepared to take action to counteract society being misled...

Report: ‘As many as 50% of research papers are never read by anyone other than the authors, referees and editors’
Twitter, 22nd March 2014
Comment: Tax payers are forced to pay for a lot of this research, but they are not allowed to read what these scientists have discovered unless they pay up. The pay-wall as it is now known.

Ontario residents asked to check their backyard for space rocks after meteorite crashes down near St. Thomas
National Post, 21st March 2014
ST. THOMAS, Ont. — University researchers say at least one chunk of a meteorite may have landed in southwestern Ontario this week — and more rocks may also be waiting to be found.

Astronomers from Western University are asking people to check their properties for any remnants of the basketball-sized meteor they say likely came down near St. Thomas, Ont.

In Canada, landowners who find a meteorite on their property own it — but the researchers say they’d love to have a look at what they call a “Rosetta Stone” of scientific information.

I just can't keep up with the no.of meteor hits... I wonder what world controllers are thinking... I suppose they are just keeping their fingers crossed that a small asteroid does not take out a city, as the reaction from the sheeple will be truly something else. Besides that, by weight, meteorites are worth three times more than gold, so its definitely worth going on a search. Other reports of meteors can be found at, Fire In The Sky

Daily Mail accused of insulting top female scientists
College condemns race and gender comments about experts who appeared on Newsnight to talk about origins of universe
Guardian News, 21st March 2014

University College, London, has written an open letter of protest to the Daily Mail's editor, Paul Dacre, about a "profoundly insulting" item that appeared to question the credibility of two of its scientists.

A piece in the Mail's Ephraim Hardcastle column on Wednesday used their appearance on BBC's Newsnight on Monday to comment on the possibility of a new era in understanding the origins of the universe to have a dig at the programme's "Guardian-trained editor, Ian Katz", who, it said, "is keen on diversity".

The item added: "So, two women were invited to comment on the report about (white, male) American scientists who've detected the origins of the universe – giggling Sky at Night presenter Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Sri Lanka-born astronomer Hiranya Peiris."

Daily Mail journalists don't really have a very good reputation at the best of times, but going after cosmologists/academics based on gender and race is not clever...

Worm evolves to eat corn that was genetically engineered to kill it
Independent News, 18th March 2014
Nature has fought back against biotechnology, with rootworms now being able to stomach corn that was genetically modified to poison the pests.

While an awe-inspiring demonstration of nature's endurance, the development could cause billions of dollars worth of damage to US crops.

Named after the pesticidal toxin-producing Bacillus thuringiensis it contains, Bt corn makes up 75% of the US's corn crop, but scientists' predictions that rootworms would evolve to overcome the poison were largely ignored by farmers, companies and regulatory bodies, who have been accused of "squandering the benefits of genetic modification."

Hmmmm... Based on evidence that has been around for at least 50 years, scientists KNEW that when there is an environmental change, a species will quickly adapt to survive, but biotech companies are only interested in their investment and short term monetary gain, reality is not really a serious consideration... Besides that, Darwinism as an evolutionary theory has been shredded by reality. Today, some scientists are just embarrassed by the fact that nature is not interested in their lame theory.

Edge Science Magazine - issue 17
Society for Scientific Exploration, February 2014
Edge Science is a new magazine from the Society for Scientific Exploration. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 17 is free but SSE would like new members and people to donate. Download here. I missed this... Articles on Reincarnation, Xenoglossy Under Hypnosis and science fraud. A good read.

NASA Distancing Itself From Anti-Capitalist Doomsday Paper
GWPF, 21st March 2014
NASA is distancing itself from a new study that investigates how unsustainable resource exploitation and rising income inequality could potentially lead to the collapse of human civilization as we know it.

Oh dear! The problem with predators is that they can't see the writing on the wall and they have a problem with those who do...

A Top Neuroscientist Warns That Cyborgs Are a Terrible Idea
Motherboard, 20th March 2014
Researchers are always looking at ways to harness the power of the human brain, and augment our grey matter—be it mind-controlled drones, brain-machine interfaces, or using brain scans to predict future criminals. But some scientists warn we shouldn’t go cyborg for at least another 100 years.

Paul Werbos, a program manager at the National Science Foundation and one of the country's leading neuroscientists, said that there could be dire consequences if we continue to experiment with the brain before we completely understand how it works. [...]

“A lot of people want to do this quick and dirty,” he said.

Some ethicists have raised concerns about the direction brain research is going, like what happens when you start reading people’s minds and labeling them as criminals before they’ve done anything? But Werbos suggested that, as long as there’s money in it, those ethicists will be silenced.

“We’re trying to reverse engineer the brain so we can understand it much better than we do,” Werbos said at a panel in Washington, D.C. discussing the state of the future. “But, with the state of technology right now, in 100 years we might be able to reverse engineer [a brain] the level of a mouse.”

“The way these gravy trains work is, the bioethicists complain, and then [the companies developing it say] ‘OK, here’s some money for the cyborg, here’s some money for the people who want to control our brain, and we’ll carve out some money for the philosophers, too.’”

He said that there may come a day when it makes sense to mess with our brains, but that day isn’t here yet, and might not be for a very long time.

Of course it's a terrible idea! Those who think this is the next step in human evolution are oblivious to what is already known about genetics, DNA and the existence of mysterious 'templates' that are directly linked into the environment, a revelation that is seriously upsetting Darwinists... Billionaires helping to promote the idea of cyber humans just see this as another way to fleece suckers... As we are told here, the motivation for scientists is funding their research i.e. helping them stay away from the dole queue long enough to get a good pension. Paul Werbos appears to have some intelligence and ethics, which is not such a common combination these days...

Sea Anemones Are Half-Plant, Half-Animal, Gene Study Finds
Live Science, 20th March 2014
The sea anemone is an oddball: half-plant and half-animal, at least when it comes to its genetic code, new research suggests.

The sea creature's genes look more like those of animals, but the regulatory code that determines whether those genes are expressed resembles that in plants, according to a study published Tuesday (March 18) in the journal Genome Research.

What's more, the complicated network of gene interactions found in the simple sea anemone resembles that found in widely divergent, more complex animals.

This is important because it is part of the principle that creation is NOT defined by human rules. The original anomalist Charles Fort explained this as humans like to define yellow and red and then refuse to accept orange... This is very very important when humans try to set criteris for the search for extraterrestrial lifeforms and other worlds... In a nutshell, humans currently lack the imagination to comprehend what is possible in the universe, even after discovering that stars, presumably all over the universe, literally spit out the raw biological ingredients for life...

MICROSOFT faces fresh privacy storm: Admits searching private email of user, charges the FBI (read: taxpayers) hundreds of thousands of dollars a month for access to information about you
Investment Watch Blog, 21st March 2014

Google Encrypts All Gmail Messages After NSA Snooping
Bob Tuskin News, 20th March 2014

Reminder: Why HTTPS and SSL are not as secure as you think

Youtube Hires Hundreds of Trolls Dubbed ‘Super Flaggers’!
Investment Watch Blog, 8th March 2014

France limits vehicle use in Paris amid soaring pollution
France 24 News, 17th March 2014
France is limiting vehicle use in the capital Paris on Monday amid a spike in pollution to health-threatening levels, only the second time the drastic measure has been introduced in nearly two decades.

A system of "alternating traffic", whereby vehicle use is restricted to alternate days depending on licence plate numbers, came into effect in Paris and its 22 surrounding suburbs at 5.30 am (04.30 GMT) on Monday, as the city tries to curb dangerous pollution levels.

The radical move has seen around 700 police officers deployed to 60 checkpoints around the French capital to ensure that only cars with number plates ending in odd numbers are out on the streets.

Well, I have wondered what it would take for some authorities to decide that dealing with pollution is preferable to choking to death... I suppose in an idiocracy, this level of intransigence should be expected...

New Zebra-Striped Structure Discovered In Van Allen Radiation Belt
Red Orbit, 20th March 2014
Data from NASA’s twin Van Allen Probes has led to the discovery of a new, potentially dangerous zebra-striped structure located in Earth’s inner radiation belt, according to new research appearing in Wednesday’s edition of the journal Nature.

In the paper, lead author Aleksandr Ukhorskiy of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and his colleagues explain that the Van Allen Probes Ion Composition Experiment (RBSPICE) located the persistent structure, which was comprised of highly energized electrons that could endanger humans in space. [...]

“These findings could have implications for those who model space weather and those who design and operate navigation and communication satellites as well as spacecraft used for national security,” said study co-author and New Jersey Institute of Technology physics professor Louis Lanzerotti.

“It is amazing how Earth’s space environment, including the radiation belts, continue to surprise us even after we have studied them for over 50 years,” he added. “Our understanding of the complex structures of the belts, and the processes behind the belts’ behaviors, continues to grow, all of which contribute to the eventual goal of providing accurate space weather modeling and helping designers to build communication systems and spacecraft that can withstand the highly energized particles in earth’s radiation belt.”

The astronomical shift means changes to the near Earth environment just keep coming and surprising space scientists... Earth's satellite communication infrastructure looks more and more vulnerable.... That means our modern technological world is becoming vulnerable too...

Vatican scientists co-host conference on alien life forms
Catholic News, 19th March 2014
Nearly 200 scientists are attending the conference, called The Search for Life Beyond the Solar System: Exoplanets, Biosignature & Instruments, which runs from March 16-21 in Tucson, Arizona. The Vatican Observatory is co-hosting the conference with the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory.

'Finding life beyond Earth is one of the great challenges of modern science and we are excited to have the world leaders in this field together in Tucson,' said event co-chair Daniel Apai, assistant professor of astronomy and planetary sciences at the UA Steward Observatory.

'But reaching such an ambitious goal takes planning and time. The goal of this meeting is to discuss how we can find life among the stars within the next two decades.'

Thankfully, the Vatican who are in possession of plenty of ancient knowledge and understand what it means... The downside is that they are also doing their religious duty in the pursuit of manipulating the masses for their own ends. In plain English, they understand the warnings about the 'Return of the Gods', see archives for more info. Since we are also at the official start of a new astronomical age, there are also duty bound to change the mythos, hence the reports of how the Christian gospel is going to get a massive overhaul... I just can't imagine how the simple church folk are going to react, but I imagine vast swathes of the New Age community and many desperate for 'alien' contact will lap it up... People who want to understand what is taking place on this planet should be paying attention.

Researchers Identify Cause Of Rare, Powerful 2012 Solar Storm
Red Orbit, 19th March 2014
Researchers have uncovered the origin and cause of an extreme space weather event that took place July 22, 2012 on the sun which generated the fastest solar wind speed ever recorded directly by a solar wind instrument.

The formation of the powerful event showed remarkable features as a massive cloud of solar material erupted off the sun’s right side, zooming out into space and passing one of NASA’s twin Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, spacecraft along the way.

According to NASA, scientists clocked the speed of this giant cloud, known as a coronal mass ejection, or CME, at more 1,800 miles per second as it left the sun – a speed that would circle the Earth five times in one minute.

It is interesting that Dr Tony Philips at tells people to be prepared for the possibility of a solar blast.... Especially when most people can't comprehend the notion of a solar induced mega disaster and no chance of recovery for months and even years in the United States... Check the facts, if the whole U.S. national power grid is destroyed, the official estimates are recovery will be 4 - 10 years... But I imagine that very few countries could recover quickly if we get hit with the worse the sun has to offer....

  • NASA: Earth JUST dodged comms-killing SOLAR BLAST in 2012 [VIDEO]
    The Doomsday scenario we should have been worrying about
    The Register, 19th March 2014
    Video: A new analysis of data from NASA's Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) by Chinese and Berkeley helioboffins shows that a July 2012 solar storm of unprecedented size would have wiped out global electronic systems if it had occurred just nine days earlier.

    The problem I have encountered is there are not enough mature adults about who can deal with complex scenarios. A fear response seems to be the normal reaction, followed by ignoring the subject matter. Being able to even deal with thinking about challenges to life on this planet requires intelligent, mature and evolved individuals and they seem to be in short supply.

Torrential rains kill 32 in South Africa
Press TV News, 18th March 2014
Floods caused by torrential rains have killed at least 32 people and displaced thousands of others in South Africa.

Andries Nel, South African deputy minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs, said on Monday that the heavy raining had displaced 3,000 people from their homes in the Lephalale Local Municipality in the northern part of the country.

“Regrettably, the present disaster events have resulted in 32 fatalities. These include 25 drownings. Six fatalities were also caused by lightning and one person died due to a collapsed wall,” Nel stated.

Also: Unseasonal rain and hail kill 2,100 cattle in Nashik, India & Hail storm dumps metre of ice on Eritrean capital

Don Lemon ‘puts it out there’: Was lost Malaysian flight taken by ‘supernatural’ forces?
Raw Story, 17th March 2014
Saying he was “just putting it out there,” CNN host Don Lemon asked his Sunday afternoon guests if something “supernatural” might be in play with the missing Malaysian flight MH 370.

After noting that he has been getting questions via email, social media, and on the street, Lemon wondered if “something beyond our understanding” might have happened to the missing airliner.

“Especially today, on a day when we deal with the supernatural,” Lemon said. “We go to church …. the supernatural power of God. People are saying to me, why aren’t you talking about the possibility — and I’m just putting it out there — that something odd happened to this plane; something beyond our understanding?”

The lady at Psychic Focus blogspot has been working on this... I am not prepared to comment accept to say, planes disappearing and general 'weirdness' is nothing new on this planet... Most people just tend to ignore the anomalies and 'glitches' in the matrix.

  • Without a trace: Mysterious aviation disappearances
    Global News, 12th March 2014

  • Planes that vanished without a trace
    CBC News, 12th March 2014

    MH370 A different point of view. Pulau Langkawi 13,000 runway.
    Google Plus, March 2014
    A lot of speculation about MH370. Terrorism, hijack, meteors. I cannot believe the analysis on CNN - almost disturbing. I tend to look for a more simple explanation of this event. [...]

    This pilot did all the right things. He was confronted by some major event onboard that made him make that immediate turn back to the closest safe airport. For me the loss of transponders and communications makes perfect sense if a fire. There was most likely a fire or electrical fire. In the case of fire the first response if to pull all the main busses and restore circuits one by one until you have isolated the bad one.

    If they pulled the busses the plane indeed would go silent. It was probably a serious event and they simply were occupied with controlling the plane and trying to fight the fire. Aviate, Navigate and lastly communicate. There are two types of fires. Electrical might not be as fast and furious and there might or might not be incapacitating smoke.

    This pilot thinks the simplest explanation was there was an electrical fire on board... they were overcome by smoke and the plane just continued on the heading probably on George (autopilot) until either fuel exhaustion or fire destroyed the control surfaces and it crashed.

    Malaysia Airline MH370
    Psychic Focus Blogspot, 11th March 2014

    Latest Update, 18th March 2014

Wow, even MSM reporters want to see Michael Mann’s UVa emails now
WUWT, 17th March 2014
Here’s something out of left field (literally) and almost too good to be true, but it really is. Get this: 17 news organizations, including NPR, WaPo, AP, now have grown a spine and filed an amicus brief (see download below) to OPPOSE in court Michael Mann’s effort to keep his UVa CLIMATEGATE-related e-mails secret.

Basically, Mann’s attempt at hiding his emails of work done on public funds and time from public view has backfired, and now is a story that has “legs” in reporter parlance. From Columbia Journalism Review:

It's going to be a lot of fun reading these emails, but obviously, many will bew shocked at just how corrupt these Mann & co. climate scientists are...

Kevin Trudeau: Government gets its wish, Katie sentenced to ten in the pen
NBC Chicago, 17th March 2014
A federal judge sentenced TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau Monday to 10 years in prison for bilking consumers through his infomercials.

In November, jurors convicted Trudeau of defying a court order barring him from running infomercials that made false claims about his book, "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About."

Prosecutors say he aired the infomercials anyway, at least 32,000 times. Before sentencing, Judge Ronald Guzman described Trudeau as "deceitful to the very core," and said he "requires a sentence that will deter him from future conduct of the same type."

Good News! Another New Age crook sent to jail, this time for a reasonable amount of time. If you want to know the background, Cosmic Connie aka Connie L. Schmidt at Whirled Musings, has been following this scam artist for a very long time. She has a lot to say, but this quote is pertinent:
"And when I think of how killers such as James Arthur Ray served less than two years for killing three people in his phony sweat lodge... well, something seems off kilter. Or when I consider some of the loathsome scammers and alleged predators whom Trudeau unleashed on the world, who have yet to even be charged of anything, say nothing of be tried, convicted, sentenced.... it makes me think our justice system is really broken."
Yes, but even the start of a clean-up in the cultic milieu is good enough for me... The education people are getting on the methods used by these scamming bastards is also noteworthy.

Armenian Scientists Establish Platform for Web-Based [Space Weather] Collaboration, 17th March 2014

Hail storm dumps metre of ice on Eritrean capital
BBC News, 14th March 2014

Are lightning deaths increasing?
BBC News, 14th March 2014
Lightning appears to be killing and injuring increasing numbers of people in developing countries, meteorologists and experts say. The total casualties could even be higher than other weather-related disasters like floods, landslides and droughts.

"The frequency of lightning has somehow increased from what it used to be," says Michael Nkalubo, commissioner at Meteorological Department of Uganda, a country where lightning storms are common. "I cannot say that a study has been carried out on this but I am saying this on the basis of my general observation.

Due to the new planetary conditions, (magnetosphere like a sieve), the flow of charge into and out of the planet MUST have increased in the last 25 years or so... Due to the fact that scientists are calling the impact of space weather "global warming" or "climate change" there are quite a few reports that predict an increase in lightning.

  • Global Warming Could Lead to More Lightning Deaths
    Tree Hugger, 14th February 2010
    [...] While it is still unclear exactly what may be leading to the increase in the number of lightning strikes, researchers plan on continuing to try to better understand the phenomena which may be symptomatic of a greater shift in climate behavior.

Telling it as it is: Washington is the biggest threat to life on Earth
Institute for Political Economy, 17th March 2014
[...] No government in human history can come close to the hypocrisy and malevolence of Washington. Armed with nuclear weapons and a military doctrine of pre-emptive nuclear first strike, Washington alone stands as the threat to life on earth.

Comment: I liked the headline. With all the hot air that comes out of Washington, some might suggest this is the real cause of global warming...

Sec. Kerry challenges climate skeptics at House hearing: If skeptics are wrong and nothing is done, ‘life on the Earth can literally end’
Climate Depot, 13th March 2014
Washington D.C. - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry challenged global warming skeptics on Thursday at a Congressional hearing: Kerry, appearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, explained that if skeptics are wrong and nothing is done, “life on the Earth can literally end.” Kerry has been championed a new UN climate change treaty. Kerry has called on U.S. envoys to make climate change a “top priority.” The New York Times reported that Kerry “hopes to use his position as secretary of state to achieve a legacy on global warming that has long eluded him.”

Climate Depot Reality Check on Kerry’s claim:

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano responded to Kerry’s claim that government action of some type would act as an insurance policy against global warming

Morano: “Why not get a climate insurance policy? Why would you buy an insurance policy on your home that costs more than your home is worth and would pay out virtually nothing if your home burned down? You wouldn’t, that would be insurance fraud, but that is what they are selling. The UN’s Kyoto protocol, even if fully implemented and ratified — which it never was — wouldn’t even have had a noticeable impact on global temperatures in 50 to 100 years [according to warmists’ own estimates.] In the U.S., with cap-and-trade and carbon taxes — not only would they not impact global temperatures, but they would not even impact global CO2 levels.

The topic of climate change appears to be a poster child for lots of different fears. The most cynical are most likely still looking for a long term business ruse to extract cash and control the masses. Those who are little bit more senstiive realise that something major is up but the desperation to blame record cold on global warming is ridiculous...

Fukushima: nuclear power 'road to our extinction' - expert
The Voice of Russia, 10th March 2014
Three years after the Fukushima catastrophe, Japan’s stricken power plant is still struggling to contain radioactive water leaks that are making the area uninhabitable, while TEPCO’s effort to clean up what remains of the crippled nuclear site has turned into a disaster of its own. The Voice of Russia spoke with Majia H. Nadesan, Associate Dean of the New College at Arizona State University and the author of a blog on Fukushima, who believes humanity might have already “forged its extinction” with nuclear technology and is now just waiting for it to unfold.[...]

So the consequences of this disaster is that people who are living in highly contaminated areas and the region are not going to be safe again for generations because the amount of radiation contamination is increasing daily. So it is going to be land of dispossessed people.

Hmmmm..... The Russians have taken a very dim view of the unwillingness of Japanese leaders to try and mitigate the Fukushima nuclear disaster... The whole world is being poisoned but the psychopathic elite don't care about the future of humanity and must believe they can completely avoid the inevitable consequences of radiation poisoning.

Scientists Suggest Dark Matter Played Role in Dinosaurs' Doom
NBC News, 8th March 2014
The conventional wisdom is that a cosmic impact caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago — but now two scientists are adding an unconventional twist to the theory: Maybe, they say, dark matter helped.

The hypothesis, set forth in a research paper by Harvard theoretical physicists Lisa Randall and Matthew Reece, blends two of the science world's biggest mysteries: What is behind our planet's waves of mass extinctions? And what is the nature of dark matter, the mysterious stuff that so far has been detected only by virtue of its gravitational effects?

When the solar system passes through the disk of dark matter, that could exert enough of a gravitational influence to disrupt the orbits of comets on the solar system's edge. Such comets could become more likely to head into the inner solar system, periodically raising the chances of collision with Earth.

:-) Thanks to Red Ice for finding this info... There is now a lot of chatter from scientists about the existence of dark matter appearing in our solar system... Since there has been a serious uptick in the number of NEOs or Near Earth Objects and our planet is being hit by a lot more meteors and meteroids, a disturbance in our solar system caused by the arrival of dark matter is an obvious explanation.

Dozens of Americans who claim to be allergic to electromagnetic signals settle in small West Virginia town where WiFi is banned
Daily Mail, 9th March 2014
A small remote town where Wi-Fi is banned has become an unlikely haven for people claiming modern technology has been making them ill.

The so-called 'Wi-Fi refugees' are flocking to the tiny settlement to escape painful symptoms including burning skin, chest pains and acute headaches. The sufferers argue the affliction - a condition known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity - has been eased by the move and report feeling much better.

US power grid could be knocked out by a handful of substation attacks, says report
RT News, 14th March 2014
The entire US power grid could be shut down for more than a month if just nine of the over 55,000 electric substations placed throughout the nation were sabotaged by terrorists or other criminals, according to a new report.
A study by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) found that just a handful of American substations provide much of the electricity that flows to large swaths of the country, sources familiar with the analysis told Rebecca Smith of the Wall Street Journal. Aside from nuclear power plants there are no federal rules requiring utilities to be protected.

This study, though, found that disabling just nine of these substations could leave much of the country without power for weeks, or possibly even months. There are an estimated 30 “crucial” substations that rely on large power transformers to increase the electricity’s voltage, thereby giving it the capability to move long distances.

Just a month? Also: Small-scale attack on US power grid could cause country’s blackout - study Oh dear! It seems that it is becoming common knowledge that the US power grid is vulnerable, especially to enemies that want to teach corrupt U.S. leaders a lesson or two... Based on what has already happened, I am now thinking that sabotage is looking more likely to happen first before a G5 geomagnetic storm knocking out transformers. The conspiracy talk has been mainly about the U.S. government terrorising its own people, which makes no sense to me, but a foreign power upset about U.S. financial problems or the general political meddling, taking out their frustrations seems a lot more likely scenario.

Air pollution in Paris – big picture
Air pollution has turned Paris skies a murky yellow, prompting the government to make public transportation – buses, trains and bikes – free for the next three days as an incentive for people to give up using cars Guardian News, 14th March 2014
Comment: I suppose the obvious short-term solution is permanent free public transport...

Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'?
Natural and social scientists develop new model of how 'perfect storm' of crises could unravel global system
The Guardian, 13th March 2014
A new study sponsored by Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center has highlighted the prospect that global industrial civilisation could collapse in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution.

Noting that warnings of 'collapse' are often seen to be fringe or controversial, the study attempts to make sense of compelling historical data showing that "the process of rise-and-collapse is actually a recurrent cycle found throughout history." Cases of severe civilisational disruption due to "precipitous collapse - often lasting centuries - have been quite common." [...]

Although the study is largely theoretical, a number of other more empirically-focused studies - by KPMG and the UK Government Office of Science for instance - have warned that the convergence of food, water and energy crises could create a 'perfect storm' within about fifteen years. But these 'business as usual' forecasts could be very conservative.

I think most historians see inevitable collapse as caused by the failure of the intelligentsia to rein in the excesses of the psychopathic elite. Due to the fact we are seeing more and more of these types of reports, it appears to me that at long last, the intelligentsia are seriously thinking about the wisdom of co-operating with world controllers who generally have no interest in a healthy functioning society.

Experts Agree: Parrot-Pigeon "Hybrids" Probably Just Dyed Pigeons
Gothamist, 13th March 2014
Last weekend some mysterious pigeon-parrot hybrids were spotted in Queens, but experts now tell us these are just your garden variety rock pigeons with some colorful dye applied. Next they'll tell us this isn't a photo of Anthony Weiner astride a pegasus! Below are theories and thoughts from a birder, a pigeon fancier, and the NYC Audubon.

New York City birder Yojimbot tells us the pigeon "has been dyed... impossible to say with what but I'm guessing some vegetable based dye, because anything else would affect the flight of the bird. I've heard of similar things in Europe and India for religious ceremonies."

So what if these pigeon-parrots are not dyed? I suppose that would cause a headache for a few... Since strange mutations are no longer so rare these days, I am just taking note...

Brazilian inventors bring free energy device to market
Earth-Heal, 13th March 2014
Two Brazilian inventors, Nilson Barbosa and Cleriston Leal, claim to have invented a free energy device and are now selling this device to the public in the Brazilian city of Imperatriz, Maranhão. The device is called the Earth Electron Captor Generator, or “GERADOR CAPTOR DE ELÉTRONS DA TERRA” in Portuguese.

Hundreds of Belgians flock to glowing Virgin Mary statue
Yahoo 13th March 2014

‘Ultra-Rare’: Up to 70 endangered ‘whales’ by California coast — Seen once in several decades, lives in open ocean — Breached as if performing, rubbing heads on boat — So loud thought it was engine — “Seemed to be speaking to camera” — Also spotted in Western Pacific same day (VIDEO)
Energy News, 14th March 2014

Powerlines disturb animal habitats by appearing as disturbing flashes of UV light invisible to the human eye
Independent News, 12th March 2014

Nine Chinese cities suffered more days of severe smog than Beijing
Pollution widespread and affected millions more than previously thought, 2013 data shows
Guardian News, 12th March 2014

UFO sightings soar to new heights in Canada
Number of UFO reports in Canada 2nd-highest in 25 years
CBC News, 12th March 2014
UFO sightings in Canada are sky high, hitting a total only seen once before in the past 25 years.

There were 1,180 UFO sightings reported in 2013, or about three each day, according to the Canadian UFO Survey, an annual survey released Tuesday by Winnipeg-based UFOlogy Research of Manitoba.

It is the second-highest number recorded in Canada in the past 25 years. The peak year was 2012, when almost 2,000 reports were recorded.

Some are aware of the 'signs of the times' but few relate this to ancient warnings that we can expect 'the return gods' at the end/start of a new age. It is very surprising that more researchers did not anticipate and warn about the dramatic increase in UFO sightings.

U.S. calls emergency preparedness an 'urgent public health issue'

HHS issues proposal to regulate 68,000 medical facilities.
UPI News, 11th March 2014
Comment: It is obvious why intelligentsia are panicking, but the high levels of apathy by the masses of ignoranti makes me think that nothing much will change and a major disaster will just mean an inevitable major wipe-out scenario.

Elephants may have a specific alarm call for 'human!'
New research on African elephants suggests the highly intelligent animals use a specific 'word' — a low, distinct rumbling noise — to warn their friends and families about the presence of people.
MNN News, 11th March 2014

Take that, space junk! Australian scientists to zap debris with lasers
Physicists working with Nasa on project to destroy estimated 300,000 pieces of waste before they smash into satellites
The Guardian, 10th March 2014

Researchers Reveal Microbe that 'Eats' Electricity
Science Daily, 10th March 2014
Source: Harvard University
Summary: Researchers have shown that the commonly found bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris can use natural conductivity to pull electrons from minerals located remotely in soil and sediment while remaining at the surface, where they absorb the sunlight needed to produce energy

Bacteria 'talk' to each other to thrive suggests Edinburgh study Bacteria Language allows bacteria to thrive, the researchers say
A new study has suggested bacteria use a form of communication similar to human language.
BBC News, 10th March 2014

West Virginians report 'intelligent fireball' UFO over small town
W. Virginia UFO Examiner, 7th March 2014
A West Virginia Dad in Sutton relates a UFO encounter his daughter and two friends had where a fireball-looking object appeared to move intelligently overhead, according to March 7, 2014, testimony in Case 54493 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The father tells the story from his daughter's point of view about the event, which occurred about midnight on March 2, 2014. West Virginia MUFON Assistant State Director Dennis Henshaw is investigating. [...]

"Light was bright enough to see from other lights," the witness stated. "Stopped to see what it was and thought it was a meteor. It came down towards a plane, commercial type, and thought it was going to hit it. Fireball stopped as if to let plane pass, and then continued."

The witness described the object. "It made a zigzag pass, glowed brighter, and then dimmer. Had tentacles (shafts of light come out from top and bottom), shoot from top and bottom. It dimmed to almost nothing. We thought it was gone and then it came back on and finally disappeared behind the mountain."

The 'intelligent fireball' is a plasma entity and defined as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena by the military, scientists and pilots. Norwegian scientists define this type as a magnetospheric plasmoid. See archives for more info.

A 'New' Form of Intelligent Life? Plants Found to Have Memory and Make Complex Decisions
Daily Galaxy, 8th March 2014

Earth raises a plasma shield to battle solar storms
New Scientist, 6th March 2014
Earth can raise shields to protect itself against solar storms. For the first time, satellites and ground-based detectors have watched as the planet sends out a tendril of plasma to fight off blasts of charged solar matter. The discovery confirms a long-standing theory about Earth's magnetic surroundings and offers us a way to keep track of the planet's defences.

"It's changed our thinking about how the system operates," says Joe Borovsky at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, who was not involved in the research. "Earth doesn't just sit there and take whatever the solar wind gives it, it can actually fight back."

Also Plasma Plumes Shield Earth From Solar Storms Obviously there are many versions of this story, but again, NASA scientists refuse to use proper scientific terminology when it comes to our plasma/electromagnetic universe. In the Red Orbit version we get rubbish like particles "hitch a ride along magnetic field lines...." They are talking about the appearance of an electric current and this is similar to how lightning streamers stretch up from the Earth to meet a lightning leader as it nears the ground to make a circuit complete. Remember, the press release Huge Solar Storms Could Zap Earth, Scientists Warn, where it was clearly explained that Earth was getting massive electric shocks from space... Here we are being told that sometimes the plasma particles can sometimes provide some kind of Earth shielding and really, we should all be grateful for that...

'Our president... Barraco Barner': Lancashire beautician sparks worldwide Twitter ridicule after getting Obama's name spectacularly wrong in tweet about Ukraine crisis
Daily Mail, 8th March 2014
When a young British beautician realised relations between Russia and Ukraine were at crisis point, she decided to share her feelings on Twitter.

Without pausing to check her facts, or her spelling, Gemma Worrall, 20, wrote: 'If barraco barner is our president, why is he getting involved with Russia, scary.'

Within hours, Miss Worrall, from Blackpool, was trending in countries around the world as her message was retweeted thousands of times.

Someone British who thought the UK has an American president in charge instead of a British prime minister! LOL... Another classic example of the seriously ignorant enabled with technology to humilitate themselves worldwide...

    FIREBALLS OVER CANADA AND NEW MEXICO: March 6th began with a bang. "Last night, here was a significant fireball over north central New Mexico at precisely 00:19:20 am MST," reports Thomas Ashcraft. "It was brighter than the full Moon and shook houses from its sonic boom." Ashcraft operates a fireball camera and forward-scatter meteor radar at his private observatory near Santa Fe. Turn up the volume and play the movie he recorded.

    Approximately two hours later, a similar fireball streaked over Yellowknife, Canada, exploding so brightly that the flash turned the night sky blue:

    Yuichi Takasaka took the picture from the verge of Vee Lake. "I was leading an Aurora Photography Tour," says Takasaka. "We had quite colourful auroras all night. All of sudden at 02:13 local time, one shooting star started from Western sky and exploded towards North. It got so bright that I had to close my eyes like someone used electric flash in front of me. A few minutes later, we could hear the huge explosion from the direction of the fireball fell. What an exciting night!!!"

    As far as we know there is no conection between these two events or the asteroid 2014 EC, which flew past Earth on March 6th. They are probably random meteoroids of the type that strike Earth's atmosphere every night.

    Even can't ignore the latest huge meteor blast.... Please note the way Dr Tony Philips tries to deny the connection with asteroid 2014 EC, because this is a regular repeating pattern of bigger asteroids, dropping some of their entourage of rocks into Earth's atmosphere... Also, just look at 'Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters table' (copy below), this table was updated yesterday or today with the latest last minute detection of asteroid 2014 EF.

    Other reports of meteors can be found at, Fire In The Sky

    'Apocalyptic' storm front over Sydney with menacing clouds hundreds of feet high captured on camera by smartphone use
    Daily Mail, 6th March 2014
    A gigantic storm front moved in over Sydney on Wednesday and residents were quick to upload dramatic pictures of it to the internet.

    Huge clouds hundreds of feet high, with some shaped like giant tubes, loomed menacingly over the city during rush hour.

    As forecasters warned of heavy rain and flash flooding, Twitter and Facebook became awash with pictures of the looming storm, with one describing the conditions as ‘apocalyptic’.

    I don't think we should worry about the occurrence of very rare atmospheric phenomena, but if this kind of dramatic atmospheric event can be proven to have increased, then we should all be worried. We need to remember the magnetosphere is like a sieve and we just don't know what the impact is going to be, especially on Earth's weather...

    Bitcoin CEO found dead in Singapore, suicide suspected
    RT News, 6th March 2014
    A young American woman who ran the First Meta bitcoin exchange was found dead in her Singapore apartment last week. Police are investigating the “unnatural death”.

    Autumn Radtke was found on the morning of February 26 after Police received an emergency call from an apartment building. She was pronounced dead at the scene. A preliminary police investigation has ruled out foul play, but neighbors told police they suspected Radtke jumped from an apartment.

    First Meta Ltd. issued a statement on its website, saying they were ‘shocked and saddened’ by the news and gave their deepest condolences to Radtke’s family.

    Who is going to be believe automatically that this was a genuine suicide? RT appears to be keeping watch on bankster deaths...

    The Lewis and Crok exposition – Climate less sensitive to Carbon Dioxide than most models suggest
    WUWT News, 5th March 2014

    The Statute of Liberty is threatened by ‘global warming’…again
    WUWT, 5th March 2014
    The mean sea level trend is 2.77 millimeters per year. At that rate we have:

    65.2 meters = 65200 millimeters / 2.77 mm/yr = 23537.9 years

    That’s right, 23 thousand 500 years!

    A new ice age will likely be well underway then, dropping sea levels. The water would never get there. That’s assuming the statue still exists there at all.

    Some calculations to counteract the climate change fanaticism.

    1 in 10 Americans think HTML is an STD, study finds
    LA TImes, 4th March 2014
    If you're talking tech with Americans, you may want to avoid using any jargon.

    A recent study found that many Americans are lost when it comes to tech-related terms, with 11% saying that they thought HTML — a language that is used to create websites — was a sexually transmitted disease.

    The study was conducted by, a coupons website, as a way to determine how knowledgeable users are when it comes to tech terms.

    I thought this was funny, but actually it's just more evidence of a dumbed down society.

    Mysterious ‘flying saucer’ slides found in documents leaked by Edward Snowden
    Yahoo News, 28th February 2014
    A mysterious set of slides showing alien spacecraft have cropped up amid the trove of documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden - and ignited a frenzy of debate among internet UFO fans.

    The set of slides are part of a Powerpoint presentation created by British spy agency GCHQ - Government Communications Headquarters - and, among 50 uncaptioned images are three which seem to show flying saucers.[...]

    Watson says, “The main evidence for the cover-up of UFO reports and manipulation of UFO beliefs, as revealed by the documents released by Edward Snowden, is contained in a Powerpoint presentation called, ‘The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations’.

    “This was produced by the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), British secret intelligence agency and features fifty slides related to using the internet for psychological operations (psy-ops).It was produced by a unit called the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) for presentations to the US, National Security Agency (NSA) and other agencies.”

    Watson says that the slides show that, far from having captured aliens or dissected them, governments fear the power of belief in UFOs - and want to manipulate this for their own ends.

    Governments KNOW that UFOs exist and quite frankly have got over their shock and just work to make the ignoranti treat the subject as a joke. What is interesting here is the need to exploit "the power of belief"... We are being told that some trolls are being paid by the government to insert fake information and discredit people as part of a system of maintaining the status quo... We now have government documents to prove this.

    Off-site power glitch shuts down NY nuclear plant News, 4th March 2014
    SCRIBA, N.Y. (AP) — Federal regulators say a nuclear power plant on Lake Ontario in central New York has been shut down by a problem with an off-site power supply.

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the Nine Mile Point 2 plant in Scriba (SKREYE’-buh) was manually shut down early Tuesday after the loss of power to control and alarm electrical circuits that are powered by batteries that are continuously recharged by off-site power.

    NRC officials say the cause of the loss of power is still under review. The officials say the problem affected the flow of cooling to both of the plant’s reactor recirculation pumps. In response, the plant’s operators manually scrammed the reactor, which entails inserting all of the control rods to halt the fissioning process.

    The problem of living in an idiocracy means that the obvious problem of vulnerable power supply in an increasing chaotic geomagnetic environment are not being taken seriously... Japan's heavy reliance on nuclear energy in a country that is prone to constant and major earthquakes is maybe the best example of an idiocracy failing to take the possibility of a nuclear disaster seriously. Now we have Fukushima heavily irradiating the pacific and atlantic oceans as well as the rest of the world. Idiots hide the truth.

    SA satellite encounters space debris
    IT Web News, 4th March 2014
    After three months in orbit, SA's first cube satellite, developed by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and launched from Russia on 21 November 2013, experienced two very close encounters with defunct satellites in the last two days of its trip.

    The US Joint Space Operations Centre in California notified the South African National Space Agency (Sansa) last week that the Zacube-1 (TshepisoSat) nano-type satellite was on "close approach" with the defunct (Russian) Cosmos 2151 satellite.

    The satellites came within an estimated 185 metres of each other over Antarctica on Wednesday. Remarkably, Sansa says, a second warning was received on Thursday, with TshepisoSat predicted to come within 85 metres of yet another defunct (Russian) satellite, Meteor 2-5, over Brazil. [...]

    As SA mourned the passing of former President Nelson Mandela, TshepisoSat transmitted the great statesman's clan name "Madiba" every 30 seconds from space as a tribute. The satellite's call sign was received by amateur radio enthusiasts and other CubeSat groups around the world as it was transmitted from space as a radio beacon during the mourning period.

    Hmmmm.... It really makes you wonder just how bad the space junk problem really is....

    The Sun wakes up: highest values of Solar Cycle 24 observed in February 2014
    Watts Up With That, 3rd March 2014
    [...] With Solar Cycle 24 maximum in March 2013 (see the heliospheric current sheet tilt angle in Figure 5 below) and a one year lag between solar activity and neutron count, we have probably seen the minimum neutron count for this cycle. The minimum count is well above the minimum value for Solar Cycle 20.

    What is really interesting is what has happened to the solar wind flow pressure. Despite a high sunspot number and F10.7 flux for this cycle, in January 2014 the solar wind flow pressure fell to a new low of 1.2 nPa for the instrumental record. With another 10 years of solar cycle fall time ahead of us, this suggests that the neutron count is going to be impressive by the end of the decade.

    NASA's prediction of new high levels of galactic cosmic radiation looks like it is coming true.... The demise of the solar wind pressure is probably the real reason for the desperation calls for geoengineering by those who want to put a cosmic shield in space... Well, we are being told in not so many words that more problems with electronics and computers being corrupted must be expected...

    Rare Blue Aurora, 3rd March 2014
    BLUE AURORAS: Northern Lights are usually green, and sometimes red. Those are the colors produced by oxygen when it is excited by electrons raining down from space. On Feb. 22nd, Micha Bäuml of Straumfjord, Norway, witnessed an appariton of aurora-blue: "All of a sudden the sky exploded," says Micha. "The aurora looked like a giant flame."

    In auroras, blue is a sign of nitrogen. Energetic particles striking ionized molecular nitrogen (N2+) at very high altitudes produces a cold azure glow of the type captured in Micha's photo. Why it overwhelmed the usual hues of oxygen on Feb 22nd is unknown. Auroras still have the capacity to surprise.

    Nitrogen emissions are blue or red; blue if the atom regains an electron after it has been ionized, red if returning to ground state from an excited state.

    How weather exists in space
    The Economist, 2nd March 2014
    ON THE evening of February 27th Britons were given a rare treat: a display of the aurora borealis, better known as the Northern Lights. That is unusal, for Britain is not all that boreal. Seekers after the Lights usually have to travel farther north to places like Scandinavia and Iceland to stand a good chance of seeing them. But the Lights are of interest to scientists as well as skywatchers, for they do not originate on Earth at all. They are caused by the interaction of Earth's magnetic field with charged particles streaming from the Sun, and are the most famous example of what is known as "space weather". That may seem a contradiction in terms: space is, famously, a pretty empty place. How is it possible to have weather there?

    It seems the mainstream media are being forced to point out some reality to those with normally very parochial interests in our reality. Below is some detail for those really interested in the space weather impact.

    • Space weather: How geomagnetic storms affect the power grid
      Electric Power & Light, 29th February 2014
      By the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the Electric Power Research Institute

      The highly complex, interconnected North American power grid has provided a long record of reliable, secure delivery of electric power. However, solar storm or geomagnetic disturbance events have demonstrated their ability to disrupt the normal operations of the power grid.

      The most recent example in North America occurred in March 1989, when a GMD led to the collapse of the Hydro Quebec system, leaving more than six million people without power for nine hours. Figure ES-1 below shows the March 1989 storm over North America. Understanding the effects of GMD on bulk power systems and the ability of the industry to mitigate their effects are important to managing system reliability.

    Global warming felt to deepest reaches of ocean, 2nd March 2014
    [...] The McGill researchers, working with colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania, analyzed tens of thousands of measurements made by ships and robotic floats in the ocean around Antarctica over a 60-year period. Their study, published in Nature Climate Change, shows that the ocean's surface has been steadily getting less salty since the 1950s. This lid of fresh water on top of the ocean prevents mixing with the warm waters underneath. As a result, the deep ocean heat has been unable to get out and melt back the wintertime Antarctic ice pack.

    I think this might be another poor excuse for why global atmospheric temperatures have not risen for 17 years. Whatever, I think the-oceans-ate-my-global-warming storyline is related to undersea volcanoes that have been appearing all over the ocean floor, and obviously warming the oceans, but not having the desired affect of warming the atmosphere.... At Watts Up With That, there is a difference of opinion and some informed comment that suggest the cause of these polynais are to do with wind , see Claim: large Antarctic polynyas to disappear, yet some are still found in satellite imagery

    Human Barbie reveals she starves herself: 'Breatharian' believes she can live off 'cosmic micro-food' of just light and air
    Daily Mail, 28th February 2014
    Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, who lives her life as a 'human Barbie' has revealed she doesn't consume food or water anymore. Some have said she uses plastic surgery and Photoshop to create her doll-like image, but her impossibly thin waist could actually be down to not eating for weeks. The model, 23, has said she is now converting to 'Breatharianism' - training herself to live off only light and air.

    I suppose she is just part of the trend of people who want to be 'different,' but for most people, being a Breatherian ends in tears...

    Physicists plan to wipe out Earth’s Van Allen belts with radio waves
    Geek News, 27th February 2014
    It was just last year that physicists thought they found the origin of Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts — and now a prominent group of them want those belts dead! It’s understandable, given the frustration these areas of space can cause to modern astrophysicists; if you want to launch a satellite or telescope, let alone a human being, the Van Allen belts will be a painful thorn in your side. So, says a growing group of astrophysicists, why not wipe them out altogether? It might seem odd to hear scientists propose destroying a feature of the natural world, but there is a decent scientific argument to be made that these belts provide us nothing useful, and that we could lose them without a single negative effect.

    Space scientists are getting desperate.... Attempts have already been made to get rid of the Van Allen belts, which ended up causing an assortment of screw ups, like the joint NASA/Italian Tether incident, Project Starfish etc. Moreover, scientists don't understand why the Van Allen belts exist, but that does not mean they are not important.... It reminds me of all the rubbish taught about 'junk' DNA and now we find the 'junk' represents epigenetic markers etc...

    Mysterious Flashing 'Earthquake Lights' Maybe Explained
    Yahoo News, 27th February 2014
    Mysterious flashes of lightning sometimes herald earthquakes, and now scientists may have discovered why: Shifting grains surrounding faults in the Earth may generate an electric charge.

    This strange flickering, known as earthquake lights, can occur before or during quakes. Recent findings suggest earthquake lights seem to happen at rifts where pieces of the Earth are pulling apart from each other.

    What amuses me is scientists trying to deny reality because they don't understand the science, hence the use of the term 'crackpot physics'.... Denial does not make the phenomenon go away, rather like the phenomenon opf UFOs, that can also sometimes be linked to bursts of plasma coming out from out of the ground... Maybe, the rather extraordinary light-shows that have been big hits on YouTube have been focusing some minds...

    Northern lights seen around the UK
    People across the UK experience a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights from Scotland to as far south as Essex
    Telegraph, 28th February 2014
    The spectacular red and green lights of the Aurora Borealis lit up skies as far south as Gloucestershire, Essex and Norfolk last night, the result of a strong magnetic storm. The lights were clearly visible in Glasgow, Orkney and Aberdeenshire in Scotland, at Preston in Lancashire and in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside. Excited aurora-spotters took to social media to share their photos and experiences of the lights.

    I note that some scientist was dragged onto UK TV to explain what happened and he mixed up the solar wind with the arrival of a coronal mass ejection as the source of the auroras... Can you imagine it? TV producers could not even find a space scientist who get some basics right! As usual, the link with the X4.9 solar flare prepping the atmosphere for what looks like auroras that are usually associated with an extreme geomagnetic event is not mentioned... Update: I think we will have to wait for space weather experts to reveal whether Earth's citizens had again dodged another near CME knockout blow... Whatever, we are now in a dangerous game of Russian roulette with the sun.
    • Midlands wowed by rare shows of Northern Lights

    • Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis seen in Wales

    • Subsiding Geomagnetic Storm, 28th February 2014
      SUBSIDING STORM: A geomagnetic storm that started on Feb. 27th when a CME sideswiped Earth's magnetic field is subsiding. At its peak, the storm measured G2 on NOAA storm scales and sparked bright auroras over northern Europe, Greenland and Iceland. Tryggvi Már Gunnarsson was driving out of Reykjavik when he saw the display:

      "As I was driving from Reykjavik to north Iceland I saw this red halo on the sky. My first thought was: A volcano must be erupting!," says Gunnarsson. "Then, as the green colors appeared, I realized this was the aurora borealis. It was one of the most magnificent aurorashows I have ever seen."

      If the magnetic storm had lasted just a little longer, bright lights would have appeared over some northern-tier US states, too. Instead, the display was rapidly fading by the time night fell over North America.

    Michelle Obama and The Revenge of the ‘Knuckleheads’
    21st Century Wire, 28th February 2014
    This week, Michelle Obama appeared on The Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, to discuss her challenges of ‘life in the White House’ and also to plug her new “Let’s Move” campaign. Then came the train wreck – her suicidal gaff insinuating that America’s youth are stupid, can’t cook for themselves, spend their time drunk dancing on bar stools and in her eyes – are a bunch of “knuckleheads”. Yes, she did actually say that.

    LOL... I think Michelle Obama can no longer be bothered to appeal to the idiocracy... LOL

    Locked in the 'Doomsday Vault': Samples of more than 20,000 crops from 100 nations added to 800,000 existing stock at seed bank that will protect the world’s biodiversity in the event of a disaster
    Independent News, 26th February 2014
    [...] The Doomsday Vault, which cost £5m to construct, was designed to protect against such threats, and can withstand nuclear war, asteroid strikes and extreme weather. Behind an entrance carved into the rock on a remote island near the North Pole, a tunnel reaches 125m inside the mountain. There, behind four sets of air-locked doors, are three vaults, which can house up to two billion seeds. Because of its location under the ice, the seeds would be preserved even if all power was cut.

    This is disaster resilience preparations being conducted in plain sight... Of course, most still don't understand why this effort is needed, even as the planet plunges into more chaos induced by higher levels of cosmic energy. Btw, it is no surprise the intelligentsia amongst the Japanese are worried....

    Food bank feeding the poor in Scotland runs out of food
    Digital Journal, 24th February 2014
    Glasgow - The largest food bank in Scotland, which exists to help feed the poverty stricken, has run out of food. The food bank in Glasgow has been cleaned out because the number of families asking for help has reached record levels. The number of people requesting help via the Citizens Advice Bureau for food in January was more than half the number turning up to food banks throughout the whole of 2013. The food banks are mostly run by the Trussell Trust, which runs 42 food banks in Scotland alone.

    I think the UK government has reached the Marie Antoinette level. It's OK when government controlled banksters lose billions but are still allowed to award themselves massive multi-million pound bonuses at the same time that brain-dead conservatives complain about businesses losing money because of food banks... The facts are that people are struggling to feed themselves on jobseekers allowance but are told at job agencies to use their iPhones to look for work! The historical evidence is that societies fail when the balance swings towards too much control amongst the predatory elite. I think any historian worth their salt will say that violent revolution is only just around the corner...

    Human Echolocation: A Story of Hidden Senses
    Mysterious Universe, 24th February 2014
    Your body is literally filled with sense organs. Biological machines that each serve a purpose related to keeping you going strong, and making sure you know what’s happening around you. I don’t mean for this to devolve into a refresher course on human physiology, but suffice it to say, we’re chock-full of little bits that work to tell us what’s going on inside and outside our bodies. [...]

    Officially, there is no official count for how many senses we actually have. It ranges between a few dozen to nearly 100, depending on who you ask, and some of the given senses are easier to quantify and understand than others.

    What bothers me is that there have been many decades of research on human senses and here were are told there are two dozen to a hundred senses depending on who you ask, but the information is kept strangely out of the media.... Maybe that is because more humans would realise that they have far more potential than they are being led to believe....

    “Even Mao is wearing a mask” in smog-choked China
    Asian News, 26th February 2014
    Chinese citizens flock online to poke fun at the pollution situation, which in recent days has hit a quarter of the entire country. Smog-free days "on February 29 , 30 and 31" and other “motivational" jibes at President Xi Jinping. But the problem is increasingly serious and experts warn: "Without a solution the entire agricultural sector is at risk".

    Beijing ( AsiaNews) - The blanket of pollution that has covered China these days has reached an area equal to one quarter of the entire mainland, causing damage "of enormous gravity" to public health and national agriculture . In response to the emergency, some internet users have chosen the weapon of irony: the image of the famous portrait of Mao Zedong that stands in Tiananmen Square - but with half-closed eyes and a mask over his mouth (see photo) - has gone viral on national social networks. Other citizens have announced "with joy" that the government has solved the problem: "Beijing has granted three days free of smog. On February 29 , 30 and 31".

    Yesterday in Beijing the level of pollutant air particles was recorded by the U.S. Embassy at 457. According to the World Health Organization normal values ??should be around 50, and the scientific journal The Lancet has determined that each year in China there are 1.2 million premature deaths due to air pollution. To try to boost the morale of the population, the President Xi Jinping visited a popular district of Beijing yesterday without anti-smog mask.

    These days, I am having a massive empathy fail when it comes to the off-the-scale, self-induced pollution problems in China.... Surely, a national Darwin award is coming... Maybe the makers of the movie Idiocracy should do another one titled, Idiocracy - Mao Style but set it in 2015, because examples of grossness and stupidity abound in that country...

    • China's smog suffocating agriculture?
      Seed Daily News, 26th February 2014
      If China's smog persists or intensifies, He warns, the country's food supply faces devastating consequences. "Now almost every farm is caught in a smog panic."

      This is what happens when psychopaths are in charge...

    Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers
    onference proceedings removed from subscription databases after scientist reveals that they were computer-generated.
    Nature, 25th February 2014
    The publishers Springer and IEEE are removing more than 120 papers from their subscription services after a French researcher discovered that the works were computer-generated nonsense.

    Over the past two years, computer scientist Cyril Labbé of Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France, has catalogued computer-generated papers that made it into more than 30 published conference proceedings between 2008 and 2013. Sixteen appeared in publications by Springer, which is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, and more than 100 were published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), based in New York. Both publishers, which were privately informed by Labbé, say that they are now removing the papers. [...]

    A long history of fakes
    Labbé is no stranger to fake studies. In April 2010, he used SCIgen to generate 102 fake papers by a fictional author called Ike Antkare [see pdf]. Labbé showed how easy it was to add these fake papers to the Google Scholar database, boosting Ike Antkare’s h-index, a measure of published output, to 94 — at the time, making Antkare the world's 21st most highly cited scientist. Last year, researchers at the University of Granada, Spain, added to Labbé’s work, boosting their own citation scores in Google Scholar by uploading six fake papers with long lists to their own previous work2.

    Labbé says that the latest discovery is merely one symptom of a “spamming war started at the heart of science” in which researchers feel pressured to rush out papers to publish as much as possible.

    Wow.... Alongside the gibberish, zombie science also exists.... See, Climate science is a "Zombie science"

    Sun unleashes monster solar flare, biggest of 2014
    Fox News, 25th February 2014
    The sun fired off a major solar flare late Monday, making it the most powerful sun eruption of the year so far and one of the strongest in recent years.

    The massive X4.9-class solar flare erupted from an active sunspot, called AR1990, at 7:49 p.m. EST. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured high-definition video of the monster solar flare. The spacecraft recording amazing views the solar flare erupting with a giant burst of plasma, called a coronal mass ejection, or CME.

    Hmmm... This X4.9-class solar flare should make a few space weather watchers quite jittery... More info at X-FLARE! & space weather info at

    • Subsiding Geomagnetic Storm, 27th February 2014
      X-FLARE! Long-lived sunspot AR1967 returned to the Earthside of the sun on Feb. 25th and promptly erupted, producing an X4.9-class solar flare. This is the strongest flare of the year so far and one of the strongest of the current solar cycle. A movie from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the explosion hurling a loop of hot plasma away from the blast site:

      Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory tracked this material as it raced away from the sun, eventually forming a bright CME, pictured below. Radio emissions from shock waves at the leading edge of the CME suggest an expansion velocity near 2000 km/s or 4.4 million mph. If such a fast-moving cloud did strike Earth, the resulting geomagnetic storms could be severe. However, because its trajectory is so far off the sun-Earth line, the CME will deliver a no more than a glancing blow. NOAA forecasters expect a weak impact on Feb. 27th.

      The source of the eruption is long-lived sunspot AR1967, now beginning its third trip across the Earthside of the sun. This region was an active producer of flares during its previous transits, and it looks like the third time will be no different. By tradition, sunspots are renumbered each time they return, so AR1967 has been given a new name, AR1990. After today, that is what we will call it.

    Geoengineering side effects could be potentially disastrous, research shows
    Comparison of five proposed methods shows they are ineffective, alter weather systems or could not be safely stopped
    Guardian News, 25th February 2014
    ... researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany, modelled these five potential methods and concluded that geoengineering could add chaos to complex and not fully understood weather systems. Even when applied on a massive scale, the most that could be expected, they say, is a temperature drop of about 8%.

    The potential side effects would be potentially disastrous, say the scientists, writing in Nature Communications. Ocean upwelling, or the bringing up of deep cold waters, would cool surface water temperatures and reduce sea ice melting, but would unbalance the global heat budget, while adding iron filings or lime would affect the oxygen levels in the oceans. Reflecting the sun's rays into space would alter rainfall patterns and reforesting the deserts could change wind patterns and could even reduce tree growth in other regions.

    The question you have to ask is: why the desperation when the Earth has been through this all before?

    Meteorite smashes into moon in largest lunar impact ever recorded
    Rock travelling at 61,000 km/h punched a crater 40 metres wide and produced a flash that could be seen from Earth
    Guardian, 24th February 2014
    Astronomers have captured the moment a lump of rock slammed into the moon with so much force that the bright flash could be seen from Earth with the naked eye.

    The 400kg (63st) meteorite, travelling at 61,000 km/h (40,000 mph), punched a fresh crater on the moon's surface some 40 metres wide in what is thought to be the largest lunar impact ever recorded.

    The rock, which was about a metre in diameter, ploughed into an ancient lava-filled basin called the Mare Nubium, producing a flash almost as intense as the Pole Star that took more than eight seconds to fade.

    I can imagine a fair number of people will look with some askance concerning the date of this impact.... Besides that, the number of major impacts being seen in our solar system is most certainly increasing and I imagine after Chelyabinsk, really worrying world controllers....

    How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations
    First Look, 24th February 2014
    One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents. [...]

    But these GCHQ documents are the first to prove that a major western government is using some of the most controversial techniques to disseminate deception online and harm the reputations of targets. Under the tactics they use, the state is deliberately spreading lies on the internet about whichever individuals it targets, including the use of what GCHQ itself calls "false flag operations" and emails to people's families and friends. Who would possibly trust a government to exercise these powers at all, let alone do so in secret, with virtually no oversight, and outside of any cognizable legal framework?

    Well, the UK government paid spies to marry green activists, so it is well established what lengths governments will go to...

    Bill would require state to offer preparedness tips for EMP attack
    Explorer News, 21st February 2014
    [...] The bill would require the Arizona Division of Emergency Management to post on its website recommendations such as the type and amount of supplies residents should stockpile to be prepared for an EMP attack.

    The Senate Public Safety Committee endorsed the bill unanimously Feb. 12, amending it to require the agency to update its recommendations every five years. It was headed to the full Senate by way of the Rules Committee.

    However unlikely the threat, Farnsworth said that an EMP triggered high enough above the U.S. could cripple the economy, disrupt food and water supplies and take down other essentials of civilization.

    “My hope is that by bringing this out, we’ll start discussions and come to the realization that as a government we can’t feed all these people, but as responsible citizens we need to do our part and make individual preparations,” he said.

    Good idea... Especially when so many people are still oblivious to the real threat of an EMP due to a major space weather event...

    Commuters’ terror as faulty escalator plunges downwards
    Evening London Standard, 21st February 2014

    Nationwide says sorry for card glitch
    Contractor UK, 24th February 2014
    Nationwide Building Society has apologised after some of its debit and credit card customers complained they were unable to make payments on Friday afternoon.

    Although it has declined to identify what caused the “inconvenience”, the mutual said it quickly fixed the problem, which consumer group Which? implied was the result of awry IT. It comes after customers of Lloyds Banking Group, including the Halifax, TSB a

    The computer glitches just keep coming as we should expect as Earth's defenses weaken and cosmic rays cause more significant bit-flips.

    Network router glitch caused WhatsApp's 'biggest' outage
    IT News, 24th February 2014

    Glitch Hits Google Drive, Docs, Trips Them for Hours
    Google hasn't said what caused the problem, nor how widespread it was
    CIO News, 21st February 2014
    IDG News Service (Miami Bureau) — A service disruption that lasted more than five hours made key Google Web apps malfunction on Thursday.

    At around 2 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, Google acknowledged on its Apps Status page a problem with its Drive cloud storage service and with its Docs word processing and Sheet spreadsheet applications, and later with its Sites intranet builder.

    The company declared the problem solved at around 7:30 p.m., but didn't explain what caused it or how many users were affected. Later on, after 10 p.m., the Slides presentation creation app also hit a glitch that lasted for about 30 minutes.

    Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Commuters’ terror as faulty escalator plunges downwards
    Evening London Standard, 21st February 2014

    Venus has planet-sized space weather explosions
    Scientists like to compare Earth and Venus. What happened differently at Venus to make it so harsh and inhospitable? These space weather explosions may help explain. Earth Sky News, 21st February 2014
    NASA researchers recently discovered that a common space weather phenomenon on the outskirts of Earth’s magnetosphere – the magnetic bubble surrounding Earth – has much larger repercussions for the planet Venus. The giant explosions, called hot flow anomalies, can be so large at Venus that they’re bigger than the entire planet. And they can happen multiple times a day.

    “Not only are they gigantic,” said Glyn Collinson, a space scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. “But as Venus doesn’t have a magnetic field to protect itself, the hot flow anomalies happen right on top of the planet. They could swallow the planet whole.”


    TV: Radioactive waste containers may be “smashed and opened” after roof collapse at leaking U.S. nuclear site — Official: We believe there’s been a breach… “It’s a very serious thing” — ‘Seismic event’ mentioned — High levels of alpha and beta radiation detected (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 21st February 2014
    KRQE, Feb. 21, 2014: Federal and state agencies are scrambling to deal with the discovery of airborne radiation [...] one of the working theories right now is that a big slab of the roof broke free, hit the stack, knocked some drums off and smashed and opened one or more of them. [...] that is not supposed to happen in areas being actively worked by crews. It appears the leak occurred in an active work area [...]

    We are now living on a high energy planet and the folk in charge are are still acting like they are oblivious...

    Comet ISON hosted a rare kind of nitrogen, hinting at reservoirs in young Solar System
    Universe Today, 21st February 2014

    WeatherAction Dangerous weather warning for Britain &Ireland for events in period 23-25 Feb (Details Below), 21st February 2014
    Rpaid Intensification of Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) circulation is upon as identified on Feb 6 in transition SLAT9A=>9B which warned of Hurricane force 12 winds likely Br+Ir in period 10-12th THIS WAS CONFIRMED. The next R5 23-25th was also forecast then to likely reach these dangerous levels. TV (Met Office model) forecasts are unlikely to realize such winds are coming until less than 24 hrs ahead. The full Wild Jet Stream update of Feb 6 (as sent to subscribers) is now public: The question of Wild Jet Stream / Mini Ice Age Rapid Intensification is also discussed in the news article in Brit+Ire 15-45d MARCH forecast** WeatherAction Dangerous weather warning for Britain &Ireland for events in period 23-25 Feb (Details Below)
    Rapid Intensification of Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) circulation is upon as identified on Feb 6 in transition SLAT9A=>9B which warned of Hurricane force 12 winds likely Br+Ir in period 10-12th THIS WAS CONFIRMED.
    The next R5 23-25th was also forecast then to likely reach these dangerous levels. TV (Met Office model) forecasts are unlikely to realize such winds are coming until less than 24 hrs ahead.
    The full Wild Jet Stream update of Feb 6 (as sent to subscribers) is now public:

  • Comment:
    This is a public warning... subscribers have known about this storm warning for quite some time ....

    Satellite Envisat could spark 'Gravity' style debris cloud
    Independent News, 20th February 2014
    A satellite which has lost contact with the European Space Agency could potentially pose a similar threat to that experienced by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the Oscar nominated 'Gravity, if it breaks up and sparks a deadly debris field, students have claimed.

    Physics students at the University of Leicester have suggested that the observational satellite Envisat is at risk of colliding with other satellites and debris during the 150 years it is expected to remain in space in their final year paper. The satellite Envisat lost contact with Earth in 2012 and now orbits free of human control at an altitude of 491 miles (790km). This altitude is where the greatest amount of space debris around the planet is found.

    More space junk worry...

    Farmer’s Almanac vs. The Feds: Feds failed with Winter forecast But ‘Farmers’ Almanac’ accurately predicted a ‘bitterly cold’ winter
    Climate Depot, 20th February 2014

    Severe turbulence injures 5 on Beijing bound flight forcing the plane to return to New Jersey
    Reuters, 18th February 2014
    (Reuters) - Three flight attendants and a number of passengers were injured after a United Airlines flight encountered severe turbulence as it approached a Montana airport, an airline spokesman said on Tuesday.

    One passenger, Bill Dahlin, told Billings television station KTVQ there was a lot of screaming when the airplane dropped sharply during its descent on Monday, and a woman struck her head on the ceiling so hard a panel cracked.

    The three flight attendants and two passengers were taken to a hospital after the incident on the flight to Billings, Montana, from Denver, Colorado, United said in a statement. One flight attendant remained hospitalized on Tuesday, United said.

    I am sorry to say that people have been warned about increased turbulence and this incident is yet another example of just how serious injuries can be.

    • Flights to get bumpier as turbulence to double
      Flying is to become a far less comfortable experience according to a study of how levels of turbulence are set to change over the next 40 years.
      The Telegraph, 8th April 2013 Flashback!
      Trans Atlantic flights will encounter up to twice as much turbulence while enroute, the research has shown.

      Using atmospheric computer models, the scientists behind the work were able to simulate how changes in the climate will impact on the invisible patches of mixing air that cause turbulence.

      Dr Paul Williams, a Royal Society research fellow at the University of Reading, said the results suggest air passengers will have less comfortable journeys in the future. It could also have far more serious implications than a few more spilt drinks and more time staring at the illuminated seat belt sign. [...]

      Dr Williams said: "Thirty thousand feet above our heads, the jet stream is being accelerated, which is having a destabilising effect that is making air turbulence more likely to form. "There are 600 transatlantic crossings every day, so a lot of fights will be affected by this."

    • Fasten Seat Belts: Climate Change Could Mean More Turbulence
      NBC News, 19th February 2014

      The only problem with all this is that problems caused by an erratic jet stream was largley ignored by climate scientists until major weather events occurred that could not be ignored. The science of why the jet stream is becoming erratic is also extremely problematic for those promoting the theory that man-made greenhouse gases are changing the climate...

    Kiwibank glitch leaves customers short
    New Zealand Herald, 18th February 2014
    [...] Kiwibank spokesman Bruce Thompson confirmed customers making credit card and eftpos transactions between 6.30am and 12.30pm on Sunday had been affected. The error was identified only once maintenance was completed. Customers whose cards had been declined had been charged for too many transactions.

    Angry customers took to the bank's Facebook page yesterday and several thousand calls were made to its contact centres, but Kiwibank could not say how many customers had been affected.

    • Kiwibank glitch reimbursement will take longer
      New Zealand Herald, 8th February 2014
      KiwiBank customers whose bank accounts were cleaned out by a maintenance glitch on Sunday will have a longer wait to be reimbursed. Kiwi Bank spokesman Bruce Thompson said the fix which would see all customers whose money had been wrongly taken out of their accounts reimbursed was taking longer than expected.


    Space Dust Is Filled with Building Blocks for Life
    Space.coms, 17th February 2014
    A study of teeny-tiny meteorite fragments revealed that two essential components of life on Earth as we know it, could have migrated to our planet on space dust.

    Researchers discovered DNA and amino acids components in a smidgen of a space rock that fell over Murchison, Victoria, in Australia in September 1969. Previous studies of the meteorite revealed organic material, but the samples examined then were much larger. This study would lend more credence to the idea that life arose from outside of our planet, researchers said in a statement.

    "Despite their small size, these interplanetary dust particles may have provided higher quantities and a steadier supply of extraterrestrial organic material to early Earth," said Michael Callahan, a research physical scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. [5 Bold Claims of Alien Life]

    This is so odd after the decades of battle by people like Sir Fred Hoyle (deceased) and Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe and some of their peers, just trying to get the simple minded folk to pay attention to the evidence, see archives... Anyway, the point of interest is that the planet is being flooded with space dust (FACT) and it appears some of this dust has some very special properties... The evidence suggests certain astronomers and plasma physicists are very aware of this, as I point out in my Delft Technical University presentation... I would be interested to know if there is any intelligentsia out there who would be brave enough to argue with my assessment, based on what is already public knowledge....

    Gore Enlists Extraterrestrials to fight Global Warming?
    Watts Up with That, 17th February 2014
    Truth is often stranger than fiction, and Al Gore’s missives are often stranger than both. Robert Schaefer writes:
    I just got back from the 2014 International UFO Congress, the largest UFO conference in the world, where somebody was passing out the following to the attendees (a double-sided paper on orange stock). Looks like Al Gore is using Extraterrestrials to help fight Global Warming! writes:

    Al Gore never ceases to amaze... For those paying attention, Gore knows something... The removal of CO2 has nothing to do with global warming but it appears world controllers know that CO2 MUST BE REMOVED FOR OTHER REASONS... Personally, I don't think the removal of CO2 will stop the influx of plasma entities... but then, Al Gore and friends may be aware of ancient knowledge that I have not come across yet... Whatever, the average man on the street is completely oblivious to this particular issue, that is for sure...

    Satellite Image Shows Large Storm Heading for Europe
    Space Ref News, 17th February 2014

    The real reason for flooding in Somerset Levels? Not global warming – river management
    Watts Up With That, 16th February 2014
    We’ve previously covered the absurd claims that “global warming” was the cause of flooding in Somerset, UK here and here, with yesterday, even a senior scientist at the Met Office disagreeing with the spinmistress in charge, Julio Slingo’s claim about an AGW connection. Now we learn the real reason. The ROF pumping station was turned off in 2008 and nothing was done to replace it, while at the same time the Huntspill sluice gates to drain water to the sea seemed to be improperly managed by the EA.

    This is a very useful summary of what went wrong in Somerset and the evidence for a complete lack of river management proves this disaster has nothing to do with global warming and CO2.... From my perspective, it is really frightening to realise that yes-men, repeating unsubstantiated global warming beliefs are in charge.... What is worse is the fact that the government only started to grovel when seriously rich people with houses backing onto the River Thames were flooded out... Well, reality has a habit of showing up... We have witnessed the results of some seriously stupid decisions and we await what happens as some very angry flood victims are promising to take action... The UK Met Office have also been made to look totally stupid with their prediction that the UK would have below average rainfall, see more below.... It's hard to imagine in advance this level of incompetence... Btw, I hear more bad weather is on the way...

    • Flood fight at the Met Office
      Watts Up With That, 15th February 2014
      One of the Met Office’s most senior experts yesterday made a dramatic intervention in the climate change debate by insisting there is no link between the storms that have battered Britain and global warming.

      Mat Collins, a Professor in climate systems at Exeter University, said the storms have been driven by the jet stream – the high-speed current of air that girdles the globe – which has been ‘stuck’ further south than usual.

      Professor Collins told The Mail on Sunday: ‘There is no evidence that global warming can cause the jet stream to get stuck in the way it has this winter. If this is due to climate change, it is outside our knowledge.’

      It must be getting really embarrassing for some when the global warming/climate change alarmists just keep chanting their mantras whilst clearly demonstrating they don't understand what is going on...

    • Met Office forecast that winter 2013-14 would be DRIER THAN NORMAL  
      issued 21 Nov 2013

    Hijacked Plane Co-Pilot Arrested In Geneva
    A co-pilot hijacks his own plane and flies to Switzerland where he uses a rope to leave the cockpit before seeking asylum.
    Sky News, 17th February 2014

    Residents baffled by mystery loud droning noise during storms [Coventry, UK]
    Mirror News, 16th February 2014
    A mystery loud droning noise 'like Independence Day' has been reported in the skies above Coventry. The sounds - compared to something out of the hit blockbuster film about alien invasion - have been audible during recent stormy weather.

    Reports have described a loud noise in the sky which lasted around one minute and was heard by residents in Whitley, Walsgrave, Stoke and Wyken. Mitch Wise, 19, from Walsgrave, said the noise was so loud he could hear it inside his house despite all the windows and doors being closed. He said: “I did think it sounded like something out of Independence Day, that kind of noise.

    Hmmmm..... I would say that atmospherically speaking, things in general are starting to get really scary... Earth's magnetosphere is basically like a sieve and more cosmic energy is pouring in and powering up powerful storms....

    Study demonstrates evolutionary 'fitness' not the most important determinant of success
    Phys.Org News, 7th February 2014
    When you think about evolution, 'survival of the fittest' is probably one of the first things that comes into your head. However, new research from Oxford University finds that the 'fittest' may never arrive in the first place and so aren't around to survive.

    By modelling populations over long timescales, the study showed that the 'fitness' of their traits was not the most important determinant of success. Instead, the most genetically available mutations dominated the changes in traits. The researchers found that the 'fittest' simply did not have time to be found, or to fix in the population over evolutionary timescales.

    This appears to tell us that the characteristics for survival are THOSE MOST EASILY AVAILABLE WHEN IMPOSED BY THE ENVIRONMENT, rather than being related to inherent qualities... Obviously, this is a problem for those who want to create the impression that genetic superiority will create evolutionary winners...

    'Cannibal' CME hits Earth: Storm warning issued for space
    Los Angeles Times, 15th February 2014
    A storm warning has been issued for space, where a "cannibal" coronal mass ejection grabbed the attention of space-weather watchers.

    The sun -- at a peak of activity in the 11-year solar cycle -- hurled a pair of CMEs that reached Earth early Saturday morning, Pacific time. The ejections, as NASA's Alex Young says, "are a huge release of solar material, billions of tons, and magnetic field." Upon reaching Earth, they can wreak havoc with our power grid -- and, on the bright side, create gorgeous auroras.

    Three ejections were forecast for the weekend. The one that hit Earth was a "cannibal" CME, as put it. "It appears that at least two of them have combined -- one caught up with the other one and the two became one," Young, a heliophysicist at Goddard Space Flight Center, said in an interview Saturday with the L.A. Times.

    • Incoming CMEs: Earth's magnetic field set to get a pounding..., 15th February 2014
      STORM WARNING: STORM WARNING: NOAA forecasters estimate a 75% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Feb. 15th in response to three incoming CMEs. The first two, which left the sun on Feb. 11th, have probably merged in transit to form a single "cannibal CME" more potent than either of its constituents. The third CME, launched on Feb. 12th, is following close on their heels. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras.

    • Incoming CMEs: NOAA Got it wrong.... again..., 16th February 2014
      STORM WARNING, CANCELED: A brief geomagnetic storm on Feb. 15th sparked by a CME impact has petered out, and the chances for auroras this weekend are subsiding. The CME appears to have been a merger of three minor clouds that, even together, could not cause a sustained disturbance in Earth's magnetic field. The hoped-for Valentine's display of auroras never materialized.

    Internet Trolls Really Are Horrible People
    Narcissistic, Machiavellian, psychopathic, and sadistic.
    Slate, 15th February 2014
    In the past few years, the science of Internet trollology has made some strides. Last year, for instance, we learned that by hurling insults and inciting discord in online comment sections, so-called Internet trolls (who are frequently anonymous) have a polarizing effect on audiences, leading to politicization, rather than deeper understanding of scientific topics.
    br> That’s bad, but it’s nothing compared with what a new psychology paper has to say about the personalities of trolls themselves. The research, conducted by Erin Buckels of the University of Manitoba and two colleagues, sought to directly investigate whether people who engage in trolling are characterized by personality traits that fall in the so-called Dark Tetrad: Machiavellianism (willingness to manipulate and deceive others), narcissism (egotism and self-obsession), psychopathy (the lack of remorse and empathy), and sadism (pleasure in the suffering of others).

    Well, I suppose it's obvious... On reflection, I think that being trolled is no reflection on quality, these types just see an opportunity to steal energy from their victims, that's all. They are just irritating pests that must be ignored. I think the title of the research paper, Trolls just want to have fun is highly appropriate.

    One in four Americans 'do not know the Earth circles the Sun'
    Over a quarter of Americans do not know the Earth circles the Sun, according to a new survey
    The Telegraph, 15th February 2014
    One in four Americans are completely unfamiliar with Nicolaus Copernicus's 1543 theory that the Earth circles the Sun, according to a study by the National Science Foundation.

    The survey, released on Friday at an annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, asked 2,200 people nine factual questions about physical and biological science, with the average score being just 5.8 correct answers.

    O.K.Lets be kind and say that this is a test of how well the standard brainwashing has worked...

    CBS Blames Global Warming for Harsh Winter Weather
    News Busters, 13th February 2014
    As a snow storm beared down on the east coast on Thursday, CBS This Morning sought to lay blame on global warming, with the headline on screen fretting: "Extreme Weather; Are These Kinds of Storms, Droughts Unprecedented?" Co-host Charlie Rose turned New York City College physics professor Michio Kaku and wondered: "What's causing all this?" [View video after the jump]

    Kaku proclaimed: "Well, the wacky weather could get even wackier. What we're seeing is that the jet stream and the polar vortex are becoming unstable. Instability of historic proportions. We think it's because of the gradual heating up of the North Pole. The North Pole is melting." Rose interjected: "Global warming."

    I don't think anyone is arguing about the jet stream becoming unstable, but until recently, hardly anyone had anything useful to say on the matter.... That is besides those scientists like Piers Corbyn who actually understand what is happening with the climate... Whatever, I am really disappointed with Kaku, his explanations sound like really bad pseudoscience to me... As a physicist, it would be better if he spoke in the language of geo-electromagnetism, the global electric circuit and the proven link to global temperatures. Then the melting icecaps due to more intense electric fields would make a lot more sense... Yes, climate scientists have a terrible reputation, but Kaku is not a climate scientist and should not be asked to comment.

    Ribbon Discovery At Edge Of Solar System Points To Influences From The Galactic Magnetic Field
    Red Orbit, 13th February 2014
    NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) discovered an enigmatic “ribbon” of energetic particles at the edge of our Solar System and a new study says it may be just a glimpse into how vast the influence of the galactic magnetic field really is.

    The galactic magnetic field around our solar system’s giant bubble, known as the heliosphere, determines the orientation of the ribbon and the placement of energetic particles measured within it, according to the new study. The new findings offer up an explanation for the mystery on why we measure more incoming high-energy cosmic rays on one side of the sun than on the other.

    Defunct Soviet Reconnaissance Satellite May Hit Earth
    RIA Novosti, 12th February 2014
    MOSCOW, February 12 (RIA Novosti) – A decommissioned Soviet military satellite will burn up in the atmosphere Sunday in an uncontrolled descent and surviving fragments may hit Earth, according to an aerospace defense official.

    The military is actively monitoring the satellite using its space tracking network, which has indicated that it will impact the Pacific Ocean on Sunday, Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin said Friday.

    • Russian satellite set for Earth 'burns up in atmosphere'
      MSN News, 17th February 2014
      An uncontrolled Russian satellite that was expected to crash back down to Earth has burned up in the earth's atmosphere, according to reports.

      Officials had originally said parts of the Kosmos-1220 satellite were due to re-enter the planet's atmosphere at high speeds on Sunday, but Russian media has since reported that the fragments burned up on re-entering from space.

      Russian Space Forces had thought it likely that the defunct reconaissance satellite would land in the Pacific Ocean, but there have as yet been no reports of any impact on Earth.

    Google Translate equates Francis to a “better world”
    Someone has slipped an interesting “easter egg” into Google Translate
    Vatican Insider, 9th January 2014
    Either it’s Google giving Francis a wink or a hacker thought of a fun way to show their support for the Holy Father, or maybe Google’s putting Francis forward as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. Those who have spotted the interesting anomaly on Google Translate have been coming up with all sorts of theories to explain it. But what is it all about you may be asking.

    Well, go to Google Translate, select Italian as the source language and type in “Bergoglio”. The Pope’s surname translates as “better world” in any target language you choose...

    Sorry, I don't have time to explain this, but it looks like some members of the elite are closely following a new script...

    UK flooding, Met Office, and all that – a map from 878AD tells us more than Slingo
    Watts Up With That, 13th February 2014
    There’s quite a hullabaloo in the UK as the Met Office tries to link recent flooding in Bridgwater, Somerset with global warming, with Lord Lawson even calling Met Office Julia Slingo’s claims “absurd”. Josh even has a cartoon at Bishop Hill about it.

    But, even more instructive than the row is this historic map that shows flooding would likely be a normal occurrence in Bridgwater in the county of Somerset, UK, located on this map at right.

    This short article is supported by a lot of useful links and reminders that Somerset has historically always had an issue with flooding. The claim that, "The rivers that drain the Somerset Levels are 8 to 10 feet above the farmland and houses. Pumps are needed to get the water up to the rivers." really does make you think...

    (See Piers Corbyn's note to BBC Radio4 Today Programme below**)

    FACT. The WILD Jet stream is the driver and arbiter of these extreme winds Br+Ir+NW Eu and that is driven by predictable solar activity and lunar modulation. (see pdf of Feb 11 below) - nothing to do with CO2.

    Anyone who claims these storms are down to man-made climate change is either deranged and deluded and/or a liar on the green warmist sect gravy train. 
    They are also holding back real scientific advance in favour of the cretinous-pseudo science of the warmist green-theft  quasi-religion .

    We know there has been a lot of storms because Cornish fisherman with smaller boats have only been out to see a few times in the last 7/8 weeks and when 4 fisherman were brave enough to make an attempt, they had to be rescued...

    Nationwide Credit Card Failure Stokes Israeli Fears of Cyber-Attacks
    On Thursday, Israelis reported credit card failures across the country. While the glitch was resolved, it exposes a national vulnerability that has security officials worried
    Time News, 13th February 2014
    Credit card transactions were stymied across Israel for much of Thursday. In the hours required to solve the problem, Israelis stood in line wondering whether to be just frustrated or both frustrated and a little uneasy. Security officials in Israel frequently warn that the country should expect a major cyber-attack. [...]

    Thursday’s “glitch” turned out to be just that – a software problem reportedly caused by a faulty update that rendered the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar at zero, an amount that literally did not compute. The business journal Calcalist estimates the snafu cost 100,000 shekels ($28,500) a minute in lost business. But the only apparent harm to humans was long lines at supermarkets and gas stations among Israelis who—in the cash squeeze that forces many members of the middle class to survive on monthly bank drafts—routinely whip out a Visa card to pay for a cup of coffee.

    I think warnings about "cyber-attacks" are becoming common because world leaders do not want to admit that there is a major problem with cosmic radiation flooding our planet. The nature of the problem means the consequences are literally hit and miss, i.e. a bit-flip may or may not cause a major computer upset.

    CBS Blames Global Warming for Harsh Winter Weather
    News Busters, 13th February 2014
    As a snow storm beared down on the east coast on Thursday, CBS This Morning sought to lay blame on global warming, with the headline on screen fretting: "Extreme Weather; Are These Kinds of Storms, Droughts Unprecedented?" Co-host Charlie Rose turned New York City College physics professor Michio Kaku and wondered: "What's causing all this?" [View video after the jump]

    Kaku proclaimed: "Well, the wacky weather could get even wackier. What we're seeing is that the jet stream and the polar vortex are becoming unstable. Instability of historic proportions. We think it's because of the gradual heating up of the North Pole. The North Pole is melting." Rose interjected: "Global warming."

    I don't think anyone is arguing about the jet stream becoming unstable, but until recently hardly anyone had anything useful to say on the matter.... That is besides those scientiists who actually understand what is actually happening with the climate...

    $300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Produce Year-Round, Even in Severe Climates
    Wake Up World, 13th February 2014
    With staggering food prices and shortages looming, there’s no better time to grow your own produce. Sadly, most greenhouses are expensive to build and impractical to heat during cold, wintery conditions. Thankfully, a solution is found with the Walipini. Developed for South American mountainous regions over twenty years ago, it allows edibles to be grown year-round – even in the most inhospitable weather. As an added bonus, it’s also outrageously inexpensive to construct.

    10-Year-Old Caught After Stealing Parents’ Car and Crashing It. His Excuse? Priceless!
    The Blaze, 13th February 2014

    LIVE COVERAGE: Terrifying 120mph Atlantic superstorm smashes into BRITAIN
    A VIOLENT superstorm capable of causing NATIONWIDE devastation is smashing into Britain.
    Express News, 12th February 2014
    The Met Office has issued a rare RED WARNING for severe weather urging those living along the west coast of England to TAKE ACTION now.

    Current weather models show the deep low pressure system hurtling towards the west coast hreatening to unleash 120mph hurricane-force gales. The storm is also set to trigger torrential downpours across the south and south-west as it sweeps across the country with several inches likely over the next 24 hours.

    The Government has put out a raft of nation-wide alerts for brutal gales, rain and even snow in the north which is braced for blizzards.

    Major flooding is to be expected as some real climate change generated by low solar activity forces us into a mini ice-age. Climate scientists interested in some reality have been pointing out the double whammy of atmospheric rivers and a wild jet stream for some time and these major floods that are suppose to occur once every 100, 200 or even 500 years just keep on coming... Again Piers Corbyn at and others of similar disposition are making fairly good predictions, see more below.

    • The Beauty of an Atmospheric River
      Bay Nature, 7th February 2014

    • WeatherAction PUBLIC Storm Warning for 'R5' 10-12 Feb from forecast detail first issued 16 Jan with BI+Eu update-revision 6 Feb, 10th February 2014
      Another MAJOR damaging storm will hit Ireland and Britain during WeatherAction's Top Red R5 period 10-12 Feb. Ferocity of Winds, waves and damage will exceed expectations of standard meteorology from one day or 12hrs ahead.

      Current Met Office maps for 0z/12z Wed 11th ; Fixed record 0z 11th show a deep low attacking from the position of WeatherAction's long range pressure scenario maps AND (unusual) LOW pressure in Azores as forecast by WeatherAction. (Maps available on BI 45d & 75d and Eu services***). APPLYING WeatherAction Wild Jet Stream / Storm conveyor belt REVISION-UPDATE issued 6 Feb*** the Ireland-Scotland frontal battle ground in these original maps is moved ~300 miles SE so the storm centre(s) are expected to drive through Ireland and Britain giving further severe waves, coastal flooding and damage and wind damage (including well inland) in West Ireland, West Wales and S/W England.

      Top winds are likely to be at least storm 10/11 which means Hurricane Force 12 at sea or near coasts is likely in places. This is a dangerous R5 storm sytem (of Lows and sub-lows) both for waves and WIND. 
      Anyone venturing outside to watch the sea or anything should beware of the danger of not just being hit by waves but actually blown into the sea or somewhere.

    Extraordinary before-and-after pictures reveal the shocking scale of deluge that's wrecked hundreds of homes and villages
    Daily Mail, 12th February 2014

    The battering rain and relentless flooding has forced people to flee their homes, wreaked chaos on the railways and destroyed much of the British landscape. These alarming pictures show the extent of the destruction that towns, countryside and coast have suffered from the extreme weather. More than 1,600 members of Britain's armed forces have been put on standby to help communities wrecked by flooding, with 1,000 people forced to leave their homes in the South West and Thames Valley. More than 5,000 properties flooded as the deluge sweeps southern England as local authorities and communities battle to stem the tide. And the worst is not yet over - more rain is predicted and water levels are continuing to rise...

    UK Floods Could Last Months, Scientist Warns
    Some 1.6 million properties across Britain are now at risk of groundwater flooding and there is no end in sight, an expert says
    Sky News, 11th February 2014
    Scientists have told Sky News that groundwater levels are now so high that parts of Britain face a serious risk of flooding for weeks or even months to come. Andy McKenzie, a groundwater scientist at the British Geological Survey, told Sky News that even if the rain stopped today, so much water is soaking through the soil that levels are likely to keep rising for another two months.

    Thousands of flights cancelled as South braces for potentially 'catastrophic' storm [US]
    Fox News, 12th February 2014

    15-foot hole closes motorway
    Digital Journal, 11th February 2014
    A 10-mile section of the M2 motorway has been closed in both directions after a 15-foot hole appeared in the central reservation.

    The section affected by the huge hole is in the county of Kent, just outside of London. A spokesperson from the U.K. Highways Agency told the BBC that: "The road has been closed while urgent safety checks are made following a large hole opening up in the central reservation. Agency staff and contractors are working hard to inspect the hole and make the necessary repairs and lanes will be reopened when it is safe to do so."

    Randomly orientated atmospheric lasers have no respect for commuters and those with important travel arrangements... This is the reality of high energy space weather and 'star wars', in and around our planet...

    Standard Bank site glitch resolved [S.Africa]
    IT Web, 11th February 2014
    Comment: I wonder whether Standard Bank will be giving their top executives the equivalent of million pound bonuses...

    Glitch forces ASX into temporary halt
    Sydney Morning Herald, 11th February 2014

    Glitch leads to penny gas at North Illinois station
    Fox News, 11th February 2014
    A rural Illinois gas station mistakenly sold nearly-free fuel for about two hours Sunday night until authorities had to reset its gas pumps, The Crystal Lake Northwest Herald reported.

    As word spread, cars lined up and jostled to fill-up.

    Woodstock Police Sgt. Dennis Leard says authorities had to use an emergency shut-off to stop the sales before the gas station closed in order to reset the pumps to regular prices.

    "The clerk didn't appear to be aware [of the price change]," Leard told the paper. "We made him aware of the situation and instructed him to shut off his pumps and fix the problem."

    Star wars: Cambridge scientists in epic battle to beat space weather
    Cambridge News, 10th February 2014
    Cambridge scientists are spearheading the mission to stop space ‘weather’ wrecking the many hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth.

    Fierce magnetic storms pose serious risks to communications machines, putting them out of commission and running up enormous bills.

    In 2003, a massive radiation storm caused nearly 50 satellites to malfunction - and one of them, worth £400 million, was a total write-off. The damage is not like that in the hit movie Gravity, where a spacecraft is hit by debris - but the radiation can mess up electronic circuitry.

    Scientists, satellite operators, Government officials and representatives of the insurance industry have been meeting in Cambridge to discuss the latest advances in space weather forecasting. Prof Richard Horne of the British Antarctic Survey is leading a European Union-funded project called SPACECAST, which for the last three years has been investigating and modelling the physics of high and low-energy electrons and protons in space. The system provides “risk indices” for satellite operators of the radiation in different satellite orbits.
    Prof Horne said: “Despite all the advances in design, satellites are still damaged by space weather. In March 2012 three suffered loss of services for hours during a space weather event. Now, for the first time, we can forecast radiation levels for a whole range of different orbits. “The new system, which is updated every hour, will help protect satellites used for navigation, telecommunications, remote sensing and other services. Nobody has done that before.”

    Please note the tone of the language being used by scientists.... Very similar to the press release from scientists, "Protecing Our Earth"... Besides that, due to examples of space weather scientists echoing my sentiments, I am seriously wondering how many space weather scientists visit this blog.... Well, I have been saying "it's like star wars in lower Earth orbit" for a while now, and the evidence is clear to me that this is due to intense electric fields generating natural atmospheric lasers. The harsh reality of the arrival of a new cosmic dispensation has been established.

    • 'Chorus waves' build the need for speed in Earth's radiation belts
      NBC Science News, 18th December 2013 Flashback!
      Waves in the plasma trailing behind Earth are responsible for making the northern lights dance in the sky, but according to new research, they also create another cosmic wonder.

      Known as chorus waves, these oscillations also cause the rapid acceleration of electrons already trapped in the planet's radiation belts. The fluctuations occur in the very low frequency range, but can send charged particles spiraling into the atmosphere at velocities approaching the speed of light.

      Hmmm... Space scientists are admitting that strong electric fields in the upper atmosphere are causing particles to accelerate to nearly the speed of light.... Space science has well and truly moved on.... Besides that, I am picturing this as waves being generated in Earth's magnetotail that hit the Van allen belts surrounding Earth which makes the particles in the magnetic field lines spin faster... Maybe a suitable analogy is like how a mill waterwheel will spin faster when there is a flood... When those water wheels spin at high speed, there is some inevitable loses and a not of spray... In Earth's upper atmosphere particles accelerated to nearly the speed of light appear as beams of electrons (lasers?) that hit satellites and enter Earth's lower atmosphere... This is why I imagine that chorus waves are the cause of the "killer electrons," just like space scientists have been muttering about for quite some time, see NASA Spacecraft Records 'Earthsong' I imagine that we are really talking about natural lasers, but nobody wants to come out and directly tell us that during geomagnetic storms, it's like stars wars out there in lower Earth orbit... But the huge amount of resources being allocated in trying to deal with the increasing risk of billions of dollars worth of satellites being knocked out is telling us that this is now quite serious.

    A Spectacular New Martian Impact Crater
    NASA JPL News, 5th February 2014
    A dramatic, fresh impact crater dominates this image taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on Nov. 19, 2013. Researchers used HiRISE to examine this site because the orbiter's Context Camera had revealed a change in appearance here between observations in July 2010 and May 2012, bracketing the formation of the crater between those observations.

    The crater spans approximately 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter and is surrounded by a large, rayed blast zone. Because the terrain where the crater formed is dusty, the fresh crater appears blue in the enhanced color of the image, due to removal of the reddish dust in that area. Debris tossed outward during the formation of the crater is called ejecta. In examining ejecta's distribution, scientists can learn more about the impact event. The explosion that excavated this crater threw ejecta as far as 9.3 miles (15 kilometers).

    Hmmmmm..... Also at WUWT, Small asteroid slams into Mars, impact captured by orbiter

    Google ordered to move 'mystery' barge from San Francisco Bay
    State agency says Google hasn't filed proper paperwork
    Barge docked at Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay

    The Guardian, 3rd February 2014
    A state agency in California has ordered Google to move its “mystery” barge from the San Francisco Bay because the company has not filed the proper paperwork, the state said on Monday.

    San Francisco Bay conservation and development commission executive director, Larry Goldzband, said the agency did not authorize the construction and that it had received numerous complaints about it. "It needs to move," Goldzband told the AP.

    There are at least two Google barges – one in Portland, Maine and the other is docked at Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. Goldzband said the Treasure Island development authority could face fines for allowing the project. He also said the issue could be resolved if Google moves its structure to permitted construction facilities in the bay.

    Air India Boeing 787 diverted after software glitch
    Reuters, 3rd February 2014
    Feb 6 (Reuters) - Air India Ltd diverted a Boeing Co. 787 plane to Kuala Lumpur after pilots noticed a software glitch during a flight from Melbourne to New Delhi on Wednesday, in the latest incident involving the jet.

    Engineers flew from Hong Kong to fix the glitch, a spokesman for state-run Air India said, adding the plane with 215 passengers on board was due to take off for New Delhi on Thursday afternoon.

    "It was not a major snag. But passengers were on board so we could not take a chance," the Air India spokesman said. He said Air India was awaiting a detailed report from the engineers on what caused the glitch.

    Boeing said it was aware of the incident and was working with Air India to provide support.

    A cosmic ray causing a software upset?

    A Rash of Deaths and a Missing Reporter – With Ties to Wall Street Investigations
    Wall Street On Parade, 3rd February 2014
    In a span of four days last week, two current executives and one recently retired top ranking executive of major financial firms were found dead. Both media and police have been quick to label the deaths as likely suicides. Missing from the reports is the salient fact that all three of the financial firms the executives worked for are under investigation for potentially serious financial fraud.

    Concern grows over possibility of a massive power surge
    LA Times, 1st February 2014
    [...] For government officials, few problems are tougher than deciding how best to head off rare, but potentially devastating, event risks. Do too much and you impose unreasonable costs and hurt the economy in response to a problem that might not happen for centuries. Do too little and you add to a list of unheeded disaster warnings that includes the risk of storm surges in New Orleans and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

    In the case of electronic pulses, the most sober warnings come from government weather scientists. At a recent conference in Washington, William Murtagh of the federal Space Weather Prediction Center described the dangers of a massive solar storm that is, as the Lloyd's report on the issue says, "almost inevitable." Such storms take place roughly every 150 years. The last one was 155 years ago.

    During the "Carrington event" of 1859, named after the English astronomer who observed it, a huge solar storm ejected a mass of particles and electromagnetic energy intense enough to induce a surge that knocked out the switching system of the New York Central Railroad below 125th Street and caused the control tower to catch fire. News reports told of telegraph wires going berserk.

    But electricity was hardly the backbone of society in pre-Civil War America. Scientists fear such an occurrence now could cause chaos.

    Just a reminder, the United States has a major problem due to their poorly maintained and outdated power grid infrastructure, see more below. However, an extreme G5 geomagnetic event would mean a technological meltdown (literally) around the globe.

    • The Classified Report DHS Doesn’t Want You To See: “The Electric Power Delivery System… Could Be Severely Damaged By A Small Number of Well-Informed Attackers”, 15th November 2012 Flashback!

      In 2007 the National Academy of Sciences completed an extensive review of the national power grid infrastructure in a 164 page report titled Terrorism and the Electric Power Delivery System. In it the NAS detailed a wide array of physical, personnel and cyber vulnerabilities that could pose a significant risk to the national security of the United States.

      Even though the report was originally written for public release, notes Madison Ruppert of End the Lie, the entire document was almost immediately classified by the Department of Homeland Security and hasn’t seen the light of day until this week. That release came after five years of committee reviews, reversals, deliberations and pressure from the Academy itself.

      The contents of the report make it clear why DHS wanted to keep it out of public view, as it illustrates severe deficiencies within the whole of the national power grid infrastructure.

    Red king crab caught in Bering Sea is lavender-colored, baffling experts
    Veteran wholesaler in Japan says peculiar catch "could be a good omen'
    Grind TV 31st January 2014
    Comment: A whole shipment of blue crabs?

    Previous News & Views

    The house that can survive a TSUNAMI: Waves flow through the building to save it from being washed away (and it's earthquake-proof too)
    Daily Mail, 23rd January 2014

    Senior meteorologist on extended USA cold blast to last past Groundhog day: ‘WOW WOW’
    Watts Up With That, 21st January 2014

    What is this mystery object spotted on Google Moon? Bizarre wedge-shaped 'craft' appears on the lunar surface
    Daily Mail, 17th January 2014

    Glitch Sees Swiss Charged Twice for Card Payments
    ABC News, 23rd January 2014
    Shoppers in Switzerland must have thought they were seeing double when they checked their bank accounts this week.

    A Swiss company that processes electronic payments says anyone who withdrew money or paid for something with their debit or credit card on Tuesday was charged twice. A spokesman for SIX Management AG said Thursday the glitch affected millions of cards issued by banks in Switzerland and the tiny neighboring state of Liechtenstein.

    Kyodo News: Fukushima raises concerns over “viability of Japan’s future” — Former Prime Minister: Reactor restarts “a criminal act toward future generations”; “Fate of country” at stake; “Myth that nuclear power clean and safe has collapsed”
    Energy News, 22nd January 2014
    Wall St. Journal, Jan. 22, 2014: “Restarting nuclear reactors while we still have no place to dispose nuclear waste is a criminal act toward future generations,” [Former Prime Minister Morihiro] Hosokawa said during a news conference where he laid out his campaign promises for the Feb. 9 election.

    Bloomberg, Jan. 22, 2014: “The myth that nuclear power is clean and safe has collapsed,” Hosokawa told reporters in Tokyo today. “We don’t even have a place to store nuclear waste. Without that, restarting the plants would be a crime against future generations.”

    Kyodo News, Jan. 22, 2014: “Nuclear power is out of date and the most costly source of energy,” Hosokawa said. “The severity of risks associated with nuclear power is high. We have to switch to renewable and environmentally friendly energies, and lead the world in that field.”

    Reuters, Jan. 22, 2014: “I foolishly once believed the myth that nuclear energy is clean and safe,” he told a news conference. “That myth has completely broken down.”

    Kyodo News, Jan. 22, 2014: “Nuclear power is out of date and the most costly source of energy,” Hosokawa said. “The severity of risks associated with nuclear power is high. We have to switch to renewable and environmentally friendly energies, and lead the world in that field.”

    At some point, reality will always bite... even for the most deaf, dumb and stupid...

    Why Do Some Americans Speak So Confidently When They Have No Clue What They're Talking About?
    Harvard calls "leadership" speaking with conviction when you don't even believe it.
    Alter Net News, 22nd January 2014
    The Harvard Business School information session on how to be a good class participant instructs, “Speak with conviction. Even if you believe something only 55 percent, say it as if you believe it 100 percent,” Susan Cain reported in her bestselling book Quiet. At HBS, Cain noticed, “If a student talks often and forcefully, then he’s a player; if he doesn’t, he’s on the margins.”

    Cain observed that the men at HBS “look like people who expect to be in charge.... I have the feeling that if you asked one of them for driving directions, he’d greet you with a can-do smile and throw himself into the task of helping you to your destination — whether or not he knew the way.”

    This article is very interesting... with a good discussion of the bullshit operators who control our lives... The confident manner works because most people only pick up on mannerisms and refuse to engage brain and think... Of course the New Age star bullshitter/scumbag Tony Robbins, promoted by TV media Queen Oprah, is also discussed at length... Robbins excels in hyping up vulnerable people and then robbing them of their cash, but the accumulation of cash is all that matters for most... Btw, have you noticed the embarrassing silence from the big mouths who hyped up 2012? Lots and lots of people who really did not properly understand the issues at hand. Hah!

    Bastardi: Arctic Outbreak with Multiple Storms to Last 10-15 Days, Has Power Grid Concerns
    Breitbart News, 21st January 2014
    On Sean Hannity’s radio show on Tuesday, Weatherbell Analytics meteorologist Joe Bastardi predicted today’s severe winter weather is just the beginning of a 10 to 15 day outbreak to hit the Midwest, the Great Lakes region and the Northeast.

    “I think this is blizzard conditions on [Long Island] tonight, coastal New Jersey, southeastern New England,” Bastardi said. “Severe and extreme cold developing at the tail end of this storm. And this is the beginning of a siege that I’m very concerned is going to have an immense impact on the country economically. I’m very concerned, and I hope I’m wrong, about the power grid. That Arctic outbreak that came for three to four days earlier in the month, led to blackouts. We’ve got 10 to 15 days of this coming now, where one shot after another comes in and more storms are coming. And you know, this is not trying to be doom and gloom. You don’t need to hype the weather. It will hype itself naturally.”

    There is a notable uptick in swings of extreme weather.... See Ice Age Now has a lot of stories...

    Distant quasar illuminates a filament of the cosmic web
    University of California News, 19th January 2014
    Astronomers have discovered a distant quasar illuminating a vast nebula of diffuse gas, revealing for the first time part of the network of filaments thought to connect galaxies in a cosmic web. Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, led the study, published January 19 in Nature.

    Using the 10-meter Keck I Telescope at the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii, the researchers detected a very large, luminous nebula of gas extending about 2 million light-years across intergalactic space.

    I think this is another acknowledgment of the electric/electromagnetic universe.... A flow of charge literally lights up plasma in dark mode into glow mode and all of a sudden 'invisible' becomes visible... Another version Astronomers Capture The First Image Of The Mysterious Web That Connects All Galaxies In The Universe

    Utah Is Ending Homelessness By Giving People Homes
    Our Future, 17th January 2014

    Not so Freak Hail Storm Hits Lisbon, Portugal [VIDEO]
    Mysterious Portugal, 17th January 2014

    Supercomputer takes 40 minutes to model one second of human brain activity
    The findings have encouraged scientists who said that once exascale computers are developed, it could be possible to simulate the entire brain on a neural scale.
    UPI News, 13th January 2014
    Jan. 13 (UPI) -- The Japanese supercomputer K Computer successfully calculated and created a simulation of just one second of human brain activity, taking 40 minutes to do so.

    The K computer, the fourth most powerful computer in the world, used its 705,024 processor cores and 1.4 million GB of RAM to process the data, but still took 40 minutes to process a single second of human brain activity.

    Researchers were using an open source software called Neural Simulation Technology to replicate a neuronal network consisting of 1.73 billion neurons and 10.4 trillion synaptic connections.

    Is there any need to comment....

    New evidence that plants get their energy using quantum entanglement
    i09 News, 11th January 2014
    Biophysicists theorize that plants tap into the eerie world of quantum entanglement during photosynthesis. But the evidence to date has been purely circumstantial. Now, scientists have discovered a feature of plants that cannot be explained by classical physics alone — but which quantum mechanics answers quite nicely.
    n The fact that biological systems can exploit quantum effects is quite astounding. In a way, they’re like mini-quantum computers capable of scanning all possible options in order to choose the most efficient paths or solutions. For plants, this means the ability to make the most of the energy they receive and then deliver that energy from leaves with near perfect efficiency.

    So when will biologists widely admit that humans can do exactly the same thing?

    Naga Fireballs: Swamp Gas or Divine Breath?
    Mysterious Universe, 16th January 2014
    According to Brian Dunning of Skeptoid, one Dr. Manos Kanoksilp, a pediatrician, theorises that the Naga Fireball phenomenon requires a precise alignment of the sun, moon and Earth, and that the Makong River provides a perfect storm of conditions, regarding methane and oxygen levels combined with ambient temperature, to bring about the fireballs every year at the same time.[1] The Thai Science Ministry apparently concurs, citing an experiment headed by the ministry’s Deputy Secretary, Saksit Tridech. Tridech and his team used equipment to measure conditions during the celebration and apparently determined that the fireballs were the result of built up phosphine gas.[2]

    The unusual planetary alignment explanation actually makes sense because it would mean plasma entities that are normally invisble are made visible due to the change in the aetheric background creating a window of viewing oportunity... This is the same explanation for ghosts that appear at certain times in certain locations.

    UN panel confronts Vatican on child sex abuse by clergy
    BBC News, 16th January 2014
    The Vatican is being confronted publicly for the first time over the sexual abuse of children by clergy, at a UN hearing in Geneva. The Church was asked why it continued to describe such abuse as an offence against morals rather than a crime against children.

    Archbishop Silvano Tomasi said such crimes could "never be justified" and every child should be "inviolable". A fellow official said "things need to be done differently".

    I think we are seeing evolutionary changes in consciousness rippling through society... Now that many more people are aware of psychopaths and the propensity of these predatory types to gravitate towards positions of power easily obtained in religious institutions, many are realising that the incongruities and hypocrisy can no longer be ignore... Locking up offenders is no longer enough...

    Crowds flock to cash machine after it starts spewing out FREE notes
    Around 60 people queued up at the ATM in Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts, before the fault was spotted by bosses and the cash machine put of service
    The Mirror, 14th January 2014
    Dozens of people flocked to a cash machine after word spread that it had started giving out free money.

    The Lloyds Bank ATM in Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts, malfunctioned and began spewing out notes as customers withdrew cash yesterday morning. Around 60 people are reported to have queued up at the hole-in-the-wall as word spread of the possible windfall. [...]

    The fault was spotted by bosses and the cash machine put of service around 3pm. A spokesman for Lloyds Bank said investigations had begun into how the error occurred and the group would not be able to provide details on how much cash was taken from the ATM. It is not thought that individuals who cashed in will not be pursued to reimburse the bank.

    There are the usual stories of glitches (that I can't really definitely link to the recent harsh space weather), but I like stories of free money from ATM machines...

    Musical space-weather reports from NASA's LRO mission
    Phys.Org, 10th January 2014

    Halton C. Arp, Astronomer Who Challenged Big Bang Theory, Dies at 86
    New York Times, 6th January 2014
    Halton C. Arp, a provocative son of American astronomy whose dogged insistence that astronomers had misread the distances to quasars cast doubt on the Big Bang theory of the universe and led to his exile from his peers and the telescopes he loved, died on Dec. 28 in Munich. He was 86. The cause was pneumonia, said his daughter Kristana Arp, who said he also had Parkinson’s disease.

    I consider Halton C. Arp as a true truth-seeker, who preferred to challenge erroneous scientific beliefs despite the harsh penalities. Today, many more scientists are prepared to admit that there are some fundamental beliefs that need to change. The most important is the acknowledgment that space is filled with plasma that is subject to electromagnetic laws. As Space Weather ramps up, NASA and the military are being forced to send out more and more space probes to monitor the new harsh cosmic conditions and the electric currents connecting Earth with the sun. Plasma physicists are needed to develop new ways of mitigating the impact of cosmic rain that can knocking out satellites and therefore disrupt our modern technological dependency... Astronomers have no where to hide and more cooperation wioth plasma physicists is taking place. The world needs more people like Halton Arp, the brave ones who challenge the concensus of blind belief.

    Amazing new system harnesses sun’s energy for use at night
    National Monitor, 15th January 2014
    According to a news release from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, researchers have developed a system that converts the sun’s energy into hydrogen fuel during the day and keeps it for use at night. “So called ‘solar fuels’ like hydrogen offer a solution to how to store energy for nighttime use by taking a cue from natural photosynthesis,” said Tom Meyer, Arey Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences, in a statement. “Our new findings may provide a last major piece of a puzzle for a new way to store the sun’s energy – it could be a tipping point for a solar energy future.”

    Americans warned of imminent, deadly meteor strikes
    World Net Daily, 14th January 2014
    With NASA reporting a “potentially hazardous” asteroid nearly half-a-mile wide possibly heading toward earth, and some upstate New Yorkers claiming they experienced a loud boom and a bright light in the sky last night caused by a meteor, a doctors’ organization is offering some timely advice:

    Just as when the American populace first prepared for the possibility of a nuclear blast, a person’s best option for surviving a meteor strike is the same “duck and cover” created during the 1940s and ’50s when nuclear weaponry was still in its infancy.

    The warning comes from Physicians for Civil Defense, which issued a statement recently during a meeting of the Emergency Management Agency of Utah.
    “All Americans, starting with first responders and emergency managers, need to know this basic life-saving principle: ‘Drop and cover if you see a sudden very bright light,’” said the statement from the organization’s spokeswoman, Jane Orient, M.D.

    Hmmmm.... Take cover! Meteor fireballs rain down across U.S. - Outbreaks of wildfires reported Based on continuous mainstream media reports, I think we can now say there is a high level of panic amongst disaster planners concerning the high probability of a small asteroid that can't be detected, which strikes our atmosphere with devastating consequences. I think the advice to duck to avoid being blinded by the light is very important. Also see: Asteroid 2014 AY32 passes the Earth before being discovered.

    • Chelyabinsk Meteor Shockwave Compilation
      YouTube, 18th February 2014
      This footage from multiple locations thru the Chelyabinsk city suddenly hit by the shockwave of the last Friday meteorite can illustrate how really it would be to witness some apocalyptic event of either man made or other mass destruction and panic. People caught in their offices, schools, workshops all in one moment break their daily routines and get a panic shock of different degree.

    The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly
    Sploid, 13th January 2014
    Norwegian public radio (Google-translated) reports on the instant dead of thousands of fish in a bay in the island of Lovund, Norway. An air temperature of -7.8 C (17.96 F) combined with a strong east wind froze the sea water instantly, trapping and killing the fish you can see in this fishapocalyptic image:

    Scandal: BBC’s six-year cover-up of secret ‘green propaganda’ training for top executives
    WUWT, 12th January 2014
    The BBC has spent tens of thousands of pounds over six years trying to keep secret an extraordinary ‘eco’ conference which has shaped its coverage of global warming, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

    The controversial seminar was run by a body set up by the BBC’s own environment analyst Roger Harrabin and funded via a £67,000 grant from the then Labour government, which hoped to see its ‘line’ on climate change and other Third World issues promoted in BBC reporting.

    At the event, in 2006, green activists and scientists – one of whom believes climate change is a bigger danger than global nuclear war – lectured 28 of the Corporation’s most senior executives.

    I think the Daily Mail are re-hashing some old news, but we now get the listing of names... This is especially interesting because of the link between BBC and Guardian journalists being humiliated in the Antarctic whilst searching for global warming in a summer of record-breaking build up of sea ice...

    ‘Game Changer’: Former Prime Ministers team up to win Tokyo election and end nuclear power — It’s endangering the existence of Japan… “Our nation’s survival is at stake” — “Could have biggest influence ever on national politics”
    Energy News, 14th January 2014
    Kyodo, Jan. 14, 2014: Former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa said Tuesday he will run in the upcoming Tokyo gubernatorial election with an antinuclear agenda after securing the backing of popular former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi [...] The move [...] could have game-changing impact on the race for the helm of the Japanese capital [...] “I have made my decision to run in the Tokyo governor election,” Hosokawa told reporters after meeting Koizumi. “I have a sense of crisis myself that the country’s various problems, especially nuclear power plants, are matters of survival for the country.” [...] Koizumi indicated the main focus of the election will be whether to pursue nuclear power or not, calling the election “a war between the group that says Japan can grow with zero nuclear power plants” and the group that says it cannot. [...]

    Wall St. Journal, Jan. 14, 2014: [Former Prime Ministers Hosokawa and Koizumi] are expected to stir up the gubernatorial race and bring the energy debate back into the national spotlight. That will likely dismay of the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which would rather not have the divisive issue become an election focal point. [...] Mr. Hosokawa said [...] “I have a sense of crisis that our nation’s survival is at stake over nuclear power.”

    Maybe not all politicians are immune from the facts associated with reality... Maybe Mr. Hosokawa does care about the demise of Japan...

    Scandal: BBC’s six-year cover-up of secret ‘green propaganda’ training for top executives
    WUWT, 12th January 2014
    The BBC has spent tens of thousands of pounds over six years trying to keep secret an extraordinary ‘eco’ conference which has shaped its coverage of global warming, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

    The controversial seminar was run by a body set up by the BBC’s own environment analyst Roger Harrabin and funded via a £67,000 grant from the then Labour government, which hoped to see its ‘line’ on climate change and other Third World issues promoted in BBC reporting.

    At the event, in 2006, green activists and scientists – one of whom believes climate change is a bigger danger than global nuclear war – lectured 28 of the Corporation’s most senior executives.

    I think the Daily Mail are re-hashing some old news, but we now get the listing of names... This is especially interesting because of the link between BBC and Guardian journalists being humiliated in the Antarctic whilst searching for global warming in a summer of record-breaking build up of sea ice...

    Major solar flare measuring X1.2 erupted from geoeffective region, bright CME generated
    The Watchers, 7th January 2014
    Geoeffective Active Region 1944 (beta-gamma-delta) erupted with major solar flare measuring X1.2 at 18:32 UTC today. The event started at 18:04, peaked at 18:32 and ended at 18:58 UTC. A Type II radio emission was registered at 18:17 UTC with estimated velocity of 1064 km/s. Type II emissions occur in association with eruptions on the sun and typically indicate a coronal mass ejection is associated with a flare event.

    This huge active region is almost perfectly positioned for geoeffective events. A bright coronal mass ejection (CME) was generated - high latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. At 10:03 UTC today this same region erupted with strong M7.2 solar flare.

    Also: Sun Unleashes First Major Solar Flare Of 2014 & NOAA: Blast from the sun on path towards EarthThe recent powerful solar flares are expected to power up some major storms... Please note already, Tropical Cyclone Developing Near Madagascar

    • Storm Warning, 9th January 2014
      STORM WARNING: NOAA forecasters estimate a 90% chance of geomagnetic storms on Jan. 9th when a CME is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. The speed of the solar wind around Earth could spike to 700 km/s (1.6 million mph) shortly after the impact, sharply compressing Earth's magnetosphere. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

      HUGE SUNSPOT, CHANCE OF FLARES: The source of the incoming CME is AR1944, one of the largest sunspots of the current solar cycle. The active region sprawls across more than 200,000 km of solar terrain and contains dozens of dark cores. The largest could swallow Earth three times over. AR1944 is circled in this Jan. 9th snapshot from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory:

    Double threat: US grid vulnerable on two fronts
    CNBC News, 5th January 2014
    Consensus is growing that the U.S. electricity grid is vulnerable to both hacking and physical attacks, but protecting it remains a work in progress—especially given the spending that would be necessary by financially stretched utilities.

    The risks have heightened the calls for officials to address potential threats before they become reality. In November, the North American Energy Reliability Corp. staged a simulated attack on the grid; meanwhile, House Energy and Commerce Committee ranking member Rep. Henry Waxman, D.-Calif., flagged the grid as "not adequately protected" from either cyber or physical attacks at a hearing in December.

    The listing of big power outages or blackouts worldwide is useful.... This list stops short of the massive July 2012 India power outages that some claim affected 660 million people or approx. half the population...

    Lion Rock’s Eye Glows Red in Hong Kong
    Epoc Times, 8th January 2014
    HONG KONG—The enormous eye of Lion Rock in Hong Kong mysteriously turned red a few days before the new year, eyewitnesses reported.

    A symbol of Hong Kong’s spirit, the famous Lion Rock is a lion-shaped hill that overlooks Hong Kong’s Kowloon area. At 2pm on Dec. 22, the lion’s eye turned red twice, lasting 30 minutes before fading out.

    Some citizens were alarmed by this phenomenon, taking it as a sign that Hong Kong is in trouble. They appealed to the Hong Kong people to take measures to safeguard Hong Kong.

    Wow.... It seems the 'Legend of the Red-Eyed Lion' is another "End Times" tale... This reminds me of the Osiris statue that is mysteriously turning around on its own, see Mystery as museum statue starts turning in display case. Is this another little sign of dramatic cosmic changes affecting those on Earth, a warning preserved by thos who understand the importance of paying attention to the signs of the times...

    Interview with Radiation Expert Dr. Christopher Busby: It’s terrifying how Pacific ecosystem has collapsed since Fukushima — Plutonium and uranium suspected of spreading through food chain (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 8th January 2014

    Millions braced for breath-taking chill as polar vortex hits East, South
    NBC News, 7th January 2014
    The East and South were braced for record-breaking, dangerously-low temperatures Tuesday as the "polar vortex" responsible for the coldest Arctic outbreak in at least 20 years forced millions to stay inside. [...]

    As many as 187 million Americans — more than half the nation's population — live in regions submerged under a rare Arctic weather system so broad that every state except Hawaii can expect some freezing temperatures.

    The phenomenon called a polar vortex is essentially an arctic cyclone. It usually sits near the North Pole, but this week, like the birds, it has traveled south for the winter.

    The worst of the system passed across the Midwest and Plains Monday, sending temperatures there as low as minus 30 degrees and wind chill as low as minus 60 degrees. [...]

    Human flesh freezes in less than five minutes at that temperature, the weather service warned. In northern Minnesota on Monday, the towns of Embarrass, Babbitt and Brimson all reached minus-40 — and that was the real air temperature, not the wind chill.

    At the moment, I have not come across any info that definitely explains what force pushed this arctic cyclone over the US.... Piers Corbyn is not claiming he predicted this extreme event, but I am wondering if eventually, atmospheric scientists will confess that it is related to the Sudden Stratospheric Warming event that Piers did predict... U.S. subscribers were warned that December 2013 and New Year 2014 harboured snowmageddons, but this appears to be on another level, a seriously life-threatening event... What happens when there is no power/heating because the infrastructure fails due to high demand and bad weather?

    Canadians experience jolting 'frost quakes' as temperatures plunge
    RT News, 6th January 2014
    As temperatures around Toronto and across Ontario drop to -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit), residents are reporting frost quakes that are powerful enough to shake houses and rattle nerves. Usually found in extreme polar regions, the recent outbreak of frost quakes, known to meteorologists as cryoseisms, are now affecting many residents of Toronto, Canada's most populous city.

    The weather-related phenomenon, which can feel like an earthquake, happens when water and moisture deep underground freeze as the temperature drops. Frost quakes typically occur between midnight and dawn, the coldest part of the night, thus many residents are being jolted awake by the booming sounds. "I experienced a small earthquake in California many years ago, and the sensation was very similar," Melissa Young, a US citizen visiting friends in Thornhill, a suburb of Toronto, told RT. "I was surprised to hear it was a frost quake, something I've never heard of before."

    Extremely rare frost quakes? It's a lot easier to believe something strange is going on in the upper atmosphere and I have explained the atmospheric science before... Whatever, at the moment, I am reserving some judgement just in case this just keeps on happening, but it is more likley that the booms are being caused by extreme geophysical conditions due to the solar wind and the coronal hole that has opened up and that the top of Earth's atmosphere is being pounded by comet debris as already explained we have been told to expect, see below...

    Jan5...ongoing HOW BAD will be the coming storm in Br+Ir+Eu?, 5th January 2014
    The very large system which - as snow and wind - trashed N/E USA is bearing down onto Ireland Britain & Europe. How bad will it be? Piers Corbyn says  "VERY BIG and BAD rather than very very bad"
    "In all the previous major storms October onwards this year WeatherAction correctly warned that the MetOffice were underestimating the top wind gusts - because our WeatherAction solar-based Top Red (R5, R4) Factors were operating.
    In THIS case although it is a very large system our top red 'enhancement' factors are not operating so although huge and dangerous waves are expected it will probably not have the local wind and hail ferocity of the NY+2, Jan3 storm.  Met Office top wind warnings therefore as 1800 Jan 5 are probably accurate or OVERESTIMATES"

    Piers Corbyn says the nasty US weather is coming to the UK & Europe, it will be bad but not the worst we could expect...

    Aerial views show shocking scale of damage as Britain endures worst winter storms for 20 YEARS and braces for more flooding
    Daily Mail, 5th January 2014
    • Environment Agency has urged people to stay away from the sea and rivers because they risk being killed 
    • Almost 300 flood alerts and warnings in England and Wales, with torrential rain expected to batter South first
    • Met Office warns rain could give way to ice and snow as bitterly cold Arctic air brings freezing temperatures
    • PM says lessons will be learned and insists that EA has been given the funding to protect frontline services
    • Third death last night as 47-year-old man's mobility scooter falls into river in Oxford off flooded pathway
    • First Great Western tells customers to get on a train 'earlier rather than later' due to possibility of flooding
    [...] The Environment Agency has issued 73 flood warnings urging people to take immediate action, while a further 213 areas are on flood alert. Coastal areas - particularly in the South - are most at risk as they cope with a combination of unusually high tides and another Atlantic storm today.

    A good set of pictures.... The UK Met Office failed again and obviously, Piers Corbyn has a lot to boast about...

    3 Jan Br+Ir storm "Tremendous success" for WeatherAction 

    • Major Storm and Top winds ~R5+ 31Dec-2Jan(+/-1d) and R4 29-30Dec(+/-1d) warnings confirmed. 
    • Observed winds substantially in excess of MetO warnings
    • Worst storm for 20yrs in Wales and SW says Daily Mail 
    Blog reports below and Twitter feed reports @Piers_Corbyn and some copied below show MetO winds were substantially topped as we warned they would be both in the R5+ (1st+/-2d in extended form BOTH on 1st Jan and 3rd Jan) and the R4 before 29-30th Dec +/-1d. "We've had tremendous feedback on this storm period, which is another triumph for WeatherAction. Not only were our wind warnings Br+Ir a stunning success but also all our solar + geophysical forecasts were confirmed in this R4-R5 pair top Red periods: - Extra active earth facing sunspots amd Coronal hole, aurora, and major quake-volcano events. The extreme local turbulance (quasi tornadic events) high gustiness, ferocious waves, large (on English measures) hail was also significant especially on 3rd which is very pleasing.
    Piers also writes:
    The R periods and wild behavior of the Jet Stream are driven from above and are associated with extra and extreme changes in electrical and magnetic activity above the stratosphere and in the ionosphere and the solar wind of charged particles coming from the sun and events on the sun itself**

    [**Note Ideas such as 'temperature contrasts drive the Jet Stream' are totally inadequate to explain or predict events. Such a picture cannot explain the relationship between Earth weather and events in the ionosphere, magnetosphere, the solar wind and on the sun and the simultaneity of extreme storm events across earth and their ~coincidence with (radio) storms on other planets. Indeed such a low-level Earth atmospere centred view, notwithstanding certain feedbacks, is akin to suggesting the movement of tree branches causes winds.]

    This extreme agitation of the atmosphere and increasing storminess is NOT going to go away but will increase again along with extra solar activity, and auroral displays particularly around the turn of the month and again in January.
    If more people start paying attention to those who really understand our reality then more lives will be saved.

    Roscoe Bartlett: The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid
    Roscoe Bartlett spent 20 years on Capitol Hill. Now he lives in a remote cabin in the woods, prepping for doomsday.
    Politico Magazine, 3rd January 2014
    When Roscoe Bartlett was in Congress, he latched onto a particularly apocalyptic issue, one almost no one else ever seemed to talk about: America’s dangerously vulnerable power grid. In speech after late-night speech on the House floor, Bartlett hectored the nearly empty chamber: If the United States doesn’t do something to protect the grid, and soon, a terrorist or an act of nature will put an end to life as we know it.

    Bartlett never gained much traction with his scary talk of electromagnetic pulses and solar storms. More immediate concerns always seemed to preoccupy his colleagues, or perhaps Bartlett’s obsessions just sounded more like quackery than real science, even coming from a former Navy engineer who had worked on the space race. Whatever the reason, Congress’s failure to act is no longer Bartlett’s problem. The octogenarian Republican from western Maryland—more than once labeled “the oddest congressman”—found himself gerrymandered out of office a year ago and promptly decided to take action on the warnings others wouldn’t heed, retreating to a remote property in the mountains of West Virginia where he lives with no phone service, no connection to outside power and no municipal plumbing. Having failed to safeguard the power grid for the rest of the country, Bartlett has taken himself completely off the grid. He has finally done what he pleaded in vain for others to do: “to become,” as he put it in a 2009 documentary, “independent of the system.”

    This is a long and interesting article.... We are now due for an extreme solar blast generating a G5 geomagnwtic storm causing a technological meltdown, very few people are ready to cope...

    Why I am Leaving The United States
    Dollar Vigilante, 1st January 2014
    [...] Upon learning of my wife and my decision to leave our friends, family, great jobs, and fantastic home, everyone immediately asks us: Why? It's such a painfully awkward question to answer. How could the answer be anything but obvious? That said, we learned our lesson early and have stopped telling people the truth behind our exodus. Instead we've been answering with generic statements like "Oh, just for a change of pace" or "We've always wanted to experience another culture."

    I'm tired of holding my tongue. It's not healthy to keep so much bottled up inside and it's even more painful to watch those closest to me living a most ignorant and animal-like existence. So here are our real, unfiltered, and honest reasons for fleeing the land of the free.

    The author describes this as an anarchist's greatest hits collection.... Of course, those of us with some insight know the constant reports of corporate/government/authority lunacy and stupidity in the United States is due to the fact that the levels of psychopathy at the top of society are too high and the levels of psychopathy (that includes 2nd hand psychopathy) spread throughout society is also too high, in fact at historic levels according to academics... As many now recognise, like a juggernaut that has spun out of control, destruction is fast beckoning because there is no control mechanism in existence to apply any brakes. The sane people have failed to rein in the lunatics...

    Small asteroid 2014 AA hit the Earth's atmosphere
    Remanzacco Observatory, 2nd January 2014
    M.P.E.C. 2014-A02 issued on 2014 Jan. 2 at 13:08 UT reports the discovery of the asteroid 2014 AA (discovery magnitude 19.1) by Mt. Lemmon Survey (MPC code G96 - Observer R. A. Kowalski) on images taken on January 1.2 with a 1.5-m reflector + CCD. 2014 AA (that is the very first asteroid discovered in 2014) had an estimated size of 1.7 m - 3.8 m (based on the object's absolute magnitude H=30.9).

    As reported on this MPEC:
    It is virtually certain that 2014 AA hit the Earth's atmosphere on 2014 Jan. 2.2 +/- 0.4, as demonstrated by independent calculations by Bill Gray, the MPC and Steve Chesley (JPL).  According to Chesley, the impact locations are widely distributed, most likely falling on an arc extending from Central America to East Africa, with a best-fit location just off the coast of West Africa on Jan. 2.10.  2014 AA was unlikely to have survived atmospheric entry intact, as it was comparable in size to 2008 TC3, the only other example of an impacting object observed prior to atmospheric entry.

    Also: Small asteroid entered our atmosphere on January 2, 2014 & 2014 AA – New Year’s Earth impactor. Please note: the Russians were worried about the debris field from the break up of Comet ISON and German astronomers provided us with the following warning:

    Meteorite impact instead of shooting stars? Russian researchers: Comet ISON brings another surprise
    In The Sky News, 2nd December 2013
    Google Translation: An interesting turn in the case of Comet ISON: Sergei Smirnov, spokesman for the Observatory Pulkovo announced in St. Petersburg, lost the "century comet" in his "Kiss" with the sun, although a hundred times in brightness , but was by no means completely destroyed. Is that the comet's tail can still be seen "in the form of a little contrasted elongated cloud" means that the comet was not disintegrate into a cloud of dust, but that continue after the destruction of the core of ISON larger chunks of the celestial body course on the earth take. [...]

    "It might even be serious,"

    "The inhabitants of the earth, a surprise awaits New Year's Eve," [...] expected in the form of a shooting star night - or a potentially momentous meteorite crash. "New Year's Eve, but also of 2 up to 4 January 2014 is to be expected an increased meteor activity. This can manifest itself as a bright flare of tiny meteors in the sky when these burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. But even more threatening manifestations such as a meteor shower can not be excluded, "the representative of the Russian observatory is convinced.
    Low and behold it look like astronomers were watching out as this is only the 2nd asteroid hit recorded before it hit the atmosphere.... That is some coincidence right? Besides that, NASA have told us to expect the little known Quadrantids, that will be battering us over New Year... Quadrantids open new meteor season for 2014, then there are the now usual reports of meteors and loud booms. There are many other reports, some can be found at Fire In The Sky.

    Terence Corcoran: Science of climate change not on the same course as reality
    Financial Post, 2nd January 2014
    The key to success when stuck on a giant floe of irony is to pretend it doesn’t exist, which is exactly the trick performed by Prof. Chris Turney, leader of the global warming science expedition that was rescued Thursday by a Chinese icebreaker off the coast of Antarctica. others want to hear, the truth is not good enough.

    Aboard the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, a research vessel hunting for evidence of climate change in the world’s coldest polar extremity, Prof. Turney demonstrated his unflagging media skills by turning adversity into an opportunity. [...] others want to hear, the truth is not good enough.

    One reason for attempting to sail the Arctic in 2013 was a prediction from NASA scientists in 2008 that the Arctic would be “mostly free of ice by 2013.” Jay Zwally, the ice satellite project scientist at NASA Goddard, said in 2008 that the Arctic appeared to be at a “tipping point” from which there was no return. “We not only have the warming of the atmosphere, we have a warming of the ocean that is affecting this. It has been surprising to everybody, this decrease in area. This is a marked departure, and this is suggesting to us that maybe we are getting at this tipping point.” others want to hear, the truth is not good enough.

    Five years later, however, Arctic ice coverage had rebounded by 60% in 2013, forcing early closing of the passage and trapping sailors and climate tourists.

    Of course there has been lots of comment as this story has become a major story of interest in the mainstream media.... In my opinion, it's not just climate science that has a reality problem, as there some areas of science that should be called metaphysics that helps those with an interest in perpetating myths as the real truth is unhelpful when trying to control the masses.

    Bald eagle deaths in Utah alarm and mystify scientists
    Phys.Org, 29th December 2013
    Bald eagles are dying in Utah - 20 in the past few weeks alone - and nobody can figure out why.

    Hundreds of the majestic birds - many with wing spans of 7 feet or more - migrate here each winter, gathering along the Great Salt Lake and feasting on carp and other fish that swim in the nearby freshwater bays.

    Earlier this month, however, hunters and farmers across five counties in northern and central Utah began finding the normally skittish raptors lying listless on the ground. Many suffered from seizures, head tremors and paralysis in the legs, feet and wings.

    Since there are lot of other creatures "mysteriously" dying off, the accusations are that we are seeing the fallout from Fukushima starting to really hit home... Lots of comment over at Energy News

    "New Years Day 2014 MAJOR STORM" is coming, 29th December 2013
    New solar eruptions on cue for MAJOR Top Red R4-R5+ 29 Dec- 2 Jan Solar & Weather Action period - Pics 28 Dec

    MetO shows new Low off SW Ire which will be of major importance says Piers - - contrary to Met O view that it will not be as important as recent storms

    Solar Active Region AR1936 wakes-up as it moves nearer to ~Earth-Facing for R4 29-30th. Coronal Hole set to become ~Earth-Facing for R5+ 31st-2nd Jan. See 'RTQ' Table below. New X ray and proton flux bursts 29 Dec.

    Piers Corbyn is predicting yet another major storm... As predicted by Piers 6 weeks ahead, December 2013 was wild... Update: Missed by a few days... see headline: "Prepare for even more dangerous storm events including 'smowmageddon conditions' in parts of Britain / Ireland and Europe!" Btw, hail the size of golf balls in the UK is not something to cheer about... see

    Weatheraction Warning

    ANOTHER group of savage solar active region (AR1944...pic below Jan 3) now emerging which will become Earth-Facing ~Jan 10th (weather period 7-12th)  marking WeatherAction's next R5.  The Met Office - BBC havn't got a clue about the significance of this, do not want to know and do not want the public to know. WeatherAction subscribers to Br+Ir, Eu and USA forecasts ALREADY KNOW.
    • The new very large and deep Atlantic Low heading for Br+Ir in current standard models for ~7th or 8th or 9th is part of this serious time window 7-12th. In view of public speculation subscribers will get an update comment soon on this storm prior to WeatherAction further public comments.

    • "Jet Stream Record speed a fingerprint of mini-ice-age", 25th December 2013
      "The record 275mph Jet Stream speed over the North Atlantic on 22nd Dec (below) - reported on TV by Chris Fawkes BBC-MetOffice - accords with our predictions of increasing 'Wild Jet stream' behaviour as the world moves further into the Mini-Ice-Age circulation we predicted years ago. Significantly this record comes during the late Dec series of our 'Top Red ('R4' and 'R5+') Weather periods which we predicted in mid Nov (in Br+Ir 45d forecast). Related dramatic solar eruptions and Auroral displays will reach a crescendo around the turn of the year and recur during January***.

      "Newly errupting active sunspot regions are coming round to be Earth-facing (below) when we predicted and will drive dangerous weather conditions around end Dec and start Jan in USA, Brit+Ire, Europe and the whole world. These events of course are nothing whatsoever to do with the delusion of CO2 driven climate change. Indeed the CO2 warmist protagonists admit they havn't a clue about why the jet stream is so wild whereas it follows totally from our solar-driven theory*.

      "The innuendo 'It's extreme it must be CO2' is a lie. This 'Mini-Ice-Age increase in wild and extreme events will continue for the next 20 years* by which time the CO2 theory and associated carbon tax theft and dodgy and intelectually-strained politicians will be in the dustbin of history"

      Hmmm.... The UK is within the white triangle,click image icon for the hot link. Please note: even the UK Met Office are starting to take Sudden Stratospheric Warming events into account because of the dramatic changes in weather they can produce. THIS IS REAL CHANGE! Piers Corbyn is now claiming to be able to predict them and he gave his first this prediction in mid December 2013. This is weatherman history in the making, [see his Br+Ir 45d prod 15Dec]. Btw, I note a few folk in the UK are complaining about no electricity on Christmas day... Well, what about no electricity for millions of people for months and even years? Some real cosmic reality is looming for many... Thinking positively about it not happening is not a useful strategy...

    Saving the Antarctic scientists, er media, er, activists, er tourists trapped by sea ice
    WUWT, 29th December 2013
    UPDATE2: get a load of the hilarious announcement from the expedition, where they claim sea ice is disappearing, see update 2 below.

    UPDATE3: A film (now a video) has been found from 1912 showing Mawson landing in ice free Commonwealth Bay in 1912. see update 3 below.

    UPDATE4: Bad weather has forced the Aurora Australis to back off from its rescue attempt. See below.

    There’s quite an ongoing worldwide fascination over the So much sea ice in Antarctica that a research vessel gets stuck, in summer! episode with the ship Akademik Shokalskiy we first reported on WUWT.

    This Antarctica global warming propaganda exercise has turned into a huge reality check for some... If you check the facts, you will find out that the BBC heavily invested staff pensions into green/global warming related enterprises, so no matter how ridiculous they are being made to look now, they are still trying to flog this dead global warming horse. Also: Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute Confirms Antarctic Sea Ice May Have Reached Record VOLUME! ‘Never so much sea ice at Antarctica in the last 30 years’ & Media Flustered at News of Antarctica Not Melting; Ice Levels At Record High.... Hilarious cartoon,

    Brainwashed by the cult of the super-rich
    Followers, in thrall to Harrods and Downton Abbey, repeat the mantra that the greed of a few means prosperity for all
    Guardian, 25th December 2013
    Last week, Tory MP Esther McVey, Iain Duncan Smith's deputy, insisted it was "right" that half a million Britons be dependent on food banks in "tough times". Around the same time, the motor racing heiress Tamara Ecclestone totted up a champagne bill of £30,000 in one evening. A rich teenager in Texas has just got away with probation for drunkenly running over and killing four people because his lawyers argued successfully that he suffered from "affluenza", which rendered him unable to handle a car responsibly. What we've been realising for some time now is that, for all the team sport rhetoric, only two sides are really at play in Britain and beyond: Team Super-Rich and Team Everyone Else.

    FBI warns of terrorists toting copies of Old Farmers' Almanac
    Boing Boing, 29th December 2013
    The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning.

    In a bulletin sent Christmas Eve to about 18,000 police organizations, the FBI said terrorists may use almanacs "to assist with target selection and pre-operational planning." It urged officers to watch during searches, traffic stops and other investigations for anyone carrying almanacs, especially if the books are annotated in suspicious ways. "The practice of researching potential targets is consistent with known methods of al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations that seek to maximize the likelihood of operational success through careful planning," the FBI wrote.

    Just bizarre... So farmers and gardeners are terrorists now? The psychopaths are completely losing it... Also: SWAT team raids sustainable community

    Evolution or Extinction?
    Augureye Express, 27th December 2013
    [...] We do not have to be limited to only the choices given us by our "leaders" - we are allowed to think outside the box (Cage), to come up with our own solutions for the planet and her passengers. Unlike the poor but delicious lobster, we can still find our way out of hot water, but it won't be easy, and you're not going to like it. It begins with forgiving yourself for waiting so long, then standing up and taking your power back from those who hypnotized you into giving it away. Snap out of it, quit hiding from the ugly truth. Anger can be a most potent tool once you channel it into a creative, rather than destructive outlet. Don't get mad, then start destroying stuff, that's just playing right into their hands. Instead, get mad, then start creating stuff!! They won't know how to deal with that.

    I thought the conclusion here was mostly typically disappointing New Agey mush... However, I can agree with the above paragraph... The Erik Lensherr quote and question: "Where do I find the more evolved people?", is one I mutter virtually every day... I think we are headed for a major wipeout, but one that not even the elite will survive with their current level of power and control in tact. Hence, the major panic in trying to predict space weather as they know that the world has been previously "burnt out" and the hope they can survive another major solar blast... Meanwhile evolutionary change is determined by the environment and the 'reset button' has already been pushed...

    'Military-Style' Raid on California Power Station Spooks U.S.
    Foreign Policy, 27th December 2013
    When U.S. officials warn about "attacks" on electric power facilities these days, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a computer hacker trying to shut the lights off in a city with malware. But a more traditional attack on a power station in California has U.S. officials puzzled and worried about the physical security of the the electrical grid--from attackers who come in with guns blazing.

    Around 1:00 AM on April 16, at least one individual (possibly two) entered two different manholes at the PG&E Metcalf power substation, southeast of San Jose, and cut fiber cables in the area around the substation. That knocked out some local 911 services, landline service to the substation, and cell phone service in the area, a senior U.S. intelligence official told Foreign Policy. The intruder(s) then fired more than 100 rounds from what two officials described as a high-powered rifle at several transformers in the facility. Ten transformers were damaged in one area of the facility, and three transformer banks -- or groups of transformers -- were hit in another, according to a PG&E spokesman.

    If you check the archives, I stated quite some time ago that the U.S. military will not allow themselves to become vulnerable to the U.S. national power grid which currently is not under their control... It is obvious to me that they will try and get something done and this "dress rehearsal" using military grade weapons might only be a fact finding mission in derterming just how bothered utilities are about the issue of physical and cyber threats to the national power grid... The suspicion that this is really about highlighting the vulnerability to space weather is all part of the concern that utility companies are running the U.S. national grid on a shoestring to maximise profits and will only respond to a major crisis which of course is not good enough, especially if the crisis means the grid is destroyed... So, this strange incident has a certain logic for those who realise just how vulnerable society has become... It will be interesting to see how this develops...

    reality is looming for many... Thinking positively about it not happening is not a useful strategy...

    Terrified airline pilot DUCKS as he sees UFO heading straight to cockpit
    The Mirror, 22nd December 2013
    The captain of the packed Airbus A320 spotted the silver object heading straight for the cockpit as his plane flew above Berkshire

    A terrified airline pilot ducked to avoid a UFO he feared was going to smash into his plane at 34,000ft. The captain of the packed Airbus A320 spotted the silver object heading straight for the cockpit as his plane flew above Berkshire. He was looking out of the left window a split second before the bizarre incident. A safety report said: “As he turned to look ahead, he perceived an object travelling towards them at what appeared to be the same level, slightly above the flight deck windscreen. “Having very little time to focus, he was under the apprehension that they were on a collision course with no time to react.

    More at the paid to be uninformed Ghost Theory website, Airline Pilot Avoids UFO. NARCAP recommends pilots stay calm as UAPs will always maneuver faster than a plane. See, NARCAP's Spherical UAP and Aviation Safety: A Critical Review - April 2010 & Best of the Blog UFO Disclosure.

    British space-weather centre will give advance protection from solar super-storms
    The Independent, 25th December 2013
    Britain will next year have its own space-weather centre for predicting the arrival of solar “super-storms” that can trigger electricity blackouts across whole cities and knock out GPS satellites, the Government will announce today.

    Space weather forecasts will start from the spring of 2014 and are designed to give early warning to private companies and public utilities with critical equipment that is vulnerable to electrical malfunction during a large solar storm. The Met Office, which is charged with providing the round-the-clock forecasts, will receive £4.6m over the next three years to bring the service fully online, covering 365 days a year. [...]

    If coronal ejections end up hitting the Earth, these huge bodies of electrically charged particles can cause geomagnetic storms and power surges within the electrical transformers of the National Grid. Damaged transformers can take weeks to repair. David Willetts, the Universities and Science Minister, said Britain’s increasing reliance on electronic technology makes it more vulnerable than ever to solar super-storms.

    Large events like these are calculated to occur about once every couple of centuries – the last one of this size hit the Earth in 1859. “Space weather is identified as one of the significant risks to our national infrastructure. There are two main risks: one is to the power system of transformers tripping out; a second vulnerability is to satellite systems,” Mr Willetts said.

    “We’ve got more systems that are potentially more vulnerable to space weather. There are more satellites out there and electricity systems are more extensive than ever before so one of the reasons why we’ve decided on this investment is because we have this potential increase in vulnerability,” he added. [...]

    Solar super-storms, however, such as the 1859 event named after British astronomer Richard Carrington, have the potential for widespread disruption, particularly if they cause power surges in electrical transformers or satellites.

    “We’re really talking about a repeat of events like the Carrington storm in 1859. That has a return period of about one in 100 to one in 200 years,” said Mark Gibbs, head of space weather at the Met Office. “That means there is probably a 12 per cent chance of one occurring in the next decade.”

    The dramatic impact of space weather is changing our world... Currently, we are not properly prepared, a mega solar blast means those on the sunward side of the planet at least will experience the decimation of our modern technological world... [Maybe, gigantic excessive electric currents circulating the globe could even cause world devastation...] At this present time, based on what has been reported, I am not sure any warnings will prevent this... What is frightening is the July 2012 near miss... After all the intransigence by some... humanity got a really significant reminder from the cosmos about the new terms and conditions of living on planet Earth... At all costs, we must avoid a complete technological meltdown...

    Angels Exist But Have No Wings, Says Church
    A senior clergyman says angels are 'back in fashion' but rubbishes their popular portrayal as bare-chested cherubs with wings.
    Sky News, 20th December 2013
    Angels really do exist but do not have wings and are more like shards of light, according to a church official.

    Catholic Church "angelologist" Father Renzo Lavatori says the celestial beings are back in vogue thanks to various New Age religions. But he insists that the traditional portrayal of angels as hovering, winged cherubs rather misses the mark. [...]

    Art historian Professor Valerio Massimo Manfredi said the first mention of the word "angelos" came from the Mycenaean civilisation in Greece more than 3,000 years ago. The word means "messenger" in ancient Greek.

    Here we have a little bit of truth mixed in with a lot of artistic licence to control people's belief systems.... In modern terminology, the existence of a plasma lifeform that some describe as "light beings" is probably more appropriate... The New Age interest is mostly related to the appearance of orbs in an increasing number of different scenarios combined with the belief that we are witnessing the expected thinning of the veil or the apocalypse based on the original gnostic meaning. The article seems to employ a lot of double meanings, so the information presented here has different meanings for the initiated... Besides that, we know the Catholic Church has a huge UFO data collection, good enough to attract the attention of U.S. presidential interest and demands for information to be released... The Catholic Church maintains its position by being ahead of the curve and manipulating the meaning of different phenomena for their own purposes, very few are prviledged enough to find out more of the truth, without a huge amount of personal effort.
    • 'Miracles happen': 'Angel' seen at Promise Keepers event
      WND, 22nd December 2013
      A digital image captured during a time of praise and worship at his year’s Promise Keepers men’s conference in Cedar Falls, Iowa, shows what looks like an angel:

      There are not so uncommon reports of 'angels' or glowing humanoid figures with wings being caught on digital cameras. If the images only reinforce cultural beliefs, then in my opinion, there needs to be a more serious debate about the existence of interdimensional lifeforms. Currently, it is hard to accept much of what the religionistas have to suggest based on their track record of wanting to control and manipulate the masses...

    Crows could be the key to understanding alien intelligence
    io9 News, 16th December 2013
    Crows are among the planet's most intelligent animals, teaching their young to use tools for foraging and banding together to fight off intruders. Now, the first study of how abstract reasoning works in these birds' brains could shed light on how intelligence works in a truly alien, non-mammal brain.[...]

    What this experiment suggests is that two dramatically different species might have similar abstract reasoning abilities — even if their brains are completely unlike each other. If we imagine that intelligence can only dwell in a mammal-like brain, we may miss out on discovering smart life forms elsewhere. The crow brain may be the first truly alien intelligence we've been able to study.

    I think the results of this research might be quite profound for people who are narrow minded... Fundamentally, we are being told that intelligent beings do not need to look like humans or have human like brains to be intelligent... This implies that humanity might not be the most intelligent lifeforms the universe has to offer...

    Fox News: “So many US sailors coming forward” with symptoms after mission near Fukushima; “Strange lumps all over… he’d been poisoned with radiation”; Hemorrhaging, cancers, leukemia, tumors — Another 50 service members may join lawsuit
    Energy News, 20th December 2013
    Fox News, Dec. 20, 2013: [Months after 3/11], while still serving aboard the [USS Ronald Reagan] aircraft carrier, [Quartermaster Maurice Enis] began to notice strange lumps all over his body. Testing revealed he’d been poisoned with radiation, and his illness would get worse. And his fiance and fellow Reagan quartermaster, Jamie Plym [...] also began to develop frightening symptoms, including chronic bronchitis and hemorrhaging. They and 49 other U.S. Navy members who served aboard the Reagan and sister ship the USS Essex [report] illnesses including thyroid and testicular cancers, leukemia and brain tumors [...] [They] wonder if their service to their country and to Japan has left them doomed. [...] the number of plaintives has more than quadrupled [from the initial dozen] as more service members come forward with radiation-related illnesses, [attorney Charles Bonner] said. Nathan Piekutoski, 22, who served aboard the USS Essex [...]i says he suffered from leukemia [...] “Within a few months I started getting all these weird symptoms” [...] Plym says she is prepared to have her symptoms question in court [...] with so many U.S. sailors coming forward, she believes justice will prevail.

    The bad news is going mainstream... Excessive radiation coming to the air you breath and the water you drink... Now we need any secret knowledge or technology that is available to clean up the mess on this planet. Maybe, some big cosmic blasts might serve the same purpose, but that might be a rather drastic solution...

    • Fukushima "Breaking".....75 US Navy sailors have cancer after brief visit to leakage site
      The Slog, 18th December 2013
      Veteran human rights lawyer Charles Bonner (left) has practiced law for 27 years, so by now he's pretty good at it. [...] Now he is leading a class action lawsuit against TEPCO, the regulator/owner of the Fukushima nuclear energy plant.

      He's unlikely to lose it, because he represents 75 sailors who came down with a host of medical problems, including cancers and leukemias, all kinds of gynaecological problems, and tumors on the brain. These service men and women are mainly young people in their early to mid twenties, and no one in their family had ever any of these kinds of illnesses before. Just since Bonner took the case, another 21 sailors have begun to show the same dire symptoms....of radiation sickness.

      Their common link? They were all serving on board USS Ronald Reagan during a brief visit to the waters around Fukushima three years ago. As the Ronald Reagan desalinates all its water from the sea for drinking, bathing and other cleaning purposes, all the sailors were multiply exposed to radiation from the Fukushima accident.

      Reality biting... I think that what happened to these US servicemen is the worse case radiation exposure scenario. Just imagine, nuclear fuel rods and plutonium blew sky high... The sea was contaminated closest to Fukushima but it was the only source of water supply for sailors on the USS Reagan for drinking and bathing... The same level of medical problems is coming quickly for Fukushima and the rest of Japan. The images of radiation picked up by car filters in Fukushima city is shocking... The recent draconian effort by the Japanese to suppress the bad news is just a small indication of just how bad this all is, the lack of interest in the future of humanity is what the survivors on this planet will spend a lot of time trying to understand.

    • What the Japanese Government Isn’t Saying About Fukushima
      Fairewinds, 16th December 2013
      In this, the third installment in our short film series, Fairewinds Energy Education’s Arnie Gundersen discusses sources of radiation the Japanese government is not taking into consideration when assessing the risk to it’s people and the rest of the world.

    AIB customers left hanging following bank card glitch
    Irish Times, 20th December 2013

    'Chorus waves' build the need for speed in Earth's radiation belts
    NBC Science News, 18th December 2013
    Waves in the plasma trailing behind Earth are responsible for making the northern lights dance in the sky, but according to new research, they also create another cosmic wonder. Known as chorus waves, these oscillations also cause the rapid acceleration of electrons already trapped in the planet's radiation belts. The fluctuations occur in the very low frequency range, but can send charged particles spiraling into the atmosphere at velocities approaching the speed of light.

    Hmmm... Space scientists are admitting that strong electric fields in the upper atmosphere are causing particles to accelerate to nearly the speed of light.... Space science has well and truly moved on.... Besides that, I am picturing this as waves being generated in Earth's magnetotail that hit the Van allen belts surrounding Earth which makes the particles in the magnetic field lines spin faster... Maybe a suitable analogy is like how a mill waterwheel will spin faster when there is a flood... When those water wheels spin at high speed, there is some inevitable loses and a not of spray... In Earth's upper atmosphere particles accelerated to nearly the speed of light appear as beams of electrons (lasers?) that hit satellites and enter Earth's lower atmosphere... This is why I imagine that chorus waves are the cause of the "killer electrons," just like space scientists have been muttering about for quite some time, see NASA Spacecraft Records 'Earthsong' I imagine that we are really talking about natural lasers, but nobody wants to come out and directly tell us that during geomagnetic storms, it's like stars wars out there in lower Earth orbit... But the huge amount of resources being allocated in trying to deal with the increasing risk of billions of dollars worth of satellites being knocked out is telling us that this is now quite serious.

    • Scientists solve a decades-old mystery in the Earth's upper atmosphere
      Phys.Org News, 18th December 2013
      New research published in the journal Nature resolves decades of scientific controversy over the origin of the extremely energetic particles known as ultra-relativistic electrons in the Earth's near-space environment and is likely to influence our understanding of planetary magnetospheres throughout the universe.

      Also Colossal Cosmic Accelerator Discovered Hovering Above Earth

    • U-M space weather model picked to improve US warning system
      Phys.Org News, 17th December 2013
      A University of Michigan space weather model beat out four other contenders for a spot in the national Space Weather Prediction Center's forecasting toolbox.

      It is the first time that computer models based on a firm understanding of physics have overtaken simpler, statistics-based models to predict magnetic disturbances due to space weather. The new model can also give information about where the effects of a geomagnetic storm will be weaker or stronger around Earth. [...]

      Using measurements from ACE, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center has been making forecasts from statistics-based, or empirical, models for space weather. These models work reasonably well for estimating the strength of magnetic fluctuations on a global level within the range of space weather observed before. However, these models cannot predict events outside their statistical comfort zones, like the 1859 storm, or where around Earth magnetic disturbances will occur.

      That's why NOAA put out a call for new models that could provide more accurate predictions. They tested two empirical models with local forecast capabilities and three physics-based models, including Michigan's. The physics models outperformed the empirical models and Michigan's came out tops.

    • Princeton and PPPL launch center to study volatile space weather
      Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 13th December 2013
      Researchers at Princeton University and the U.S. Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have launched a new center to study the heliosphere, the complex and frequently violent region of space that encompasses the solar system.

      This region is carved out by the solar wind — charged plasma particles that constantly stream from the sun — and gives rise to space weather that can disrupt cell phone service, damage satellites and knock out power grids. Such stormy weather results from solar flares and coronal mass ejections — huge solar eruptions that periodically hurl millions of tons of electrically charged plasma particles into the heliosphere. Eruptions that slam into the magnetosphere — the magnetic field that surrounds the earth and extends some 75 million miles into space — can trigger disturbances called geomagnetic storms. One notable outburst blacked out the Canadian city of Montreal and most of the province of Quebec for 12 hours in 1989. [...]

      The center combines the resources of Princeton's Department of Astrophysical Sciences and PPPL and facilitates collaboration between them. For example, the joint enterprise will bring together the Princeton work on an explosive phenomenon called magnetic reconnection with PPPL research on the subsequent acceleration of plasma particles caused by waves in the plasma, which takes place in the inner magnetosphere — the section closest to Earth. Such processes underlie geomagnetic storms and related phenomena known as substorms.

      Presumably, space weather is no such a big issue that the top universities in the United States are being compelled to allocate resources and join the task force to mitigate the ferocity of the new cosmic conditions in space.

    • The Solar Storm "War Game Scenario"
      Proposed step to help society prepare for a solar storm disaster
      Earth Sky, 10th December 2013
      “We would like space weather users, operators of systems, and policy makers adopt this event immediately and do war game scenarios with it.” – Daniel Baker

      Solar scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder are pointing to a 2012 solar storm and its CME as an example, they say, of why society needs to prepare. Daniel Baker, director of CU-Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, gave a presentation on this subject to other scientists this week the annual American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. Dr. Baker told EarthSky:

      We would like space weather users, operators of systems, and policy makers adopt this event immediately and do war game scenarios with it.

      I was picking up military reports about space weather back in 2005 so I would be amazed if they are not already doing "war game scenarios", especially now we have some good data. I honestly think this press release is a desperate effort to wake folk up. These space scientists realise the enormity of the consequences of what would happen if Earth receives a knockout blow to our modern technological world... I have explained ad infinitum about what has changed... The citizens of planet Earth are living in a completely new cosmic dispensation, so pretending nothing has happen does not change our vulnerability. SOHO coronagraph images/video and the ENLIL space weather model for the 22nd - 23rd July 2012 G5 near-miss CME are embedded here. Update I changed headline after I was informed that the fantasy computer game Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (the whole series has sold well 55 million copies by March 2013), took advantage of the 2012 hype. In this game version, the main fictional character is on a mission to protect Earth from the impact of a devastating solar flare. Personally, I think our current cosmic reality on this planet needs to be taken a lot more seriously than just encouraging the military to play yet another war game. Thanks Mihail D. for the info.

    Facebook wants to know why you didn’t publish that status update you started writing.
    Slate News, 16th December 2013
    We spend a lot of time thinking about what to post on Facebook. Should you argue that political point your high school friend made? Do your friends really want to see yet another photo of your cat (or baby)? Most of us have, at one time or another, started writing something and then, probably wisely, changed our minds.

    Unfortunately, the code in your browser that powers Facebook still knows what you typed—even if you decide not to publish it.* It turns out that the things you explicitly choose not to share aren't entirely private.

    This may be closer to the recent revelation that the FBI can turn on a computer's webcam without activating the indicator light to monitor criminals. People surveilled through their computers’ cameras aren’t choosing to share video of themselves, just as people who self-censor on Facebook aren’t choosing to share their thoughts. The difference is that the FBI needs a warrant but Facebook can proceed without permission from anyone. [...]

    So Facebook considers your thoughtful discretion about what to post as bad, because it withholds value from Facebook and from other users. Facebook monitors those unposted thoughts to better understand them, in order to build a system that minimizes this deliberate behavior. This feels dangerously close to “ALL THAT HAPPENS MUST BE KNOWN,” a motto of the eponymous dystopian Internet company in Dave Eggers’ recent novel The Circle.

    This reminds me of the rather bitter diatribe of the masses being studied like lab rats and then new methods devised to maximise control...

    Honesty and Ethics Rating of Clergy Slides to New Low
    Nurses again top list; lobbyists are worst
    Gallup Politics, 16th December 2013
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' rating of the honesty and ethics of the clergy has fallen to 47%, the first time this rating has dropped below 50% since Gallup first asked about the clergy in 1977. Clergy have historically ranked near the top among professions on this measure, hitting a high rating of 67% in 1985.

    I suppose these ratings are being affected by all the exposure of paedophile priests and other deviant types posing as useful members of society... BUT saying that there are a few professions that seem just too high up on this list... I will say that in terms of metaphysics, the levels of human consciousness are supposed to be going up as 'New Energy' pours onto the planet, but in reality and practically, I suppose we are going through the process of a true awakening and realising that there are many people around us who have no honesty or ethics and are now struggling to hide their evil motivations. For those who not aware, it is possible to use a google tool to compare the dramatic increase in the number of people discussing psychopathy on the internet over recent years. Personally, I was driven to search for answers to deal with my own horrible experiences with malignant narcissists. Yet, even now, I hate the thought that people I trusted could be so far up the ratings that they can actually be defined as psychopaths... Whatever, as a researcher, it is also impossible to avoid these types as they can be very successful in fooling those around them. This story is doing the rounds on the internet,

    Japan Professor: Damage from Fukushima is unprecedented, a disaster never before experienced in human history; Some say it could affect whole northern hemisphere — Experts: “Very likely the largest nuclear accident which mankind experienced”
    Energy News, 16th December 2013
    The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster : One of the World’s Worst-Ever Cases of Pollution, Professor Fumikazu Yoshida of Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Economics, Economic Journal of Hokkaido University, March 2013: The Fukushima nuclear disaster, however, has been responsible for the largest and worst case of pollution to have occurred during the postwar era […] its complexities and scale are greater than anything that has gone before. […] So severe are [the myriad of problems] that we can characterize this disaster as a “second war defeat” since its impact on the nation questions the whole basis of Japan’s postwar society […] [There are] immense dangers that the ‘accident’ still poses […] Rather than simply being a local problem, it has been from the beginning a nationwide and potentially international issue (some say that it has the potential to affect the whole of the northern hemisphere).

    Now it gets interesting as reality starts to bite...

    • ‘Unprecedented’: China bans all imports of shellfish from U.S. West Coast — Official: “They’ve never done anything like that that I’ve ever seen” — Includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska and N. California Gov’t says it will continue indefinitely (AUDIO)
      Energy News, 13th December 2013
      UOW, Dec. 13, 2013: China Imposes First-Ever West Coast Shellfish Ban [...] China has suspended imports of shellfish from the west coast of the United States — an unprecedented move [...] China said it decided to impose the ban after recent shipments of geoduck clams from Northwest waters were found by its own government inspectors to have high levels of arsenic and a toxin that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning. The restriction took effect last week and China’s government says it will continue indefinitely. It applies to clams, oysters and all other two-shelled bivalves harvested from the waters of Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Northern California. [...]

      The Olympian, Nov. 24, 2013: [...] Fans of razor clams will have plenty of opportunities to dig if tests show clams are safe to eat. A weeklong dig is scheduled to begin Saturday at four beaches. [...] In response to questions from diggers, the state said that in tests done to date, no fish or shellfish off the Pacific coast have radioactive contamination that would pose a risk to people who eat them. Dan Ayres, the coastal shellfish manager for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, said he has heard from people that razor clams might be contaminated with radioactive material from the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.

      Not even the Chinese want the highly polluted and radiated shellfish from the U.S. West Coast... There are 238 comments here from people who are seriously interested in the fate of humanity on this planet... Mainstream version

    Ultimate Control: Neuroscientists Successfully Demonstrate They Can Alter Human Actions With ‘Imperceptible Electrical Impulses’
    Daily Sheeple, 16th December 2013
    Neuroscientists at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have successfully demonstrated that they can alter human actions by imperceptible electrical stimulation of the prefrontal cortex. Their findings have been published in the December issue of the Journal of Neuroscience.

    The lead on the study, Nitin Tandon M.D. said:
    “There is a circuit in the brain for inhibiting or braking responses. We believe we are the first to show that we can enhance this braking system with brain stimulation.”
    The system relies on electrodes being planted on the surface of the brain, not something that would allow control of the masses, but certainly something that could be used to control certain individuals.

    This is really old news, see more below.

    • Revealed: The Soviet Union’s $1 Billion ‘Psychotronic’ Arms Race with the US
      During the Cold War, the Soviet scientists vied with the US to understand mind control, remote viewing and non-local physics, according to a new review of unconventional research in the USSR
      Physics arXiv Blog, 11th December 2013
      During the Cold War, the US and the Soviet Union battled on many fronts to demonstrate their superior technical and scientific achievements. Some of these battles are well known and well documented, such as the race to put a human in space and then on the Moon.

      Others are much less well known. One of these battlefronts was in unconventional research—parapsychology (or psychotronics as the Soviets called it), mind control and remote influence and the such like. Some of the US work on these topics is now public and has famously become the basis for various books, TV documentaries and for the Hollywood film “The Men Who Stare at Goats”.

      Basically, the article gets this wrong. This paper is a very basic survey of about 80 years of unconventional research in Russia from the end of the 19th until the beginning of the 21th centuries in areas related to generation and detection of a 'high-penetrating' emission of non-biological origin. So, if this subject matter is based on speculation and woo, why all the effort? With reference to the natural and beneficial energies emitted and detected by humans, maybe, some in the West would prefer the people to be largely ignorant. In Russia, they are very happy to let healers pay for a licence because it is easy to prove they can receive and transmit beneficial universal energies, see archives for more info.

    • Anomalous Physics And The Soviet MKULTRA
      Who Forted?, 14th December 2013
      In the face of mutual assured destruction, pursuing other avenues of engagement through research is logical. Except the explored fields may not be considered logical at all. For example, MKULTRA’s mind control research, experimentation with psychedelics, and the Stargate Project’s own brand of maverick science.

      While these programs were running at full tilt, the Soviets were hard at work exploring the field of psychotronics. A short (23 pages) overview of Unconventional Research in the USSR and Russia1 by Serge Kernbach has popped up on arxiv, covering Russia’s tumultuous relationship with anomalistic research between the late 19th and 21st century.

      With this kind of attitude I wonder who is paying for this blog... The Russians obviously felt the need to spend decades understanding the natural forces that exist in the universe, whilst elsewhere, ordinary people are told that the ability to use universal energies is all rubbish... Today, ordinary Russians are actually benefiting from some of this knowledge, whilst in most other countries, the elite want to use their research into these strange forces for manipulation purposes only.

    Rare "snonado" captured on Lake Superior
    Boing Boing, 16th December 2013
    According to the Weather Channel, there are only six known photographs of winter waterspouts in existence. Then, last week, Jordan Detters captured a good minute and a half of video, showing winter waterspouts dancing along the waves of Lake Superior near Knife River, Minnesota.

    Judge: NSA spying ‘almost Orwellian,’ likely unconstitutional
    Yahoo News, 16th December 2013
    In a stinging rebuke to President Barack Obama’s surveillance policies, a federal judge on Monday branded the National Security Agency’s mass collection of Americans’ telephone data “almost Orwellian” and likely a violation of the Constitution. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden cheered the ruling.

    Well, I don't think it is possible for anyone living in the so-called 'land of the free' or 'land of the fee' to come to any other conclusion... Snowden did the right thing...

    Woman Who Lives “Off the Grid” Threatened With Eviction – From Her Paid-For Home
    Daily Sheeple, 15th December 2013
    Robin Speronis, a Florida woman who lives off the grid, is being threatened with losing her home due to her “alternative lifestyle”. Last month, Robin’s story was featured on Fox 4 news in Florida. She does not have a refrigerator, oven, running water, or electricity. [...]

    Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), after Robin was featured on the local news, authorities took notice: the day after the feature, Robin was slapped with a notice to vacate her property. “A code enforcement officer came, knocked on the door then posts a placard that says uninhabitable property, do not enter.”

    In a nutshell, in the United States, folk who are totally independent from the local government/authorities are a threat... Insane authoritarians want folk totally dependent and vulnerable and when the poorly maintained and outdated power grid goes down and stays down, they want millions desperate for their help, which will not come unless you think being herded into a prison camp is a great idea... The United States has become a desperate place... the land of the fee and the home of the slave.

    US to phase out antibiotics for fattening livestock
    New Scientist, 12th December 2013
    The practice of feeding antibiotics to healthy farm animals to fatten them up is being phased out in the US, a move that should help quell antibiotic resistance. However, the Food and Drug Administration has been criticised for failing to make the move compulsory.

    I suppose it has dawned on the sociopaths in charge that their own lives are now in danger, hence the turnaround on the rather foolish misuse of antibiotics...

    Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics
    Wired News, 11th December 2013
    Physicists reported this week the discovery of a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality.

    “This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before,” said Andrew Hodges, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University who has been following the work.

    The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions. Interactions that were previously calculated with mathematical formulas thousands of terms long can now be described by computing the volume of the corresponding jewel-like “amplituhedron,” which yields an equivalent one-term expression.

    I have already blogged about this before A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics, September 2013, but I just want to repeat that this new geometric version of quantum field theory gives a tremendous amount of credibility to a few lonely mystics and scientific philosophers who knew the truth and who made an effort to teach others.

    Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week
    Watts Up With That, 13th December 2013
    Compare to 98 high temperature records, and 141 high minimum temperature records

    Quite an imbalance in weather records this week. Even the AGU fall meeting in San Francisco where the best and brightest global warming scientists were meeting was surrounded by record (such as 25F in San Jose Dec 9th) and near record setting low temperatures, though the irony was lost on many of them.

    These reports of cold and snow records being set in the United States are becoming common... Weatheraction subscribers had plenty of warning that there were 3 snowmageddon events in the USA for the month of December.... No hint of global warming here... Ice Age Now has a collection of snow related stories for the U.S. and elsewhere. It's snowing in Cairo, the last time it snowed there was 112 years ago, a "storm of extraordinary proportions" in Jerusalem. It's snowing in Australia where it's supposed to be summer, also record cold and snow in Turkey and Antarctica...

    Massive Fireball Rocks Homes Across Arizona
    A massive explosion rocked homes across Arizona, leaving some to question what is truly going on
    Intellihub News, 12th December 2013
    TUSCON (INTELLIHUB) — Bright lights and big booms startled residents across the state Wednesday night, as more meteors have been making their way to earth recently. In fact, a local news station has received over 600 comments on the matter. Some describe the boom as a massive explosion-like blast that really shook their home.

    Tony Kubrak, a local man explained, “My wife and I and my son were sitting in the house, and we felt this absolutely tremendous explosion, I mean, it shook the windows, it shook everything in the house. I stepped outside, and had to be no more than 3 minutes later after I hear all of this, and I see this tremendous, white, bright light in the western sky. And it was just…it was absolutely enormous, I couldn’t believe it.”

    Read my News of the Imbalance blog ments over the last few years, the solar system is being flooded with asteroids and comets. Comet ISON's massive debris field is now of particular concern, but quite frankly, there are continuous reports of meteors and loud explosions in the atmosphere. There is already official acknowledgement from a variety of authorities that the citizens of spaceship planet Earth are facing new hostile cosmic conditions, those pretending nothing is going on are just deluded. There are many other reports, some can be found at Fire In The Sky.

    Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals
    Randy Schekman says his lab will no longer send papers to Nature, Cell and Science as they distort scientific process

    Guardian, 9th December 2013
    Leading academic journals are distorting the scientific process and represent a "tyranny" that must be broken, according to a Nobel prize winner who has declared a boycott on the publications.

    Randy Schekman, a US biologist who won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine this year and receives his prize in Stockholm on Tuesday, said his lab would no longer send research papers to the top-tier journals, Nature, Cell and Science.

    Schekman said pressure to publish in "luxury" journals encouraged researchers to cut corners and pursue trendy fields of science instead of doing more important work. The problem was exacerbated, he said, by editors who were not active scientists but professionals who favoured studies that were likely to make a splash. [...]

    Schekman criticises Nature, Cell and Science for artificially restricting the number of papers they accept, a policy he says stokes demand "like fashion designers who create limited-edition handbags." He also attacks a widespread metric called an "impact factor", used by many top-tier journals in their marketing. A journal's impact factor is a measure of how often its papers are cited, and is used as a proxy for quality. But Schekman said it was "toxic influence" on science that "introduced a distortion". He writes: "A paper can become highly cited because it is good science - or because it is eye-catching, provocative, or wrong."

    Wow.... I have cited many articles about the corrupt peer review process that perpetuates the status quo and keeps out science that controllers do not want known. What this means is there are many people who only believe what is fashionable and have basically lost any ability to judge merits based on working things out from first principles. These people who only believe what they are told and can't think for themselves are often ignorant and arrogant. Generally they cause problems for genuine thinkers, philosophers and scientists who realise what the spirit of scientific enquiry is all about. Over the last few years, many more real scientists have got really fed up with the sheep culture and are starting to stand up and rebel... Courtesy: The image icon was taken from Thanks.

    There’s a 1,200-year-old Phone in the Smithsonian Collections
    One of the earliest examples of ingenuity in the Western Hemisphere is composed of gourds and twine
    Smithsonian Magazine, December 2013
    As a nomadic cultural historian, my subjects have led me in wildly different directions. [...] on a recent afternoon in the hushed, temperature-controlled precincts of the National Museum of the American Indian storage facility in Suitland, Maryland. There, staffers pushing a rolling cart ushered one of the museum’s greatest treasures into the high-ceilinged room. Nestled in an acid-free corrugated cardboard container was the earliest known example of telephone technology in the Western Hemisphere, evoking a lost civilization—and the anonymous ancient techie who dreamed it up. The gourd-and-twine device, created 1,200 to 1,400 years ago, remains tantalizingly functional—and too fragile to test out. “This is unique,” NMAI curator Ramiro Matos, an anthropologist and archaeologist who specializes in the study of the central Andes, tells me. “Only one was ever discovered. It comes from the consciousness of an indigenous society with no written language.”

    I suppose this brings us back to the argument that humans have been around for a long time. High civilisations have come and gone and despite best efforts to hide the evidence, those interested in the truth have plenty of anomalous artefacts, to cite as proof. My real interest is the obvious use of telescopes by ancient civilisations. Intelligent folk have to wonder how the ancient Egyptians could accurately calculate the eclipse times of a binary star system that is 7.6 light years away. The archaeological evidence of astronomical observatories, astronomical lenses and ancient manuscripts suggests the ancient Maya did not produce accurate astronomical calendars by accident either... Obviously, the effort to hide these facts is because world controllers don't want many people to understand humanities history of cosmic conflagration and associated cataclysm. In ancient times, the elites needed to understand the cosmic times and eventually this became the basis of all the world's religions... You can distinguish yourself from the masses by realising this is the truth.

    Psychopath Night, New on 4, Sat 14th December [UK]
    Channel 4, December 2013
    Psychopath Night unravels the mystery of psychopaths, exploring how their minds work, counting down the top ten movie psychopaths and revealing familiar faces on psychopathic scale

    There is a short online psychopath test here with test results by newspaper readership. I don't know whether I will get the chance to watch this program, but Prof. Kevin Dutton is suspect because he is trying to tell us that cold blooded reptile psychopaths are good for society. The book The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success by Kevin Dutton tries to put a positive spin on psychopathy, but others are not best pleased by his efforts, see In Praise of Empty Souls—Can We Learn From Psychopaths? . Dutton might have too many psychopathic traits himself to think that predators preying on others are worth paying homage to... According to Dutton, psychopaths who work their way into positions of responsibility but then turn round and risk everything trying to maximise profit, are the sort of person we should be grateful exists even when they are the cause misery for those around them. A perfect current example is the founder of a French company sentenced to four years in prison for selling hundreds of thousands of defective breast implants in more than 65 countries, see Defective breast implant sales draw prison term for French executive My usual advice is to learn how to spot the traits, especially when it comes to the snakes claiming to be religious or spiritual. These sub-human types will work you over time and again, the only option is to protect yourself by watching out. Update Well, I watched this 2 hour documentary and I was generally pleased with concept of a top 10 countdown of films that depicted psychopaths in all their glory or gory. This was interspersed with the opinion/interviews with an assortment of known psychopaths and experts. Within the first 5 minutes, the FBI agent that uses films to teach about psychopaths repeated the mantra that they are "intra-species predators," but nothing deep about what this means. The documentary really did not go into the gory details of why these people do what they do for kicks.... This is why you will never really understand until you pay attention to the most famous self-aware psychopath on the planet, Sam Vaknin. He honestly explains that they are squeezing their victims for energy that he calls narcissistic supply and he lays out their various strategies... I believe that ultimately psychopathy is a spiritual problem and those BIG NAMES claiming to be spiritual have a big credibility problem in failing to point this out... So, there is a spectrum of psychopathy and I presume the serial killers that kill and chop off body parts might only express their sickness differently to others with this condition. The filmmakers basically accused the banking profession of being overrun with psychopaths and the cause of the ruination the world's finances which I thought was very brave... Thus, we had the famous video footage of the former Lehman's Brothers boss being grilled by congress after Lehman's went under. It was good to get a reminder of another tell-tale sign, the creepy display of the lizard tongue being regularly stuck out... Watch the documentary, there were other psychopaths regularly sticking out their tongue like lizards, even greasy Dutton which only confirms my suspicions about him... Overall, this is well worth a watch...

    Teen Who Killed Four People Got Off On Probation Because He's Rich
    Gawker News, 10th December 2013
    A 16-year-old boy who drunkenly killed four people got probation this week because the judge — with no apparent irony — agreed with the boy's defense that he was a victim of "affluenza," whose parents taught him wealth and privilege shield consequences. The teen had faced up to twenty years in prison.

    Sixteen-year-old Ethan Couch admitted to four counts of manslaughter after he and seven other boys stole alcohol from Walmart, piled into his car and struck and killed four pedestrians while going 70 miles per hour in a 40 zone. One of his passengers remains in the hospital with severe brain damage, and nine other bystanders were also injured.

    Couch's BAC was a .24 and he also had Valium in his system. According to reports, he was belligerent at the scene, at one point saying, "I'm outta here." Prosecutors were hoping to get up to 20 years. Couch's defense was that he was a victim of his parents' wealth and privilege; in that he never had to face consequences, which an expert summarized prior to sentencing.

    Wow... suffering from "affluenza"... I think the real defence is that this is a young psychopath, but since when has society decided that they can't be held responsible for their actions? As we all know, some psychopaths become serial killers and will just keep killing more and more people until they are locked up... This person has killed 4: that includes a youth pastor; woman and child. He also injured 10 others in this one incident, is that not enough to be locked up? I think the judge needs to be tested for psychopathy too.

    The Death [Ray] Dealer
    'Secret' guru James Arthur Ray led three people to their deaths... and now he's at it again
    The Verge, 4th December 2013
    James Arthur Ray had gone from obscure motivational speaker to self-help superstar. After more than a decade of writing and lecturing, he’d appeared in The Secret, a 2006 film touting "the law of attraction" — a belief that "thoughts become things." Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes, The Secret promised; a dream life awaits anyone with a properly focused mind. ""Your body is energy. Your car is energy, your house, everything, money, all of it is energy.""

    Oprah gushed over the film, twice showcasing its stars and telling her audience, "Watch it with your children."

    This article is a reminder for those who don't know why so many people have a problem with con man James Ray trying to make a come back... Personally, the whole James Ray story just makes my blood boil, but when I read his claims that he travelled to the summit of Mount Sinai and found himself in the same cave where Moses received the Ten Commandments, I want to scream BULLSHIT! New Agers who still want to run after this predator are beyond help. He only got famous because of Oprah, so I wonder whether she has even stopped to query her own judgment in promoting this fraud and all the other New Age fraudsters she regularly promoted.... Does the bloody woman even care?

    CU professor: Severe space weather shouldn't be ignored
    Denver i Journal, 9th December 2013
    BOULDER — A massive ejection of material from the sun initially traveling at over 7 million miles per hour that narrowly missed Earth last year is an event solar scientists hope will open the eyes of policymakers regarding the impacts and mitigation of severe space weather, says a University of Colorado professor.

    The coronal mass ejection, or CME, event was likely more powerful than the famous Carrington storm of 1859, when the sun blasted Earth’s atmosphere hard enough twice to light up the sky from the North Pole to Central America and allowed New Englanders to read their newspapers at night by aurora light, said CU-Boulder Professor Daniel Baker. Had it hit Earth, the July 2012 event likely would have created a technological disaster by short-circuiting satellites, power grids, ground communication equipment and even threatening the health of astronauts and aircraft crews, he said.[...]

    “My space weather colleagues believe that until we have an event that slams Earth and causes complete mayhem, policymakers are not going to pay attention,” he said. “The message we are trying to convey is that we made direct measurements of the 2012 event and saw the full consequences without going through a direct hit on our planet.”

    Baker will give a presentation on the subject at the 46th Annual Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union held in San Francisco Dec. 9 to Dec. 13.[...]

    “The Carrington storm and the 2012 event show that extreme space weather events can happen even during a modest solar cycle like the one presently underway,” said Baker. “Rather than wait and pick up the pieces, we ought to take lessons from these events to prepare ourselves for inevitable future solar storms.”

    Hmmm... Baker et al. have realised that policy makers are not taking the issue of space weather seriously enough. Today, space scientists and engineers don't just have the historic 1859 Carrington geomagnetic storm as a precedent to cite. In July 2012, there was seriously life-threatening CME that missed Earth by a week that policymakers must consider... The reality is the consequences of a major space weather event are no longer just conjecture, we have data! Maybe, Baker is trying to warn higher ups that the current worst case space weather scenarios used by authorities that have to consider existential risk [major threats to the existence of humanity] are simply not good enough and the impact of a major space weather event would be even more horrendous than many want to contemplate... Oh well, as in any major world cataclysm there will be some survivors, but due to our current state of unpreparedness, I don't have much hope for our modern technological socieites where very few have any relevant survival skills. This is the link for the original press release, CU-Boulder scientist: 2012 solar storm points up need for society to prepare.

    BBC: Work at Fukushima Unit 4 a “distraction”; The “real nightmare” is coming from 3 molten cores — NYTimes: Melted fuel is “all over the place… First goal is simply to stop uncontrolled releases of radioactive material” (AUDIO)
    Energy News, 7th December 2013

    The Death of Nelson Mandela has been expressed by the Global Consciousness Project
    First Sight, 8th December 2013
    [...] Roger Nelson writes: “Not surprisingly, many people suggested Mandela’s passing should be on our list of global events. The GCP event was set for 24 hours, beginning almost an hour before his death, with a time period modeled on Ted Kennedy, Michael Jackson, and similar to Pope John. The result is Chisquare 87332.851 on 86400 df, for p = 0.013 and Z = 2.238.”

    We don’t really understand by what physical mechanisms our shared meanings and feelings can interact with the physical processes of random number generators — although some very bright physicists, including a winner of the Nobel Prize, are working on the problem. But first sight theory may shed some light on the psychological processes by which this effect happens.

    I don't completely agree with the Global Consciousness Project hypothesis or general conclusions... See previous comments. I would say there is probably more of a real correlation with geomagnetic flux as emotional energy needs a high aetheric tide to enable it to be registered... Recent geomagnetic activity has been quite intense as highlighted by

    Comet ISON: A cloud of dust, or is it dust embedded with big metallic chunks of a disintegrated nucleus?, 6th December 2013
    THE GHOST OF COMET ISON: On Friday, Dec. 6th, leading researchers from NASA's Comet ISON Observing Campaign (CIOC) held an informal workshop at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. One of the key questions they discussed was, Did Comet ISON survive? It might seem surprising that anyone is still asking. After all, the "comet" that emerged from the sun's atmosphere on Thanksgiving day appeared to be little more than a disintegrating cloud of dust. This movie from the STEREO-A spacecraft (processed by Alan Watson) shows the V-shaped cloud fading into invisibility on Dec. 1st:

    The answer hinges on the contents of that cloud. Is it nothing more than a cloud of dust--or could there be some some fragments of the disintegrated nucleus still intact and potentially active?

    A key result announced at the workshop comes from SOHO, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. According to the spacecraft's SWAN instrument, the comet stopped producing so-called Lyman alpha photons soon after its closest approach to the sun. Karl Battams of the CIOC explains what this means: "Without getting technical, Lyman-Alpha is a consequence of sunlight interacting with hydrogen, and if we are not seeing that interaction then it means that the levels of hydrogen (and hence ice) are extremely low. This is indicative of a completely burned out nucleus, or no nucleus at all."

    "The evidence appears strong that at some point approaching perihelion - whether days or hours - Comet ISON likely began to completely fall apart," he continues. "What remains of ISON now is going to be either just a cloud of dust, or perhaps a few very depleted chunks of nucleus. Either way, it's not going to flare up at this point and we should assume the comet's show is over."

    "However, we do need to verify this," says Battams. "Hopefully the Hubble team can come to the rescue! In mid-December, Hubble will be pointed in the direction of where ISON should be and they'll try and image something. If no fragments are surviving, or they are tiny, then Hubble will not be able to find anything, but that negative detection will tell us something: namely that ISON is indeed gone for good.

    The discussion elsewhere is a completely different interpretation of the data and that no ice means Comet ISON could be metallic... So, it's not the lack of a light show that the citizens of Earth need to worry about, its the existence of big chunks of metallic rubble that could drop as Comet ISON flies over Earth's north pole... We saw just how huge Comet ISON's debris field was when it was electrified by CMEs on leaving perihelion... see image icon; Earth would be a small dot in comparison. That is why the Russians are worried... But of course, the flyover of a disintegrated comet with a huge debris field is not mentioned here because it is assumed most people cannot link up disparate information and think through the implications...

    • Have we seen the last of Comet ISON?
      Comet ISON is now thought to be a traveling debris field, with no solid nucleus or core. Will we see the debris field from Earth? No one knows yet.
      EarthSky News, 6th December 2013
      UPDATE DECEMBER 6, 2013. As Comet ISON pulled away from its close encounter with the sun on November 28, it first brightened and then faded again. For a couple of days now, ISON has been missing in action – out of the field of view of NASA sun-observing spacecraft – and not yet visible to earthly observers, not even the Hubble Space Telescope. It is now believed that Comet ISON has become little more than a traveling field of debris in space, still following the path of the original comet.

      This analysis is a little bit more honest than most...

      Electric Comet ISON - Revealed
      Above Top Secret, 3rd December 2013
      Comment: There is a long thread at ATS and I don't have time to go through it but some of the info is very interesting. On page 20 or thereabouts, the discussion has moved on to whether Comet ISON is metallic, thus explaining why NASA astronomers are not getting the results expected from an icy rock.

    • Comet ISON Mysteries Continue
      YouTube, 8th December 2013

      Wal Thornhill gives an Electric Comet explanation concerning some of the mysteries with Comet ISON and at the same time manages to diss James McCanney over Mars going comet... For those who don't know. There is intense rivalry between McCanney and Thornhill et al. McCanney published his comet papers in the early 1980s in his Cornhill university days using real data from space probes, a long time before Thornhill had a chance to publish anything relevant concerning Electric Universe theory, but quite frankly Thornhill et al. are far less antagonistic towards the scientific establishment... In the scientific world, many dissenting voices are usually required to force a paradigm shift...

    The Pathology of the Elite Class
    The Real News, 5th December 2013
    On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges discusses the psychology of the super rich; their sense of entitlement, the dehumanization of workers, and mistaken belief that their wealth will insulate them from the coming storms. [...]

    Jay: Yeah. Marx was asked once to describe the psychology of a capitalist, and it was what we talked about a little earlier: après moi, le déluge, after me, come the floods. I'll get what I can today, and if the society is toast later, too bad.

    Hedges: And I think they know it's going to be toast. And I think they think that they're going to retreat into their, you know, gated compounds and survive it. And they may survive it longer than the rest of us, but in the end, climate change alone is going to get us.

    Jay: So it's up to us. Don't expect anything from the oligarchs.

    Hedges: No. And not only that, they are creating systems in terms of exploitation not only of us but of the ecosystem that, if left unchecked, will ensure the extinction of the human species. It may already be too late, of course. But, you know, allowing the fossil fuel industry or these corporations to determine our relationship to the environment is a form of collective insanity at this point.

    According to the rich vein of ancient knowledge passed down for eons, the coming flood must be interpreted as being of a cosmic origin and today we call it space weather. Certainly, Earth's cosmic shield is now very weak and it's now constantly blowing a cosmic gale in space, see Spacecraft Sees Solar Storm Engulf Earth & the cosmic conditions facing Comet ISON and Comet Encke. On a regular basis, it gets very stormy and in July 2012 there was a severe cosmic hurricane that only missed our planet by a week... So, why do the ruling capitalists/elite directly refer to themselves as the cause of impending disaster? Well, maybe it is because they know that on this planet, the laws of nature will not allow a predatory mindset to dominate on a long term basis. Since we have reached a checkpoint period, humanity is now in a vulnerable position and the re-balance by universal consciousness could be brutal... For the naysayers, you need to focus on the evidence of massive cataclysm on this planet that could only have originated by something coming in from space and why there is such a lot of warnings in plain sight for those who have eyes to see... Anyway, I think this article is a good summary of the issues concerning our spiritually bankrupt elite class and world leaders. This analysis shows how the lack of response to the immense Fukushima nuclear disaster that is now threatening the whole world, needs to be understood in terms of the ultimate lack of interest in the welfare of humanity by those who rule. It seems the elite think that they can survive on a highly radiated planet by regularly purifying their own blood, everybody else that does not matter to them can die. I think the discussion of class warfare needs to be ditched and redefined in terms of those who are the ultimate predators preying on humanity. Since predators exist at all levels, the issue cannot just be about about financial status, because there is a lot of effort in recruiting those in the lower echelons of society with the same mindset to do the dirty work... The only issue with this article is the failure to point out how religions reinforce the system and why the New Age get rich quick mentality (morally bankrupt teachings like The Law of Attraction) reinforce the predator mindset...

    The Slenderest Man Of All: Was Slenderman Captured on Camera in Russia? UPDATED
    Who Forted?, 4th December 2013
    Blink and you missed it on the good ol’ internet. Papotimes, late of YouTube, posted a crazy video showing the bastard child of Slenderman and a daddy longlegs. Unfortunately it was taken down for unknown reasons, but the footage has been preserved for posterity as an animated gif. It doesn’t look computer generated, but knowing it hails from glorious Mother Russia, it could be anything!

    Hmmmmm.... Do not click if you scare easy... This reminds me of an entity someone found on the moon in August 2009, when using Goggle Moon to explore the Appenine Mountains Lunar region, the landing site of the Apollo 15 mission. I don't know why anyone would think this is human... As I keep saying, reality is a lot more strange than most want to admit... My belief is that this might be an interdimensional entity and as the fabric of our reality is now in a state of accute flux, there is going to be a lot more strange sightings as normally unseen things appear... That's the original meaning of the apocalypse... So, one way or the other, folk will be forced to wake up to the fact we are most certainly not alone... The discussion over at ATS is quite interesting, Frightning Video of an creepy "Alien-thing" climbing down a apartments wall in Russia

    UNB scientists expand network to track space weather
    CBC News, 2nd December 2013
    New Brunswick researchers have returned from the Arctic frontier after installing gear that will allow them to explore high into the atmosphere.

    The excursion successfully expanded the Canadian High Arctic Ionosphere Network. CHAIN is a space weather monitoring grid that maps radiation blooms coming from the sun and solar winds. That space weather impacts everything from cell phone signals, navigation systems to commercial plane routes on Earth. “We installed eight more GPS systems to the network,” says project head and space physicist P.T. Jayachandran. “So currently we have 18 up and running.”

    Those 18 stations monitor the ionosphere, a region 90 kilometres above the Earth's surface. It is there that particles charged by the sun start to bombard the planet. At times that interaction is visible as the Northern lights. But its weather has big implications because of today's reliance on technology. Cell-phones, flight paths, and air-traffic are all things that suffer when that space weather turns nasty. [...]

    The recent expansion is just the latest in an effort to bolster the network to a total of 25 stations by next summer. [...] Once CHAIN grows to 45 Arctic outposts, Jayachandran hopes that researchers will start to be able to build somewhat predictive forecasts, although he admits it is difficult when this type of weather is generated 150 million miles away in the centre of the solar system.

    Meanwhile, the attempt to mitigate the impact of space weather on the running of our modern technological society continues to grow day by day...

    Fiercest meteor shower on record to hit Mars via comet
    New Scientist, 6th December 2013
    Comet ISON's visit to Earth was a bit of a disappointment – but next year Mars is getting a cometary visitor that looks like it will be anything but. Calculations suggest that the Red Planet's "comet of the century" will come closer to its surface than any comet has come to Earth's in recorded history – causing a meteor shower so epic that it may pose a danger to the spacecraft that orbit Mars.

    Comet C/2013 A1, also known as comet Siding Spring after the observatory in New South Wales, Australia, where it was discovered, is due to cross Mars's orbit on 19 October 2014. Early estimates of its path made it look as though the comet could smack into the Red Planet. A more recent study rules out a collision – but only just – and raises the alarm for the fleet of orbiters overhead.

    This is a nice reminder for all the cynics about why there has been such an effort to cry cometary wolf over the years... The Red Comet... Comet Siding Spring... is the one to watch...

    • Game ON! NASA Confirms New Smaller Version of Comet ISON: NASA Begins Search For What Is Left Of Comet ISON
      NASA Science News, 4th December 2013
      [...] Twelve NASA spacecraft and the International Space Station have observed and detected Comet ISON on its multi-million year journey from the Oort Cloud to the solar corona.

      What NASA will be doing in the next days to clarify ISON’s status:

      - NASA will monitor the comet for the next several weeks. If there is nothing sizable and stable left, it will dissipate and disappear in this time, as already emitted dust leaves the vicinity. If there is still a central source of emission, even if it is very much smaller, we will see a new, much fainter coma and tail form, which currently may be overwhelmed by the dust emitted from before the disruption event.

      - NASA’s STEREO spacecraft will be using their cameras to search for bright fragments throughout the week, while the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) in Honolulu, Hawaii will use its 3m wide telescope to detect the comet spectroscopically, the same way it did on ISON's inbound journey. Radio telescopes around the world will also be able to tell us more about what has happened. NASA’s recently launched MAVEN spacecraft may try to observe ISON next week. By mid- to late-December NASA's Hubble and Chandra observatories will be performing deep outer space searches for any remnants of the comet. Spitzer will also look for ISON in early 2014.

      If a fragment that acts like a comet is detected, but at a much reduced level, it may be hard to see it from the Earth at the time of its closest approach on December 26, 2013.

      This looks like NASA are being forced to admit that this comet survived perihelion and now poses a danger to Earth. The real concern is the size of the debris field that some claim is 40 million miles across plus the fact that Comet ISON has changed its original orbit. [In mid January 2014 Comet ISON will pass over Earth's North pole and I fully expect that some of the shattered comet that is trailing behind the remnant of Comet ISON will drop into Earth's atmosphere.] These facts alone explains why Russian astronomers made it known fairly immediately that Earth could get either a serious sprinkling of cosmic dust and/or unknown[?] sized meteors entering Earth's atmosphere.

    • Comet ISON Meteor Shower
      NASA Science News, 19th April 2013
      "For several days around January 12, 2014, Earth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON," says Wiegert. "The resulting shower could have some interesting properties."

      After the break-up of Comet ISON, it is very likely that there is no longer just fine grains, hence the concern by Russian astronomers.

    • JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_December_05_2013.mp3, 5th December 2013
      Another useful radio show with information on comets in general with special reference to Comet ISON. [Info re Comet ISON attracting heavy elements in its tail (sodium and heavy metal) as it got close to the Sun's corona and then getting a new baked on nucleus of metal that will give this cosmic body [maybe it will become a moon] a magnetic field.

    Mystery 'alien-like creature' seen in Bristol harbour [UK] [VIDEO]
    A strange glowing creature spotted floating in Bristol harbour has baffled biology experts
    Telegraph, 6th December 2013
    Experts were baffled after video footage emerged of a glowing “alien-like creature” swimming in Bristol harbour. Stunned eyewitnesses filmed a mystery luminescent, tentacled being, which was flashing a variety of colours, floating close to the top of the water.

    Videos of the strange marine object in the city’s historic docks were posted on Youtube and Twitter with many claiming to have seen an alien. Marine biologists admit they are baffled, but claim the footage could be a marine salp which had drifted off course by the weather. [...]

    "There is a possibility that it is a special type of jellyfish or a marine salp. It's very unusual and I haven't really seen anything like it before though. "What makes it even more unusual is that fact that it showed up in the middle of a really busy area.

    "There are various marine animals that have biological illuminating abilities and they are able to make themselves flash. "It is entirely possible that it is a marine creature which has been brought into the harbour because of the storms or maybe it was trying to shelter from the stormy seas. [...]

    Dozens of people were left mystified after spotting the creature and capturing it on camera. Alex Gordon-Lennox, 22, said: "It was just floating down the harbour. I've never seen anything like it before.

    "I only noticed it because it was flashing and was so bright. I was out with some friends that night so we watched it travel down the water a bit and then it just seemed to disappear. "It looked a bit like a jellyfish or a squid or something. It was amazing."

    Andrew Spooner, a software engineer from Bristol, tweeted a photo on Tuesday night and wrote: "Some weird craziness swimming around in #bristol harbour. Looks alien..." He said: "The creature looked very organic, and it moved fluidly through the water as if it were a creature rather than say a machine that someone had made to look like Jellyfish.

    More baffled scientists which means we are back in Fortean territory... This is a nice reminder that reality is a lot more strange than some would have us believe... No doubt this will do the rounds in the social media and a few people might have their minds broadened for a change...

    • 'Alien-like creature' revealed as PR stunt
      Telegraph, 6th December 2013
      It was a mystery that took the internet by storm but the Bristol harbour 'alien' has been exposed as an elaborate stunt to promote a new TV show

      It was a mystery that took the internet by storm but the Bristol harbour 'alien' has been exposed as an elaborate stunt to promote a new TV show. Bristolians took to social media this week to report the appearance of a bioluminescent giant squid-like creature pulsing beneath the water in the city's harbour.

      This gets really tiresome... Why is it that the people who do these PR stunts can never prove that they were the instigators? It's really simple. All they have to do is a little filming whilst they are making and testing their anomalous artefact, in this case a marine creature and then film whilst the so-called discovery is made.... This almost never happens because the 'PR stunt' is a smokescreen used to cover something up, maybe in this case something out of this world...

    Hurricane-force winds wreak havoc in Britain, head to Europe
    Reuters, 5th December 2013
    Hurricane-force Storm Xaver blasted towards mainland Europe on Thursday after cutting transport and power in northern Britain and killing three people in what meteorologists warned could be the worst storm to hit the continent in years.

    British authorities said the Thames Barrier, designed to protect London from flooding during exceptional tides, would shut on Thursday night and warned of "the most serious coastal tidal surge for over 60 years in England". Prime Minister David Cameron called two emergency meetings to discuss strategy.
    • UK weather: Live storm updates as Britain hit by gale-force winds, travel chaos
      Follow our updates as the Met Office and the Environment Agency warn of gale-force winds and severe flooding in coastal areas
      Mirror, 5th December 2013

    • WeatherAction Predicts 3 Weeks Ahead Storm Force Winds, 8th December 2013

      Piers Corbyn at WeatherAction states that his subscribers got three weeks notice of what he calls this "Storm force 10/11 event" when the UK Met Office did not even issue a Red Warning... Luckily, the flood defences held up... U.S. subscribers had been told that there will be three snowmageddon events in December, and according to the mainstream U.S. media, the first one has already started.

    Giant Convection Cells Found on the Sun
    WUWT News, 5th December 2013

    NatWest victim of cyber attack after site crashes for the second time
    Independent News, 6th December 2013
    Royal Bank of Scotland has said its websites fell victim to a cyber attack after customers were unable to access online banking. The group's website, which includes NatWest, was down for approximately an hour this morning and yesterday night following what the bank described as a "deliberate" surge in traffic in a cyber attack.

    2013 marks record year for the number of volcanoes erupting across the planet
    The Extinction Protocol, 5th December 2013
    December 5, 2013 – GEOLOGY – This year will go down on record, as seeing the most volcanic eruptions recorded in modern history. The previous number was set in 2010, at 82 volcanic eruptions for the year. The number of volcanoes erupting across the planet has been steadily rising from a meager number of just 55 recorded in 1990. While most scientists may readily dismiss any significance to the latest figures and may be quick to say the planet is just experiencing normal geological activity, it does raise other concerns about just what may be transpiring within the interior of our planet.

    I don't have the time to monitor volcanic eruptions but it is noticeable in the media that there are now many simultaneous and dramatic ongoing eruptions. The Extinction Protocol website keeps watch. The evidence is now clear that the climate scientists have failed to comprehend that the geomagnetic flux caused by space weather results in the heating the Earth's mantle and not necessarily the Earth's atmosphere. Poorly understood cloud formation then becomes a major factor partly due to more erupting volcanoes combined with the impact of warming oceans that release more CO2... Of course, world controllers are not interested in the complexities, they just want a simple formula to explain climate change. Blaming the masses gives some the excuse to extract more taxes whilst creating a new business agenda for the priviledged to benefit from. Meanwhile, whilst world controllers are not so interested in facing reality, the future of humanity on Earth becomes more tenuous.

    Nigella Lawson reveals her torment: My life of 'emotional abuse' with brutal Charles Saatchi
    Tearful TV chef also said she felt ''betrayed'' by her aides and was ''flabbergasted'' at how much they had spent on company credit cards The Mirror, 5th December 2013
    Nigella Lawson lifted the lid on her doomed marriage to Charles Saatchi yesterday – describing him as a bully and a brute.

    She accused the hot-tempered art dealer him of launching a witch-hunt and trying to “destroy” her following their divorce earlier this year.

    The TV chef, 53, also claimed that the infamous “choking” row they had outside a Mayfair restaurant had nothing to do with her alleged drug-taking – which Saatchi was trying to claim. She said: “He told everyone that he was taking cocaine out of my nose.

    “But what actually happened was that somebody walked by with a very cute baby in a stroller and I said, ‘I am so looking forward to having grand-children’, and he grabbed me by the throat and said, ‘I am the only person you should be concerned with. "'I am the only person who should be giving you pleasure’. That is what happened.”

    Creepy.... Charles Saatchi is a typical malignant narcissist and their behaviour is now well charted by social scientists. However, the best analysis is provided by Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisted, who is so extreme that he was tested on the sliding scale of narcissism and classified as a psychopath. Society is becoming more and more aware of these predator types that only look human. Their long term strategy is like catching a bug in a spider's web... After the initial fake charm where they become established in the life of the victim, they eventually then go on to continuously badly mistreat victims but at the same time expecting to be worshipped in return. Quite frankly, these types are energy vampires. If you have lived with narcissist for long enough, you will have been brutalised and had your vital energy squeezed out of you over and over again, as you are a source of spiritual energy that they cannot obtain directly themselves. These sub-human predators ultimately don't care about anyone else accept for themselves. Due to my own experiences with this type, my interest now is: why are the spiritual conotations of this type so rarely discussed? I realise that a lot of so-called spiritual leaders are themselves energy vampires, but even so, the lack of discussion in the metaphysical community is strange... But there again, a lot of these so-called spiritual leaders are just making money from perpetating distractions from the real issues. Empty vessels.

    Aspartame - Tell Jennifer Aniston Why She Can't Get Pregnant
    Rense, 5th December 2013
    [...] Dr. Roberts also says "The concept that aspartame constitutes an "endocrine disrupting chemical" was mentioned earlier. Some suspect that aspartame has contributed to the continuing decline of sperm counts over the past two decades. [...] Many wonder where the epidemic of autism came from. Read below in the Aspartame Resource Guide how the FDA made a deal with G. D. Searle, the manufacturer of aspartame never to allow the public to see the teratology studies (birth defects) because it showed neural tube defects - autism, cleft palate, spina bifida, etc.

    The river of blood: Villagers' shock as Slovakian waterway turns red overnight
    Daily Mail, 3rd December 2013
    •River flowing through Slovakian village turns blood red
    •Superstitious locals say the colour of the river is a sign of 'evil'
    •Possibly caused by faulty filter at nearby slaughterhouse

    Rumours were rife in a Slovakian town this week when a river running through turned bright red. The river in Myjava, a small municipality on the border to the Czech Republic, had changed colour over night and turned into 'blood'. Police have been called in to investigate the matter, but it is believed to be a faulty filtering system from a slaughterhouse upstream.

    Roman Podbrezova, 65, had gone for a morning walk when he saw the drastic change to the river which runs through the centre of the town. 'I just could not believe my eyes,' he said. 'The river was dark red. It was like something from a horror film. Blood cascading through the centre of town.' Another local said: 'This is really creepy. Yesterday evening I walked past here and it was its normal colour.

    Another river turns to the colour of blood... Frankly, I don't believe the slaughterhouse explanation, but the truth should be easy to establish... So... What percentage of people have any inkling of just how apocalyptic the 'signs of the times' are? Are we waiting for a third of all the rivers and seas on the planet turning red? According to ancient knowledge preserved in the Bible, that is what we should expect as we are quite evidently in the 'End Times', a reference point for an expected shift in cosmological conditions.

    Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?
    End of the American Dream, 2nd December 2013
    The wealthy are spending more to protect themselves from all the rest of us than ever before. So why are they so concerned about the future? Do they know something that the rest of us don’t? Or do they just have the money to buy the type of security that the rest of us would if we could? Over the past few years, wealthy people all over America have been equipping their homes with futuristic high tech security systems that go far beyond the kinds of things portrayed in recent Hollywood films such as “The Purge“.

    We are talking about security bunkers with their own sustainable sources of food and water, hidden passageways that lead to ballistics-proof panic suites, and thermal heat detectors that can detect someone hiding up to 15 kilometers away. Most of these security measures will probably never even be needed if things stay pretty much as they are today. But if the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis continues to disintegrate and we see massive civil unrest in the years ahead, then those security measures are going to come in very handy indeed.

    My intitial response is: does this writer seriously not have a clue? Surely, he must have an inkling that things in the United States are going from bad to worse... The economic insecurity for the masses brought about by corporate greed and government complicity, is now combined with geophysical, atmospheric and climate instability... For starters the officially recognised vulnerability of the national power grid means the lights going off nationwide and not coming back on again for a very long time is no longer a distant possibility, it could well happen and soon. Hence, the sense of foreboding by many that a mega-disaster could be around the corner. Anyway, amongst the comments, this made me laugh...

    Honestly, in a SHTF scenario, if i had the resources and if I knew where the “elite” were hiding, I would take every bit of cement I could find and seal their steel doors with it…and call it survival of the most creative.

    Power outage plunges most of Venezuela into darkness
    Reuters, 3rd December 2013
    (Reuters) - Venezuela's second massive power outage of the year plunged much of the nation into darkness on Monday night, prompting renewed talk of sabotage from President Nicolas Maduro's government and cries of incompetence from its foes. [...]

    Monday's outage appeared similar to a massive September 5 blackout that was one of the worst in the South American OPEC member's history. Maduro, a 50-year-old former bus driver who narrowly won a presidential election this year after the death of his mentor and former leader Hugo Chavez, accused the opposition then of deliberately sabotaging the power grid to discredit him. [...]

    "Be strong against this electrical war that yesterday's fascists have declared against our people," Maduro said in another address to the nation at about 11 p.m. local time.

    The concept of an "electrical war" is quite interesting, especially when there are lots of more mundane reasons and excuses for power failures that will only get worse as the geomagnetic environment gets more extreme.

    Compensation after Cyber Monday technical glitch hits RBS, Natwest and Ulster Bank
    Glitch: RBS Group customers could not pay for online purchases London Evening Standard, 3rd December 2013
    Customers who were left out of pocket when they couldn't pay for online purchases due to a banking glitch are to be compensated, the Royal Bank of Scotland has confirmed.

    Shoppers banking with the RBS, which includes Natwest and Ulster Bank, were left high and dry on 'Cyber Monday' - the biggest online shopping day of the year - when a technical problem meant they could not pay for goods.

    Online card payments could not be made between 6.30pm and 9.30pm yesterday evening due to a glitch which also affected smartphones and the banks' websites.

    RBS said customers were now beginning to access their money again and apologised to customers for inconvenience caused.

    Despite the terrible problems in recent years, RBS still had cash to pay huge million pound bonuses for their top people... Personally, I am amazed customers have remained loyal because the number of major disruptions to normal service. Then of course, there is the recent news that a government watchdog has accused this same banking group amongst others, of pushing healthy businesses to the wall to get hold of their assets which are then sold off at a good profit... See, Royal Bank of Scotland faces claims of 'killing off' small firms. It is amazing that the public are prepared to be involved in anyway with these particular banksters.

    • RBS admits decades of underinvestment after latest IT glitch
      Channel News Asia, 3rd December 2013
      The head of Royal Bank of Scotland admitted on Tuesday that it had failed to invest in its IT systems "for decades", after a glitch left customers of the state-rescued lender unable to access cash for three hours.

      IF this banking group are not taken over which I think is the best option, contractors are going to make this a very expensive computer systems upgrade process, you can be assured of that...

    • RBS to push ahead with bonuses as probe nears
      The size of the bonus pool at RBS will not be affected by the decision of th City watchdog to investigate allegations that the bank had deliberately pushed companies into default, say sources
      Telegraph, 1st December 2013
      The Royal Bank of Scotland is pressing ahead with plans to pay multi-million pound bonuses, despite the launch of a regulatory probe into its lending practices. Sources at RBS said the size of the bonus pool would not be affected by the decision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to investigate allegations that the bank had deliberately pushed companies into default.

    Fate of Comet ISON Uncertain After Fiery Sun Encounter, 2nd December 2013
    The celestial saga continues for Comet ISON, which crept close to the sun like the fabled Icarus, only to apparently survive the encounter at first. But whether the comet will once again be visible to stargazers is far from certain.

    On Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28), many amateur and professional astronomers declared that Comet ISON was dead after the comet flew within 684,000 miles (1.1 million km) of the sun. But on Friday, to paraphrase Mark Twain: "The report of Comet ISON's death was an exaggeration." [...]

    Could Comet ISON become a "headless wonder"

    If Comet ISON does reappear in the morning sky, would it still maintain some sort of a head or coma, or more likely just a tail? If it's the latter, then perhaps we will see something akin to the "Great Southern Comet of January 1887." This sungrazing comet was described as a faint narrow ribbon of light which contracted near the sun but with no trace of a head or condensation.

    The point here is despite all the headlines from and others screaming that Comet ISON has died, the reality is Comet ISON still exists in a different form. Even though it is not lit up like a fairy light on a Christmas tree, due to intense electrical conditions, (normally associated with planetary alignments and there is a major alignment of at least 5 planets coming up in early January 2014), this baby could light up again.... These astronomers are NOT fudging the issue, hence the cautious warning expressed in this article...

    • Comet ISON nears Perihelion, 2nd December 2013
      COMET ISON, R.I.P.: Following its Thanksgiving Day brush with solar fire, sundiving Comet ISON is now just a cloud of dust. Among experts, a consensus is building that the comet broke apart shortly before perihelion (closest approach to the sun). In the movie, note how rapidly the comet fades just before it vanishes behind the occulting disk of the SOHO coronagraph:

      After perihelion, the comet emerges as a diffuse remnant of its former self. No one knows for sure what is inside that fan-shaped cloud. Possibilities include a small remnant nucleus or a "rubble pile" of furiously vaporizing fragments. By the end of the day on Nov. 28th, Comet ISON was spent.

      As of Dec. 2nd, the cloud of debris is no brighter than a star of approximately 8th magnitude. Experienced astrophotographers might be able to capture the comet's fading "ghost" in the pre-dawn sky of early December, but a naked-eye spectacle is out of the question.

    • Meteorite impact instead of shooting stars? Russian researchers: Comet ISON brings another surprise
      In The Sky News, 2nd December 2013
      Google Translation: An interesting turn in the case of Comet ISON: Sergei Smirnov, spokesman for the Observatory Pulkovo announced in St. Petersburg, lost the "century comet" in his "Kiss" with the sun, although a hundred times in brightness , but was by no means completely destroyed. Is that the comet's tail can still be seen "in the form of a little contrasted elongated cloud" means that the comet was not disintegrate into a cloud of dust, but that continue after the destruction of the core of ISON larger chunks of the celestial body course on the earth take. Had the comet survived the sun passage notwithstanding, he had on 24 December orbit crossed in secure 65 million kilometers away. The fact that the core of ISON broken into pieces, according to the experts has led to a sharp slowdown and a change in the web. The comet tail and the fragments of that due to the original date of perigee "Advent comet" ISON itself according to Smirnov reach Earth orbit a week late.

      "It might even be serious,"
      "The inhabitants of the earth, a surprise awaits New Year's Eve," the researchers, the comet with the Russian fairy-tale figure Snegurochka (German: "Snow Maiden"), the faithful companion of Ded Moroz, compare. Retrieved from "Snegurochka" was either a friendly "farewell smile" to be expected in the form of a shooting star night - or a potentially momentous meteorite crash. "New Year's Eve, but also of 2 up to 4 January 2014 is to be expected an increased meteor activity. This can manifest itself as a bright flare of tiny meteors in the sky when these burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. But even more threatening manifestations such as a meteor shower can not be excluded, "the representative of the Russian observatory is convinced.

      Christmas surprise: shooting stars or meteor?
      Astronomers can reduce the likelihood of such an event after careful observation of the speed and brightness of the comet fragments indicate so Smirnov on. The last date for more accurate predictions is the 24th December, when the ISON-cloud crosses the orbit.

      "It could be serious," said the spokesman of the Pulkovo Observatory. A not uninteresting for mystics, astrologers and Eschatologen fact: The Earth needs the left by ISON comet cloud according to Russian sources, probably on 4 January 2014 through hike - at the same time a planet Parade: Mercury , Venus , Earth, Jupiter and Pluto . located on at this time - albeit on a very generous thick - line with the sun , the comet S/2012 (ISON) was in September 2012 by the Russian astronomer Artyom Nowitschonok and his Belarusian colleague Vitaly Nevsky in the observatory Kislovodsk (North Caucasus) have been discovered. The Russian Observatory is part of the International Space Observation Network, the comet was baptized on the English abbreviation of the research institution. (RIA Novosti) 30.11.2013"

      Hmmm... This translation is bad but it seems German astronomers are quoting Russian astronomers who think a chunk of Comet ISON could hit Earth.... Of course the Russians take any possible meteor strike seriously, they have the recent arrival of the unannounced Chelyabinsk meteor burnt into their consciousness... The possibility of a big meteor strike explains why NASA want to pretend this object is dead and has gone away because there is nothing much that people can do without causing alarm... Whatever, these astronomers are confirming that Comet ISON has changed course, but its the sprinkling of Comet ISON debris and dust and the planetary alignment that is making these astronomers wonder out loud... On the 4th January 2014, Comet ISON conjuncts with a parade of planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter and Pluto in direct line with the Sun.... and that means a possible ignition when the comet is relatively close to the Earth... Hmmmmm.... Its nice to know not all astronomers are willing to hide information from those of us with an interest in celestial encounters that could cause major problems for the citizens of Earth. Thanks to UnknownEntity at ATS for the link.

    • Comet ISON Dust Production
      In actual images of the comet becomes increasingly fainter
      Max Planck, 30th November 2013
      Google Translation: The comet ISON had on Thursday evening at the time of his greatest sun approach still spat an active core, the gas and dust. About two hours after the Perihelpassage however found no evidence of production. Come This assessment scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Katlenburg-Lindau, on this Saturday. They analyzed images of the instrument Lasco, which enjoys a unique view of the comet on board the Solar Observatory Soho. On current recordings, the brightness of the apparently inactive comet gradually decreases. A large comet show there will be no more almost certainly. [...]

      Against 20.30 clock on Donnertagabend dipped the tail of ISON after his passage back to the sun in the visual field of the instrument Lasco. At this time, but it was unclear whether conceals even a comet nucleus at the tip of the tail or not. Recordings that were obtained several hours after perihelion, allow further conclusions.

      "The dust tail of the comet is now divided into two parts," explains Hermann Böhnhardt from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research the images. The part of the tail, pointing towards the sun, is loud Böhnhardt from dust particles well before the Perihelpassage - were released - so before reaching the sun next path point. The other part, however, appears to contain more recent material: It was issued during the flyby and suggests that at this time, at least a part of the core still existed and was active.

      This article tells us that German astronomers realise that Comet ISON sucked up heavy metal dust from the Sun's corona and this falsifies the current standard comet model.... How can a ball of rocky ice suck up anything? Obviously, the truth has been known for decades (McCanney's Plasma Discharge Comet Model is circa early 1980s), but decisions have been made that the implications of huge electric sparks in the heavens have to be hidden from the masses. But the facts are comets are regularly going 'ping' in the heavens and lighting up, so its getting harder and harder for NASA et al. to hide the truth. I am quite looking forward to what will happen next in the Comet ISON saga.

    • Did You Know The Bayeux Tapestry Depicts a Major Comet In The Heavens circa 1066?
      Max Planck, 8th November 2013
      The sight of a bright comet has fascinated people at all times. But what lies behind such a celestial event? Only in modern times came researcher of the phenomenon on the ropes - because the comets a long career as a jinx or divine messengers had already behind him.

      The first observations of comets date from the third millennium BC. In the ancient cultures they were considered because of their sudden emergence as a hint of the gods. And because they disturbed the harmony of the starry heavens, they were soon regarded as a jinx. [...]

      In the Middle Ages, the fear experienced before this "breeding Rods of God" peaked announcing terrible natural events such as floods or earthquakes. Comets were in the 16th and early 17th Century a popular subject for broadsheets, the precursor of the newspapers. A poem from the 15th Century, describes the nature of comets impressive: "They bring fever, disease, pestilence, and Todt, heavy periods, lack and great famine."

      A nice article that only gives a hint of the astrotheological importance of comets as 'divine' portents... Note the article can be found on a German astronomy website...

    Volcano Sends Pillar Of Fire 1,000m Into Sky
    Sky News, 2nd December 2013
    This dramatic image captures the moment Russia's Klyuchevskoy volcano hurls a stream of lava nearly a kilometre into the sky. With a pillar of fire stretching up into the clouds, this spectacular image captures the moment a volcano erupted in remote Russia.

    The stream of lava rose up to a kilometre above the summit of Klyuchevskoy, one of the active volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula in the east of the country. The volcano, which erupts around every two years, is one of the largest on-land active volcanoes, according to the US Geological Survey. It stands at 15,584ft on the north end of a belt of 30 active volcanoes.

    The dramatic picture of Klyuchevskoy was captured by photographer Marc Szeglat on October 16 at a distance of approximately 9.5 miles from its concealed cone, as the volcano erupted for the first time in three years.

    Wow... It does make you wonder whether a super volcano has already started its countdown to a major blowout that that will affect the climate and food production...

    Professor: “It’s true that about 70% of Japan’s territory is polluted” by Fukushima radioactive material; Tokyo contaminated with highly toxic radiation — “Experts worry about catastrophic impacts on health”
    Energy News, 3rd December 2013
    More from microbiology Professor Kim Ik-joong: As the tainted water is spread over the ocean, we cannot rule out radioactive materials in fish from outside the eight prefectures, especially those from Hokkaido and Tokyo [...] It is true that about 70 percent of Japan’s territory is polluted [...] According to PNAS, a scientific journal published by Japanese scholars, about 20 percent of Japanese land, including Tokyo, is contaminated with highly toxic radiation. It is obvious that agricultural products are also contaminated as the land is polluted with radioactive materials. The contamination on land will last approximately 300 years.

    From the comments:
    Mack, December 3, 2013 at 2:16 am Log in to Reply

    Ironic that these countries know that a nuclear-meltdown can decimate a country's food supply, yet they still promote nuclear energy:

    * Korea – ban on 26 agricultural products from 13 Japanese prefectures
    * China – ban on imports of food products from 10 Japan prefectures
    * Hong Kong – ban on food imports from 5 Japan prefectures
    * Taiwan – ban on food imports from 5 Japan prefectures
    * Singapore – ban on Fukushima fish; requiring certification by the Japanese government that no radioactive materials were found in fish caught around Tochigi, Gunma, Iberaki, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama prefectures
    * Russia – ban on imports from 242 fish processing companies in 8 prefectures
    * U.S. – Ban on 50 fish products from 8 prefectures w/ radiation limit of 1,200 Bq/kg. FDA ban on imports of Japanese dairy products, veggies and fruits from 2011
    * EU – Ban on all food products from Fukushima. Ban on fish from 8 prefectures with radiation limit of 500 Bq/kg. Advised 27 member countries to test all Japanese food and feed.

    UK resident thinks meteorite may have hit house [Video]
    BBC News, 1st December 2013
    Lawrence Parkin from Jacksdale, Nottinghamshire said he was woken in the night by a tile falling from his roof. In the morning he found large chunks of rock scattered around his front garden. Experts at Nottingham University said he had possibly been hit by the remains of an iron rich meteorite. The pieces are now being sent to a London museum for further verification.

    We had a passing asteroid at 0.4LD and it is noticeable that there is always more reports of meteors around these times, see more below:

    • Meteor explodes over Greece, panicked locals report fragments falling into sea
      World Bulletin, 28th November 2013
      A meteor hit Zakynthos, the third largest Greek island, in the Ionian Sea on Wednesday night. Eyewitnesses said the sky lit up like day after an explosion and objects which looked like fire balls fell into the sea, according to state-run ANA-MPA news agency. “Meteor strikes are common in Greece, it is not threatening,” geology Professor Efthimyos Lekkas told an AA correspondent. The meteor didn’t cause any damage but people panicked around the region.

      Why were people panicking? The only conclusion is that the sight of this meteor blast must have terrified people...

    • News and testimonials about the meteor that exploded over Greek island of Kephalonia
      Greek Reporter, 28th November 2013
      Many residents of Western Greece experienced a unique and incredible phenomenon at 9pm yesterday evening. Meteorologists spoke of a meteorite that was to fall in the Ionia sea.

      The phenomenon was particularly noticed from the residents of Zante in the regions of Maheradou and Alikon. The residents said that they saw bright streaks across the sky from West to East, followed by an intense noise. However, there were no damages or problems reported even though the testimonies supported that the glow illuminated the homes of areas in Kefalonia.

      Those who saw the bright object talked about a huge burning ball that was moving with tremendous speed. Many of them supported that they also heard a strange hollow noise. According to sources, it was a meteorite that fell in the Ionian Sea between Zante and Kefallonia.

    • Eyewitnesses describe Wednesday's Queensland meteor as 'comet-like with many tails', just one spectacular lightshow of many in recent weeks
      Sunshine Coast Daily, 29th November 2013
      Dozens of people reported seeing what was believed to be a meteorite crossing the sky about 8pm. [...]

      "It was comet-like with long tails ... we and another couple saw it, much slower than a shooting star and (there were) several moving together."

      Comment: Headine from

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